Damon's envelope


I woke up because of the light that was shining through the curtains. I had no idea what day or what time it was. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and tried to get out of bed. But at that moment I noticed something on the pillow next to mine. It was an envelope. "To Ayana" it said on the envelope, but I did not recognize the handwriting. I opened it and inside I found several photographs. Suddenly I started to remember what had happened the night before. . . First I should tell you about Damon. I met him about a year ago online in a chatroom. Our first conversation was about sex and the many that followed all had the same subject. I was young and curious. My only sexual adventures had been with my boyfriend, but to be honest I found them rather boring. But Damon was older and more experienced.

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   He also had a great imagination and he always sent me stories about his fantasies. Some were even based on real experiences. I loved talking to him. And he liked me because I was still young and eager to learn more about sex. I told him about my fantasies too and he gave me new ideas to masturbate to. One evening he reminded me of a fantasy I once told him about. I had told him I fantasized about a group of men, who all desired me and I would play with them. I've always loved to be the center of attention. Especially the attention of men. I often flirted; it was so easy to get noticed by men and it made me feel awesome when they seemed to like me. It would be a wonderful feeling to be desired by a group of men! That night Damon had a proposition. He told me about a friend of his who would get married. He wanted to give him a bachelor party he would never forget! And I was invited to help him with that. I was totally taken by surprise and didn't know what to think or what to say. But he gave me some time to think about it.

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   He needed an answer by the end of the week. The party would be on a Saturday evening. The whole week I had been thinking about it, fantasizing about this group of men. The entire week I had been horny as hell! I knew I wanted to say yes. But I was scared. . I convinced myself that there was no need to be scared. Damon would be there and he would make sure that I was safe, I knew he would. . So on Friday I gave him my answer: I would come to the party and entertain his friends. On Saturday I was busy all day to make myself pretty. I wore the most beautiful lingerie and the sexiest little dress I owned. I blushed when I looked in the mirror and fantasized about myself among a group of men: teasing them by showing them parts of what was underneath the dress, sitting on their laps, letting them touch me for only a brief moment, then moving on to the next. I was a bit nervous, but I definately was looking forward to it also! Saturday evening, 18 pm. I knocked on the door of the address that Damon had given me.

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   He himself opened the door and took my coat. He gave me a look of approval and led me to another room. He gave me a drink and we just talked for a while. His words took all my doubt away and I felt no longer nervous. I don't know whether it was the alcohol or something else in my drink, or Damon's words and gentle touches, or maybe a combination of the two, but something made me really excited. Suddenly I kissed Damon. I wanted him so bad! His hands went under my dress and we kissed passionately. I wanted to open his pants, but he stopped me and told me that "the boys" were waiting. I felt a bit disappointed that he turned me down, but I thought playing with the men at the party would turn me on even more and afterwards Damon and I would have the best sex ever!! But things didn't go the way I had expected. . Everything was totally different from what I had imagined. It already started when he brought me to the party room. It was way bigger and much more crowded than I had expected! I thought there would be just a few of his friends, but there were so many men present; at least 50. They gathered around me and I immediately smelt the alcohol on their breaths. I thought I was meant to give them a striptease, but before I could make a move they had their hands all over me.

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   They ripped off my clothes as a predator rips the flesh of its prey! I was then dragged to the middle of the room and they collared me. There were so many hands on me and so many eyes. My nipples were hard and I was dripping wet. Everything happened so quickly and I didn't even have time to think.
    I guess Damon saw the fear in my eyes because he whispered in my ear: 'Just enjoy it!' I relaxed my muscles and let everything just happen. .   One man dragged me down on my knees, opened his pants and forced me to suck his cock. The others soon followed his example. In no time I was surrounded by horny, naked men. All wanted to touch me, they were fingering me and squeezing my breasts. Some were just watching and masturbating. I saw Damon was holding his camera. Part of me wanted to scream, make them stop. I felt so dirty, such a dirty whore! But this other part of me loved to be treated like this, to be used by all these men. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I know at some point they put me on a table.

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       There the first one fucked me, and the second. . the third. . fourth. . . . . tenth. . I don't know how many. . I only know that I was holding cocks, licking and sucking while being fucked in different positions by different men, while Damon was shooting pictures. I remember the pain in my cunt and ass, while almost choking on cocks, different tastes of cum in my mouth and sweat, lots of sweat.

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      . The pictures show they even fucked me while I was unconcious. The last picture shows me lying on the ground, covered in cum. At the back is written: "Did you like it?"I never spoke to Damon after that. His e-mail account was deleted and the house where it all happened was empty. After some research I found out the house had been empty for months; nobody lived there anymore and there seemed to be no owner. I never found a trace of Damon or any of his friends. But to this day I still masturbate to the pictures he sent me. None of the men are recognizable, but the thought of being fucked and used by so many men in just one night still makes me extremely hot. If I ever meet Damon again, I want to thank him. I want to thank him for showing me what I slut I was. . what a slut I am. . .

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