Chaparon Duty


At the school I was teaching at I was the newest teacher and so, I got the duty to chaparone the basketball teams and the accompaning cheerleaders that went to the away games with the team. I did not really want to do this at all since I did not like basketball and was required to attend all season games either away or at home. I was to stay with the girls and keep them in line while we were away. The first trip was no problem and I had no difficulties with them at all. A couple of the girls always watched me as I showered and made excuses to come into the bathroom when I was there.
The second trip I was there and because of a mix up, there were four girls in the room with me. They all again managed to watch me as much as they could when I was in the bathroom and this began turning my body on in spite of the control I tried to keep. The second night we were all sitting around talking. "I bet you get lots of attention Ms. Cain" one said. Joyce was slim and athletic and she was really cute. "How is that Joyce?" I asked her. "Well, with my small chest they think I am a guy half the time and I bet they really check you out a lot. " she smiled at the others as she said this and they all smiled. "Well, they do present a problem. " I said.


   "Yeh, we hear the guys talking about. . . " Dana began. . " "Shut up" Joyce said. "The guys talking about what?" I asked Dana. Jackie got into the conversation, "Well, they would like to do you just to see you naked. " she said. I was getting wet now but felt no control to stop the conversation.
"Do me?" I acted ignorant. "You know, do it with you, have sex. " Jackie. "Oh really? How many of them would like to 'Do me. " I asked.


   "Well, the whole team for one. " Rachel said. "You mean he hole basketbal team?" I asked. "Yeh," Dana said, "and they have talked about doing you if they can ever get you alone. " My pussy was soaked now and my nipples were hard and could be seen through my tee shirt and I had no bra under so it was very obvious. Dana noticed them and said, "And it looks like Ms. Cain would like to do them, look at her nipples. " she said. Joyce got closer to me and was almost in my face, her lips were wet. "Wouldn't you like to do them al Ms. Cain, you would like to fuck them wouldn't you" she said accenting the word fuck and making me really nervous. "Tell us Ms. Cain. " they all said. Then Dana was behind me and was kissing my neck, my body began to respond more.

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   "Oh please stop. " I moaned but they laid me down on the floor slowly and my shorts were off. My tee shirt was off next and then four girls were all over my body, sucking, kissing, fingering and massaging. "See, we told you she would be easy. " one of the girls said to one of the others. "Yeh, and check out these tits" another si as she attacked my 44EEE tits and the nipples responded to her biting and sucking. Suddenly my pussy spasimed and and orgasm shook me. "Damn, she fucking squirts," one of them said and my hips moved.
I heard a knock on the door and one of the girls got up to answer it. I tried to get up and cover myself but was held down. "Some on in guys, she is hotter than hell and ready for some fucking. " one of them said. "Damn, fucking chaparone is the ones that needs watching" a male voice said. THe team had 6 black guys on it and 4 white. I had seen them in their gym shorts and seen that some  were really hung.

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   I felt a cock at the entrance of my pussy and then it thrust into me, "Oh please no. " I moaned. "What's the matter Ms. Cain, don't want us to know how much of a slut you really are?" the boy in me said. My body gave into what was happening, "No, fuck me, I don't care who knows. " and I wrapped my legs around him as he drove into me. All I knew was that I needed to be fucked by these boys, fucked hard. The first one filled me quickly and I reached out for another buys cock, this one was bigger and it slipped into me, "Oh yes, take longer please, don't hurry. " I begged but it was the same, several strokes and he filled me and pulled out.
One of the girls grabbed my hair, "You think this is for your fun slut teacher, this is for us, no one cares if you enjoy it so shut the fuck up. " she almost screamed at me. "I want her mouth another buy said and I was lifted up by my nipples and let out a cry. A cock was shoved into my mouth then my throat and I felt my pussy begin to convulse and it sprayed all over the rug under me. "Oh yeh, she likes it hard, that is it, she likes to be raped and fucked really hard. Do her mouth man, fuck it.

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  " one said and he drove into my throat brusing my lips then I teasted my blood as my lips were brused. He finished and I begged them, Do my ass, someone do m ass. " and I got on my knes.
    A cock shoved into me and rammed deeper than the others. "Oh yes, fuck me fuck me harder. " I begged them. Over and over again they took turns and filled me with cum. I felt the gils also doing me as they took turns and I made sure to try to sprar their faces with jucies.
    I don't know how long it was but I was laying on the floor sore, my lips hard dried blood on them and were swollen some. I stayed in the room that day with one of the girls, naked and she teased me all day long, making me cum several times. They told he others that I was sick afte rsome bad food at he resturant. After the games the night was repeated, all the boys fucking me and the girls also joining in to be sure I was taking care of them. I woke and was tied to the bed late and they were all kissing and fucking in the bedroom around me. Two were fucking on the bed I was tied to. "feel okay Teresa?" one asked me.

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       "Sore but good" I said. "Too bad, we have to make sure you overdose on sex toight. " one said. "Overdoes?" I asked. I didn't mond being tied and actually liked it but overdose on sex?" The door opened and several men came in, none of them part of the team. "Yeh, overdose, if you get fucked enough for long enough you may loose it and just ramble on. No one will know about all this. " "Well, if that worries you" I said, "I was hoping that we could do this every road trip, I love sex. " I laughed.
    Now 8 men were standing there all ready to do me. "Well, we will see" One said. NOw they began fucking me, no pleasure just raw animal fucking. They were horney and Iwas the relief. I was taken in the mouth, the ass and the pussy and over and over I taunted them. "That is the best you all have? I have had bigger and more cock than that on blind dates.

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      " I laughed and they kept on fucking me. I woke the next day and sat up, sore and covered with cum. "Time to get ready to go Ms. Cain, you will love to see the video we made. " Dana said. "I hope so" I said. I can add it to my collection. " I told her and kissed her. "Next road game get enough men to really take care of me. " I told her and got up and staggered to the shower. On the bus back I sat in the back and felt my body, sore but satistifed.