Car Breaks Down, Tow Truck Pt. 2


I did not know that my husband had arranged a little follow-up party to the break down I had. He had called and asked James and Darrin to invite some men and maybe a couple women for a little group party and so when we left the house Friday night and he would not tell me where we were going I was getting hot already. He had told me to wear a sheer and for all practical purposes, transparent, body suit that snapped in a thong, a see through wrap around skirt and sandals. When he had me dress like this I knew I was in for fun and so was geting wet even before we left the house.
We drove through Athens and out 316 towards I-20 and I knew we were headed to the same area I had broken down at. I laid back and began masturbating with my legs spread on the dash and found several orgasms as we drove in the night air. I had to pee and so Steve stopped at a store and we went in, the 2 guys, both good looking, seeing me and smiling. I had no top covering my see through body suit and so my nipples were visible, hard and dark. My top, already low cut was not hiding anything.
I went in and finished my business, and made sure to pull the front down so the top of my dark nipples of my 44EEE titties were exposed. I was hungry and Steve could tell. I went to the counter with a bottle of water and leaned on it, my arms under my tits pushing them up and leaned over so the 2 men could have a good view. Both had bulges growing. "Hi guys, hard night?" I said smiling and Steve behind me making sure they knew play was okay. One rubbed his buldge and said, "Getting harder as we speak. " I pushed up and my tits fell out of the top, "Wanna feel my melons? I will let ya if I can eat those sauages I see.

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  " One guy went to the door and locked it and turned off the lights and opened a door to the back. I followed him, the other guy behind me and Steve behind him. I turned and my skirt fell to the floor and my top came off and I got on my knees grabbing the men and pulling their cocks from their pants.
My husband tells my I am in a frenzy when this happens and I just want to be filled as much as I can. I had the first in my mouth and was sucking it deep as the other was next to my face I felt the pre-cum leaking on my cheek. Steve was now behind me lifting my ass so he could get in me from behind. I soaked his cock as the one guy filled my throat with cum and my orgasm came. Steve pushed into my ass and I began to really get hot. The other cock was in my throat now and I was not leting the first one go and was trying to get it hard again. I sucked the second cock and he grabbed my head shoving it deep and rough into my throat. I was only 7 inches or so and made me cum again but felt good as it filled my throat with cum. Steve filled my ass with his cum and the first guy was not hard yet. I looked at the two limp cocks and licked my lips. "No more fun guys?" I was really sad since I wanted more. "Guess not lady, we gotta work ya know.

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  " I got up, Steve's cum dripping from my ass and dressed. "Well guys, when you got more I can take care of it. "
Steve and I got in the car and left. "Didn't know you were so hungry Hun. " he said as he leaned over and kissed me. "I am starving. " I told him. We drove a little further and he pulled up a driveway and to a house that had some nice lighting outside. Low but good to be able to see. There were three men standing by the door and two women, all looked very healthy and all were dressed scantily. The women were tall, over 5'8 or so and built strong like they were work out fitness types. I am 5'0" so anyone is tall to me. One woman stepped in front of me and grabbed my face and kissed me hard her tongue driving into my mouth making my pussy come back to life again. "Okay, go on in" she said as she relesed me making sure my chest was no longer in the body suit and my nipples were getting hard again.
Steve and I walked in and there was a raised type of platform/bed in the center of the room.

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   There were couches around it so that the platform was obviously the center of attention. A third woman, smaller and less dykish, took my hand and led me to the platform. She kissed me and said, "Now, undress for us Dear. " She turned and left and sat on the couches with about 20 other people next o one of the dykish women. Some soft music began and my hands were on my chest pulling my nipples making them hard and then my skirt fell and my body suit was off. I was laying on the platfor/mat and my hands were massaging myself everywhere as suddenly a woman was next to me, naked and sucking my nipples hard. In fact she was biting them making me cry out as the other woman took my legs and spread them and then I saw a huge strap on she was wearing. She was female but built like a body builder and her body was tight all over. Suddenly the other woman linned my arms down and the one that had the dildo on rammed it into me making me cry out. It was thick and about 12 inches long. The thickness was about like a beer can and it hurt going in and she began really pounding hard in and out of my pussy.
People were now calling out, "Yeh, rape the bitch, do her good>" and other things as the dildo ripped into my pussy. I can take big cocks but this was more then I had taken before and it was finally beginning to make me feel good as the dyke kept up the speed she was ramming me at. She stopped and took off the straps and reversed them so that the dildo was now secured in my pussy tying it around my hips. THe one grabbed me and stood me up now pulling my arms behind me.

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   "Who is first she shouted?" and several men came up taking my tits and grabbing and sucking them all over. The biting got worse making me cry and yet feeling like my pussy would explode around the dildo. Orgasms shook my body as the woman behind me held me up so others could take advantage of me.
The dildo was removed and I was laid down and two men were on me, hard cocks filling my pussy and rubbing against each other inside me. My pussy had been streached out and took both cocks easily. "Oh damn<" I was moaning over and over as my body convulsed through several orgasms and soaked the cocks in my pussy. Then they filled me with cum and moved off to a side as 3 or 4 more men got on me, one filled my mouth and took little time filling my throat with cum then another was there and I swallowed it down deep. NOw cocks were in my ass and pussy, I was being roughly impaled and fucked filled with cum as a man always kept my tits hard, they were biting them hard and I know they made the nipples bleed more than once since later I found the dried blood.
"Lets fill her up" one woman said and I was lifted up and a cock slipped into my ass, another into my pussy as I was leaned back then two in front of me and shoved into my mouth. One in my mouth was huge and hands made me take it deep even as I gagged. He shoved it into my throat and down deep, making me swallow it by forcing it into my throat. Now he was setting the pace, forcing the cock in and out of my throat making it go in against my will, not that I didn't want it to but I had no control at all. Then it filled my throat with cum making my pussy squirt again. He pulled it out and another was forced into my throat, again I had no control and was being raped orally. THis happened at least 5 times as each forced my mouth around their cocks filling my throat with cum finally.

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After what seemed like a long time I was laying on the platform and no one was on me. I was laying there resting and then a man stood over me. He had a cock bigger than I had ever seen and it hung down his leg. His balls were also hanging low and fuul. "Okay Bull, fuck her good man. " came the voices. He reached down and grabbed my tits, pulling me up only by them. I cried out loud. He held me up, his nails digging into my flesh as he pulled me up, my toes barely on the floor as my weight was fully on my tits. Then he lifted me suddenly and my legs were around his hips, a huge cock forced it's way into my pussy making me groan louder and louder and pounding against the walls of my pussy. THen it swelled and filled me with cum. He laughed and dropped me to the mat. I fell and he told me, "On your hands and knees. " I rolled over and saw his cock still hard as a rock and he grabbed my hips. It tore into my ass making me scream this time in real pain.

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   "Oh no, it is too big, please," I was crying and he told someone. "Shut her up, fill her mouth with a cock, hurry up. " A hard cock was in my mouth and my face was held so that it was down my throat and I felt myself beginning to passs out. I was limp and yet my body was responding to the sexual assualt that was happening. I felt my pussy filled with something, I supose a cock and then it convuled around it, the orgasm soaking what was in it.
I don't know how long the giant was fucking me but he was not there when I came back to knowing what as hapening. The dyke was in front of me again, her pussy over my face and she commanded me, "Drink<" and she began pissing into my mouth. It filled my mouth and flowed over and I chocked as the flow increased. It was all over my face and hair and my eyes burned. "Bend her over the stool" a voice came. I was put over a stool and tyed, my tits hanging painfully down with no support and my legs secured apart. Now began what seemed like long hours of fucking. Cocks filled me and filled me over andover again. Sometimes my pussy and then my ass. Either way, it seemed endless as they all rammed in hard and slipped out soft.

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I slept it seemed and then woke to voices. "What is this" one was saying. "Looks like a present" the other said then there were others. I looked and there were a number of yung men all around me. "Damn man, she is loose" said one as his cock was in me. "Fuck her anyway. " and he did, again filling me as the pool of cum under me grew again. "Make some calls guys, get some more here. " said a voice and then soon there wee yung men all over me, fucking me, grabbing my body and filling my throat again with cocks. I was untied and on my back again as they got betwen my sore legs and drove into me, each on filling my pussy and mouth. Some shot loads on my body and especially my tits. I felt the heat of my arousal growing again and my hips were going against my mind bucking against the cocks in me.
I woke at home in ned, Steve snoring next to me. I was sore all over and still had cum all over and in me. I rolled over and kissed Steve.

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   He stirred and massaged my chest softly. "Thank you" moaned. "Yu are welcome" he said and we went back to sleep.
This is a true story and so, if there are any other adventures that can be arranged let me know. I will try to fill all requests, or rather be filled. LOL.