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"Sure come on in", I told them. They introduced themselves as Jackie and Connie. Jackie looked like she was about nineteen, with shoulder length blonde hair standing about five foot six. Connie looked a little younger with long brown hair and was much shorter then her friend, maybe five feet tall. I offered them the use off my clothes dryer and a change of clothes while they waited for the storm to pass. I brought them up to the loft to find something that would fit. Jackie and Connie quickly stripped out of their wet clothes, giving Bob a nice show. Jackie grabbed my robe to cover herself with. I gave Connie one of my sweatshirts. It hung down to just past her small ass. Jackie went downstairs to see what movie Bob was watching. Connie was telling me how much she enjoyed my cabin when her eye caught my vibrator sitting on the headboard of my bed. I looked over the balcony to see Bob had resumed the video and Jackie was on her knees sucking on Bob's big cock. Connie gasped at the size of Bob's dick. I was thinking of two things. First Bob was working quickly and second I hoped Jackie could handle Bob's manhood.

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   I know it took me several tries before I was able to take Bob all the way. It took me almost six months before I was able to take Bob in the ass, something I would not recommend to Jackie. Connie was watching the action on the TV screen. It was two coeds using a strap-on dildo. I watched as Connie sub-consensually started to rub herself. I thought as long as Bob was having his fun, I could play the same game. I told Connie to stay there and enjoy the movie and I would be right back. I walked over to the bed and opened the nightstand drawer pulling out my favorite strap-on dildo. I watched as Connie continued to rub herself. I slipped behind Connie and wrapped my arms around her. Kissing her neck gently as I pulled the sweatshirt off of her. I gently rubbed her small B-cup breast, while Connie continued to rub her now wet pussy. I pushed her forward and told her to hold the railing. As she turned her head to see what I was doing I quickly covered her eyes and told her not to look. As she turned her attention back to the action downstairs I positioned my dildo to the entrance of Connie's dripping pussy.

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   Connie watched as Jackie was now riding Bob's magnificent cock. I slid a finger into Connie's hot pussy getting it ready for something bigger, something a lot bigger. I began to insert the tip of the dildo into Connie. With the tip starting its entry Connie turned her head again to see what I was doing. I thought Connie was going to faint when she seen the strap-on dildo I was getting ready to penetrate her with. I looked down at the dildo as it began to enter her inch by inch. Connie arched her back and pushed her sweet ass back, forcing the dildo deeper. I stopped my movement and let Connie control the action. Connie kept her action of pushing the dildo into her as much as she could. I don't know if it was my action or the action downstairs but Connie began to fuck the 18-inch dildo harder and harder. Her action now had me hot and I now joined Connie in the action forcing more dildo into her then she could handle slamming it all the way to the hilt. "FUCK!" Connie screamed as her tight pussy engulfed the dildo. "Do you want me to stop", I asked? "No" she said. With that I took the opportunity to fuck the young bitch with great force. I grabbed the small hips of Connie and began my long deep strokes causing Connie to wince with every stroke.

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   Bob and Jackie turned their attention to the action on the loft.
    Jackie rode up and down on Bob's cock slowly taking more and more into her young cunt. When I said Bob had a big dick I was not exaggerating, it is eleven inches and thick. Looking over Connie's shoulder I could see that Jackie still had several inches to go. Bob changed the position so Jackie was on her knees facing us. This way they could watch us and we could watch them. I smiled at Bob as we both fucked our young visitors. Bob was showing great restraint by not ramming Jackie with the full length of his cock. Me on the other hand was fucking the shit out of my little slut. Watching the long shaft sliding in and out of Connie made my own cunt drip. "Come on Bob fuck that bitch, make her cum" I shouted down to Bob. I could see the look on Jackie's face as Bob started to gain more access to the tight pussy of the nineteen-year-old visitor. I felt Connie start to shake as her orgasm began to start. At this point I took my index finger and began to gently rub her beautiful asshole. This threw Connie over the edge and exploded into a massive orgasm.

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       Connie lost her grip on the railing and we went crashing to the floor. The dildo slipped out as we came to a rest on the floor. Bob was ramming Jackie with his full force as he was getting close to shooting his load. Jackie is biting her lip as Bob's massive cock is ripping her tight pussy. Bob then pulled his big cock out and spewed his seed all over the back of Jackie. After about a half-hour rest we regrouped. Jackie and Connie's clothes were dry enough for them to dress and finish their hike. It could have been a great weekend with the two visitors, but being alone with Bob was great fun too. .


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