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This is a true story that took place a couple of weeks ago.   I had to write this down because even today thinking back it seems like it was just a dream.   I never in a million years ever thought this could or would happen.   Let me start out by telling a little bit about me.   My name is Josh.   I'm 28 years old, 6' tall, average build, brown hair with blue eyes.   I'm pretty much your average guy.   Funny, unassuming, nice guy with decent looks.   My buddy's name is Nick.   He's 24, athletic build, 6'-2", with naturally European dark features.   He's no doubt the kind of guy everyone gravitates to.   He's athletic, smart, funny, dresses great, artistic, and so much more.   The ladies definitely notice him and he's never had a problem finding a hot chick.   Then there is Sarah.   She is beautiful.   She's 23, blond hair, awesome personality, great body, about 5'-7" tall.

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    Her laugh is contagious and she fits in with the girls or the guys without a hitch.   The only problem is she's the girlfriend of me and my buddy's good friend Mark. And so the story begins. . . I had a thing for Sarah the moment I met her.   She was in a word, perfect.   Her eyes, her hair, her face, her body, her laugh and a personality that made her even hotter.   A Slender build yet she had the perfect curves.   Her ass looked so good in any pair of jeans she wore and her tits were spot on for her build.   I was instantly jealous of Mark.   The fact that he didn't appreciate what he had made it even worse.   I kept telling my buddy Nick about this girl Sarah so much he thought I was just exaggerating.   He'd looked up her pics online and thought she was pretty hot but when he finally met her he was just as smitten as I was.   Now, Nick wasn't they type of guy who ever had a problem picking up a great looking girl.

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    The fact that he just got out of a 2 year relationship though is what in part led us to that night I will never forget. We were all at the bar that night having a great time.   The shots were flowing and everyone was getting way too drunk.   Mark had been drinking most of the day because he met up with a few work buddies before going out with us that night and by 11pm he was a mess.   He couldn't even stand up at this point and was ready to pass out.   Since Mark drove separately anyway and Sarah had to give her friend Jessica a ride home, Mark's work buddy Jeff took him home around 1am when he left.   We decided we should leave too Sarah couldn't find Jessica anywhwere.   As Jeff and Mark took off, we went to look for Jessica.   Turns out she was hooking up with an ex and didn't need a drive.   That just left me and my buddy Nick (he rode with me), Sarah and a couple other friends who drove together.   After we said bye to them, Sarah kept dropping hints to me that she was too drunk to drive so I asked her if she needed a ride home.   None of us should have been anyway but I was the go to drunk when it came to driving home.   It's stupid but we do it all the time.   While helping her in she slurred that if we dropped her off at her apartment she wouldn't have a way to get back to her car the next day.   Knowing better, I asked if she wanted to crash on the couch and she agreed.

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    Nick's roommate was gone for the weekend and I was planning on crashing at his place anyway so I said I'd be able to drop her off to her car in the morning.  During the ride home, Nick just gave me that look like 'this is really dumb of us'.   Mark's a good friend and we'd never do anything with a buddy's girl, but alcohol has this way of justifying many dumb decisions.   Sarah seemed to be pretty tired and seemed out of it in my backseat.   Once we get to the apartment we helped Sarah out of the back and all go up to the apartment.   Once inside Nick asks if anyone wanted a beer to which we of course both said "sure".   I sat on his cushy lounge chair with my beer and Sarah leaned onto the armrest.   Nick sat on the couch and turned on the TV but muted the volume off so he could put some music on.   We sat around and drank some beer for a bit, laughing about some of the losers at the bar, having good time.   Sarah seemed less sleepy by now and was getting very 'touchy feely' as she seemed to get with me at times.  After a while, things started getting quiet so Nick went to get us some more beer from the fridge.   While he was gone, Sarah fell into the chair and basically was half laying on me half on the chair.   I asked if she was ok and she didn't say anything.   Next thing I know, she leaned over started sloppily making out with me.   I knew this was a bad idea but I couldn't help myself and started kissing her back.

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    By now, I see Nick walking back into the room and I just put my hands up like "it wasn't me man, I don't know what's happening" all the while never breaking the kiss.   Things started getting a little heated and I could see Nick was getting aroused because he started rubbing his dick through his jeans.   Sarah had her back to him and he must've thought I was too busy to notice.   At that point I knew there was no going back.   I was so fucking hard by now and seeing Nick getting himself worked up pretty much was enough to take it to the next level.   One of my wildest fantasies was about to come true. So at this point I started playing with Sarah's tits.   She kept leaning her head back and moaning as I kept switching kissing her lips then sucking her nipples.   I looked over at Nick and he was half watching us and half in his own world still stroking himself but now his hands were inside his jeans.   Sarah remembered he was still in the room and without saying a word motioned to him to come over.   By the time Nick got to us she had unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.   I'm not huge or anything but I'm definitely no slouch at 7".   As Sarah massaged my dick I leaned back and took it all in.   Sarah, my buddy's girlfriend was half naked sitting on me with my cock in her hands and my bestfriend Nick was about to join in.   In a word it was surreal.

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    He leaned down and started making out with her.   Nick's cock looked like it was going to rip a new hole in his already ripped jeans.   Sarah stood him up and slowly unzipped his pants.   She had some trouble getting them down over his cock and once she did I knew why.   I'd never seen his cock before and I have to say from what was tenting his boxers, I was a little impressed.   I thought my 7" was good to above average but after Sarah pulled off his boxers I'm glad they didn't notice me staring.   I had good reason though.   Nick had a 9" monster that was enough to make any guy a little jealous and insecure at the same time.   Without sounding totaly gay, it was a perfect cock.   I can't lie, I was a little envious of my best bud.  Knowing him the way I do, if there was going to be a voice of reason I for sure expected it to be Nick's.   So when he suggested we take this to his bedrood I was more than a little stunned.   After standing there like an ass for a few seconds I picked Sarah up and carried her to the bedroom.   Once we got there, I tossed her onto the bed.   It was like a scene from a the best porno ever.

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    The three of us were like animals at this point.   I was taking off her pants, she was taking off my shirt and Nick had already shucked off the rest of his clothes.   I know this sounds bad but I took notice of his body again.   Maybe it's the fact he's just one of those guys that everyone likes, I'm really not sure why I was so taken back by him.   He was naturally tanned, not overly muscular but still toned enough to show off his build.   I was snapped back to reality by Sarah helping my pants the rest of the way off.   With all 3 of us now naked, we were raring to go at it. I slid my way over to her and started making out with her again.   It was the hottest and most unbelievable feeling just knowing how close this was to happening.   I got her in position and slowly rubbed my cock over pussy lips which by then were wet as fuck.   While I was teasing her cunt Nick crawled over to her and held his cock out inches away from her face.   She grabbed it with her hand and looked up at him with eyes that said way more than she could've said out loud.   Sarah started giving him what turned out to be (from what he told me later) the hottest blowjob of his life.   She went to town on his cock, licking, sucking, stroking and (trying to) deep throat it like it was her job.   Sarah had some problems getting it all the way down so she just took as much of it as she could.

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    While all this is going on I'm slowly starting to fuck Sarah, making each stroke last.   My face was about a foot or so away from the blowjob Sarah was giving Nick and I must've been staring a bit too long.   I happened to look up and saw Nick looking down and he gives me this smile like "this is fucking awesome".   I was in no mood to smile as this whole scene was driving me wild and I started giving it to her for all I was worth.   I must've gotten a little to rough because she couldn't keep Nick's cock in her mouth.   I don't think Nick was too thrilled at me for it and must've thought it would be funny to whack me in the forehead with his cock as gave a chuckle.   That snapped me out of my trance and I looked up at him with a look of "I'm gonna kill you. . . but not til after I'm done" kind of look.  After a while of this we needed a break and repositioned.   Nick quickly manhandled Sarah and got her propped up on her knees and went at it doggy style with her.   He must have been on the verge of going crazy because when he finally got his turn he wasted no time at all.   I don't think he even paused at her entrance for a half second as he positioned his monster at her lips and pushed all the way in.   She let out a moan so loud I thought for sure someone would've called the fucking cops on us.

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    It didn't seem to phase Nick though as he started hammering her from behind like a machine.   In the meantime, I kneeled down in front of her and Sarah tried to blow me as she was getting railed from behind.   She could barely keep me in her mouth let alone try to suck me off.   I was getting a little frustrated but watching my best friend hammer our buddy's girlfriend from behind like that was getting me hot.   The painful pleasure Sarah was feeling from Nick was evident on her face.   After what seemed like forever he must've gotten a little tired and started thrusting his cock into her with slow and excruciatingly long strokes.   She whimpered every time he buried his cock deep inside her.   I was able to get my cock back in her mouth but she could barely concentrate on my cock at this point.   Nick must've caught a second wind and started pick up his pace once again to the point his body was in a frenzy.   He started hammering her from behind again for all he was worth.   I didn't know if Sarah was going to be able to handle it until she started screaming for him not to stop.   I almost shot my load right then and there.   How Nick didn't shoot his load by this point I have no idea.   I blame it on the alcohol. I don't think of myself as gay or bisexual or anything remotely close to that.

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    I've always watched straight porn like most other guys.   I did prefer guy on girl porn rather than girl on girl porn but I'd watch both.   I mean, every guy notices other guys even if they say they don't.   We size each other up all the time (not just in the locker room).   Whether it's at the gym, in the shower, on the playing field, at work or at a bar.   It's only natural.   We size each other up and know who will or won't pose a threat to our job, our girlfriend or to one of us getting the same chick.   That said, I was still sort of extra worked up by the fact I was having a threesome with my buddy's hot ass girlfriend and my best friend.   I've always had a little voyeur in me and I think this experience played into my perfect fantasy.   The only negative is that as fucking hot as it was, it might have ruined me.   Haha.   I mean there is no way I'm ever going to be able to recreate a scenario that awesome.   Sorry, I got off track.   Back to what happened. Nick, still not ready to blow his load, finally got tired enough to need a position change.

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    I decided to take his place as he collapsed onto the bed on his back.   Sarah was able to give him a much better blowjob than she did me as I was much more rythmic in my fucking of her.   It was heaven.   I've never felt that in any other sexual encounter I've ever had in my entire life.   I did everything in my power to last as long as I could.   I fucked her for all I was worth knowing it wasn't probably as good as she just got from Nick.   That didn't fucking matter to me though.   Not at that moment.   The rush of feelings was so overwhelming I just couldn't contain myself.   I knew I was done for now and was going to blow my load at any minute.   I pulled out and slapped Sarah on her ass.   She knew what I meant and tried to turn around and take me into her mouth but I blew my load before I made it into her mouth.   It was hands down the biggest cumshot of my life.   The first couple shots hit her in the face but the third, fourth and fifth shots just went everywhere.   Some of the grazed her but much of it landed on Nick.


    He just gave me this look like "I can't fucking believe you just did that" which quickly turned to a "your gonna pay for this shit later" look but he was too exhausted to really give a fuck.  Sarah now turned her attention back to Nick as I collapsed onto the bed next to him.   I was still in exstacy from what just happened and watched him get head from the girl of my dreams.   After about ten minutes of Sarah going to town on his cock, Nick threw his head back and I figured he was close.   I reached over behind Sarah and started rubbing her clit which took her to another level.   I was intent on pleasuring Sarah's twat now and she started screaming so loud and I had to put my other hand over her mouth to muffle it as best I could.   After taking both of us she was ultra sensitive and my fingers sent her over the edge for the third time that night (which she told me about the next day).   Not realizing what I was doing because I was so intent on pleasuring Sarah, I must've been leaning on Nick's stomach for support.   The next thing I know Nick grabbed my Sarah's head with his left hand and his right hand clamped down on my shoulder which made me jump a bit.   She took her mouth off his cock and let out a gasp and another loud moan.   She instantly placed her mouth back on his cock and Nick's whole body started bucking.   He let go of her hair and his left hand grabbed the headboard for support, while his right hand was still clamped onto my shoulder.   Between that and my cock rubbing up on Sarah's body I thought I might blow my load again if that was even possible after the load I just shot.   Nick was starting to gasp now and could barely contain himself.   The first shot nearly choked Sarah and she quickly pulled off his cock.

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    Judging from the next several shots I could see why she pulled off and furiously jerked him off instead.   He shot everywhere.   I thought I made a mess.   No.   This was a fucking mess, let me tell you.   It got on all 3 of us.   Once he finally came down from his climax and laid back down, Sarah crawled between us and laid down as well.   At this point, we were all spent.   The three of us, me, my best bud and Sarah in the middle of us, just sort of all slowly drifted to sleep.   We passed out in that position and woke up the next morning to a scene out of one of these stories we all read and rarely believe. Sarah woke up and began aplogizing right away.   She was embarrassed about what she just did and we all felt guilty about it thinking about Mark.   The three of us knew we fucked up but at the same time I don't think any of us wished it didn't happen.   I can't speak for Sarah but after talking to Nick he agreed it was the hottest thing that's ever happened to either of us.   We sat there though knowing we'd have to figure something out and not let Mark know.

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    Right about that time Sarah's cell phone started going off.   It was Mark.   Even though part of me wishes this isn't the last of this story, I know for friendship sake, it better be.   Even that might not be enough though, because if Mark ever found out, the 3 of us would lose a good friend. .