Break At The Beach Pt. 2


I had recovered from the night's sex and was going to the shower when Yi came over and kissed me. Yi was very loving and after Janie and Dad left she was more so. She kissed me again and said, "Atfer the shower let's go to your hotel. " "Sure" told her. We both got into the shower and she bathed me all over especially my sensative spots. She made me sit on the shelf in the shower and made sure I was freshly shaved between my legs and played with my button while she was at it knowing she was making me hotter as she did.
After I went to my bag and got out my medicines. I take a couple that help my blood pressure and Mirapex for RLS (Restless Leg Syndrom). It does have the side effect on my of making me want more sex, I mean really more sex. My husband does not mind since I attack him daily. Anyway, Yi and I dressed and she said, "You know in my country (Hong Kong) men would line up to be with you. " "Really?" I said, "Why is that. " "You have a huge chest and we usually have small tits, they like to have women like you. " "Well, too bad there are not some men around then. " I said laughing. "Oh, there are," she said.

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   "Would you like to meet them and maybe make some money too?" I thought and felt my pussy beginning to pulse as it does as my Mirapex begins to get into my system. "Sure," I told her, "Why not. "
Yi got on her cell phone and was making call after call in her own language which I did not understand at all. We were almost to my hotel when she finished and she smiled, "I have several people coming to enjoy yur company, I will translate and tell you how to act for one man in particuar is very important and has lots of money. If he likes you he will really reward us for your time. " We went into the room and she dressed me in the bathing suit I had bought the Friday before. THe two strips covered my nipples and the thong went between my cheeks and barely covered my pussy lips which were dripping juices already. "How many are coming?" I asked. "Oh, between 5 and 18 all together" I hope. She said. There are two women, sisters that are total lesbians that are coming too. " Then she told me how to act.
I was to wear a thin robe she gave me and she would introduce me to everyone. After that I was to stand in front of them and she had already found seats for everyone so they could see me very well. The older man she had told me will sit in the middle and I was to always show respect to him.

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   She told me how to act and that he would be the first to have me if he wanted me. Well, we sat and kissed some and she was careful not to mess me up. She had brushed my hair and applied some make-up but only a little. A knock came at the door and 4 men came in. They all looked at  me and smiled and spoke to Yi. She greeted them back and seated them. We still all waited and she told me that the Edler was not there yet. A little while passed and we all sat, Yi translating wha they said and me responding some
The knock came again and as she opened the door she bowed low and the Elder came in with two women, I found they were his daughters that were lesbians. I bowed as she had showed me and he was shown to the center chair and his daughters on each side of him. I was getting really wet now because he was very handsome and the daughters were stuningly beautiful. He wore a suit and they were dressed as if for a business meeting. Three more people came in eventually and then Yi had me stand in the midle of the half circle. She was introducing me and saying lots of things that I guess were like guidelines. One made them all laugh and she told me later that she had told them that there was nothing that I would not do. I stood and the Elder motioned for Yi to remove the robe.

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   It dropped to the floor and they all approved of my body. MY hair was in a pony tail and as the robe dropped m nipples hardened to the size of a man's thumb. They all notice that fact and the Elder smiled and spoke to Yi. She came to me and moved me to withing two feet of him and told me to take off the suit slowly then as she had told me before I folded it and made sure the wet crotch of the thong was folded to the outside and I knelt and bowed my face and raised it to the elder. He took it and smelled the crotch and spoke and the others responded. Yi told me "He says to finger your pussy and give them to him, make sure they are really wet. " I did and he took them and sucked them getting all the juices.
"He likes the taste" she said and then he stood in front of me. "Unzip him and suck him" Yi said and I did. I did it slowly teasing ny touching him through the material of his pants and set his hardening cock free. It was long and thick and dark. I had not thought it would be so big but it was easily 9 inches and really thick. I began licking the head and teasing the cock the best I knew how. Soon I was taking it all into my hungry throat and he was moaning louder. His hips began to move and then, after some time, he filled my throat with his cum.

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   My pussy flooded the floor under me with an orgasm which brought coments from everyone. A thin mat was brought out and the daughters laid me on it and spread my legs. As I laid there my pussy was pulsing needing to be taken care of. The daughters were now naked and one took a huge strap on dildo out of a bag she had. The Elder was telling them to fuck me really good and enjoy me. One took the dildo and soon it was on. Then, without any warning it plunged into my pussy making me cry out in pleasure. She was on top of me fucking me hard without any gentleness at all. After a good squirting orgasm (which is what they wanted to see) the Elder got up and was totally naked as was everyone else now. He got between my legs and began eating me and fingering me. I was again getting close to an orgasm and soon sprayed his face and hand that was fingering me. Then his wonderful really hard cock slipped into me and fucked me nice and hard. Soon he filled me and laid on top of me for a while kissing me while his daughters massaged my tits that hung out from the sides under him. I felt one sucking a nipple and biting it and the other just massaging the other.
He began to move again and soon was hard inside me again.

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   This time he took a long time, maybe 30 or 45 min. to fuck me making me orgasm so many times I lost count. If he had been the only one that would have been a great day for me. He finished and sat in the chair wih the daughters and I looked up. Yi got me up and took me and cleaned me out and put on fresh make-up and kissed me. "You just earned a thousand dollars Lover. " she said and showed me a roll of hundred bills. "Damn" I told her and then said, "And it felt so fucking good. " We went back out and I was kneeling on the mat again. A man, stocky and rough looking came, naked and a nice size cock got next to me and began kissing me deep and massaging my tits, pulling the nipples until I moaned and once squealed with the pain/pleasure of his pinches. a bench was there now and two other men put me on it, all had hard cocks that I wanted to taste. Now I was tied with the ropes, my tits tied and made to hurt from the ropes that made them swell and the base of them hurt from the ropes. Ropes were between my pussy lips and my ass crack and then I was tied tight to the bench. The men had whips and began going up and down my body, the whips were soft but when used they stung making small red stripes across my body. The elder spoke and they began concentrating on my swollen tits that were now hurting because they had been tied and the blood was not flowing from them.


Yi was watching and massaging herself as I was suffering and then something was in my pussy as the rope was moved aside. It went in deep and thick and soon it was vibrating. Yi was at my face kissing my cheeks then whispered, "They are going to torture you now sweetheart, but you will be okay, I promise. " I know I was afraid but the vibrating in my pussy was making me get close to another orgasm. AS the orgasm was almost there it stopped and several men stood over me and jacked off onto my face and tits and body. Huge streams of cum were all over me and I wanted it in some place that would do me some good but Yi told me that some of the torture was to make me want it badly but not make me cum. MY tits were untied and bound looser and then clips with wires were on my nipples. A different dildo was pushed into my soaking pussy and then the Elder was given a switch box of some kind. I was still tied and could not move any part of my body except my hips in responce to fucking. THe Elder spoke and Yi told me, "You must be ready for anything that will happen now. The Elder has an electrical control in his hands and is going to see how it feels for you. I hope you enjoy it Dearest. " she kissed me and moved away. A gently shocking began in my pussy and nipples and it actually felt good. Everyone was watching and some were jacking themselves off.

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   I was close to an orgasm when the current stopped. "Oh please, let me cum" I begged. Yi translated and they all laughed. "Not for a while" Yi told me. "Ready Dear?" she said. "I guess I have no choice" I said. She translated and again they all laughed.
The Elder stood and came to the bench and looked at me and suddenly moved the switch. A jolt went through my body and it convulsed. "Oh fuck" I began to say but another jolt went through me preventing me from speaking. "How does it feel" Yi told me to answer. "I don't know, it hurts all over" I had just said and another went through me. He laughed and slowly began from the lowest setting which felt good then as I was beginning to orgasm he would throw it all the way over so that pain ran through my body. I do not know how long this went on but everytime I was near an orgasm the voltage was thrown and I convulsed with pain. I passed out during this and when I woke there was someone fucking my ass hard and deep.

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   I was over the bench and tied that way so that my tits hung down and my ass was open for everyone. THere was no pleasure on my part just rape if you can say I was being raped since I came in for the fun. THe daughters were behind me again with the huge dildo but I was now so full of cum and streached out that there was now pain or pleasure in their fucking me. Again I passed out and I was told by Yi I gave them all blow jobs and ate the womens pussies. I woke next to her the next morning with her kissing me softely. I was covered with cum and sore all over. Marks were on my tits where the electrodes were placed and my pussy was swollen and sore to touch and burned as I pissed later on. We showered again and I was dressed in regular clothes, my tube top with a blouse over it and skirt and no bra or anties. Yi and I went for lunch and kissed at the resturant and made several people very hot and very uncomfortable. Finally I had an orgasm from the people watching us and Yi was so loving that I could not hold it back and soaked the seat under me.
Yi took me to the hotel and Janie was there with her Dad, just getting out of the shower after having made love again. Janie was now really hungry for sex since Yi had broken her step-daughter in. I have her phone number and email and will be gong for another visit soon. I split $8,000 with her from the customers we took care of, well, that I took care of. She got 2 and I got the other 6.

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   I loved the torture and pleasure from the customers. Not being in control makes me very hot and so, that will happen again soon.