Bobby, Shelly and Me


Shelly and I were the best of friends.   We were both 18 years old and had done practically everything together. I could talk her into just about doing anything.   We double-dated, played sports, etc.   We knew everything there was to know about each others sex life too, or should I say she knew all about mine!  She was a virgin and afraid to have sex.   I on the other hand was very "trained".   She was a very attractive girl, she had shoulder length brown hair, size 36D, size 8 and athletic.   She had several opportunities for sex she just never "grabbed them".   I would always tell her what me and my boyfriend would do and I could tell it would make her so hot, but this one particular day, she saw it first hand!
Shelly and I had been swimming and my boyfriend Bobby came to pick us up.   When he got there, I was immediately turned on. He had been working construction in the 95 degree weather and had no shirt on, a pair of tight Levis and a pair of work boots. His blond hair was a mess and when he smiled, his big white teeth and sultry lips made me instantly wet.   Shelly and I both got in the front seat, I got in first and sat next to Bobby and Shelly got in beside me.   Shelly had a towel wrapped around her and I had my bathing suit top on and a pair of cut off Levis.   I got in and put my arm around Bobby and we french kissed.   I could tell he was just as horny as I was and I was going to seize the opporunity.

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I made the usual small talk to him, "how was your day, who did you talk too, blah, blah, blah and then he said to me, "Did you miss me today?".   I said, "Sure did and when we get out of this car, I am going to show you just how much!" I then took my hand and laid it on his cock and started to gently rub.   This instantly got him hard as a rock and he said to me, "Why wait until we get out of the car, put your lips around my rod right now show me".   I said, "Hey Shelly, you wouldn't mind if I gave Bobby a head job now would you?" I looked at her and she was red as a beat and sheepishly shook her head no.  
I then pulled the zipper down on his pants and reached in and got ahold of his now throbbing 8 inch cock.   It instantly sprank out at me and I immediately took it in my mouth.   Bobby moaned in delight with my tongue swirling wildly on his cock.   I had positioned myself with my knees on the seat, head down and ass up in the air toward Shelly.   I kept feverishly sucking on his cock until he was about ready to explode.   I stopped and turned around to look at Shelly.  To my surprise, she had her hands in under her towel, with her eyes closed, rubbing herself and slightly moaning.   I seized the moment.   I leaned up to Bobby and wispered in his ear, "Reach over and rub her tits".   He said, "What!", I said, "Reach over and rub her tits. .

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  . I wont get mad and we can get her in on our action, she is a virgin you know and I am dying to lick her cunt".   That was all the encouragment Bobby needed.   I put my head back down between his legs, but did not suck, I turned around to look at Shelly.   Bobby had moved his free hand over to her and started rubbing her left nipple.   She shockingly opened her eyes and jumped and looked at him. He looked into her eyes and licked his lips. She then looked down at me between his legs and I looked up at her and said, "It's ok. . . let him do it. . he is such a good fuck and we can both show you. . .

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  please let us do this". She once again shook her head and moved closer to his hand.   I then told him find a remote place and pull the car over.  
He pulled the car off on a back road and we took our towels and layed them on the ground.   I immediately stripped my clothes off and then I helped Bobby with his boots and pants.   We were both naked while Shelly still had her bathing suit on.   I laid Bobby down and began giving him more head.   Shelly was just sitting there watching us.   I said, "Shelly, come over here and help me. . . two heads are better than one around a cock anyday".   She crawled over and we both started giving him head.   Bobby was going wild.   He had his hand rubbing between my legs and then he started to pull off her bathing suit bottom with the other hand.

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    She was really getting into it. She was moaning and sucking and slurpping and our tongues would meet together at the top of his cock and she would lick down and I would stay up on the head of cock.   Shelly licked up one time to the top of his cock and our mouths met.   We started sucking on each others tongues and and lips and our hands were running wildly over each others bodies.   We stopped and went in for the kill on Bobby.   We sucked his cock until he could not stand it anymore.   He blew his load and cum was all over our faces.   I grapped Shelly's face with my hands and licked all the cum off of her face.   I then took her top off and rubbed my face into her tits and then licked them off too.  
I started to lick gently around her virgin nipples and they became rock hard. She was moaning and holding my head in place while I went from one nipple to the other gently sucking, licking and bitting each one.   I took my hand and went down between her legs.   I found her honey hole and just about had an orgasm!  She was so hot and wet and smelled so good.   She was on her knees and spread her legs slightly so I could get a good rub in.   I continued to suck on her tits and rub her cunt.

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    I leaned up and looked at her.
      I removed by fingers from her cunt and put them to my lips and licked them clean.   I said, "I want to eat your cunt and lick it dry".   She was in a trance.   She just shook her head yes and layed back on the towels.   I laid her down and got between her legs.   She was clean shaven without a  hair in site.   I first took my tongue and went strait to her swollen clit.   She was moving around wildly.   I grabbed her by the hips to hold her still.   Once she was still, I took my hand and spread open her cunt lips and positioned my mouth right over her clit.   I swirled my tongue around her clit and then I put my lips over it and gently sucked.   She was moaning and withering underneath of me.   While doing this, I took one of my hands and reached up and gently rubbed and pinched her nipples going from side to side.   I then took the other hand off her lips and went for her honey hole.

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        I took one finger and inserted it gently in her. She was so damm tight!  She was now bucking like a bronko and I once again had to steady her hips.   I kept my mouth firmly on her clit sucking so gently and then inserted two fingers in her love hole.   I moved my fingers in and out slow at first and then picking up speed.   I then felt Bobby behind me. He was hard as a rock again.  I pulled my mouth off of Shellys clit but kept my fingers in place slowing my speed and looked around at Bobby. I said, "Fuck me in the ass. . . I have to have it in the ass. . . . ".

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        He did just that. . . He first stuck his cock into my soaking wet cunt and took it out then rubbed all my love juice on my anus.   He inserted his cock deep in my ass and I let out a wonderous moan of pleasure.   He kept up the tempo with grabbing my hips and pulling me back onto his cock.   I then turned back around and looked at Shelly. She said, "Please dont stop. . . this is the best thing I have ever felt. . . . eat my honey pot until I cum on your face" No need to tell me twice.

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      . . . I dove my face back down onto swollen clit but now I sucked it feverishly.   I picked up the speed on my two fingers inside her cunt and she was withering and bucking like crazy.   Bobby picked up the force fucking my ass and was now pounding me like a jackhammer.   I screamed for him not to stop as I was so close to cumming . At that time, Shelly let out a squeel that would have broken a window.   She was cumming so hard and I removed by fingers from her cunt and positioned my mouth over the honey hole to lap up all of the cum that she could give me. She was holding my head down on her cunt like a professional.   At that time, I lifted my head from her cunt and let out a scream myself, I was cumming.   Bobby told Shelly to get underneath of me and wait because he was cumming too.   He let out a loud moan and grunt and came half inside my ass and half on the outside of my cunt.   Shelly was between my legs and started lapping up our cum.   It was great.

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        She licked me clean and then we both licked Bobby clean.  
    We layed there in the sun, exhaused and pleased.   But this was just the beginning of our times together.  



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