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One of my female friends caught me having a perv on a girl who was in her group when I was talking to them. My friend told me the one I was perving on was a lesbian. I asked how did he know and he told me she was one of a few girls that get together after basketball practice and have lesbian sex together. I said how did he know and she said it is common knowledge that there is a lesbian element in the team and they all get involved with each other. He said its one of the reasons the team is so good they are all very close as a team.
The next practice night I went down and hid in the massage area where they evidently did it. I was in the masseur’s office which has one way glass.
After the practice all the girls came in and showered and got changed. I saw them all naked.   They didn’t seem to be worried that they could all see each other naked.
After everybody had left there were just the 4 girls who had obviously been much slower than the others and as soon as the last one went they locked the exit doors and got into kissing and feeling each other. They paired up and each couple got really worked up as they kissed. It was the first time I had seen girls really kissing each other passionately. I watched one couple who went to one of the massage benches closest to me and one laid down and spread her legs and the other one begun fingering her cunt. It was wild seeing them pushing two and three fingers into her friends cunt and kissing her clit at the same time. The other two did the same but the one on the bench sort of kneeled down face first with her bum in the air.

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   Her friend squeezed some stuff out of a tube onto her friends ass hole and began to finger her friends bum hole and at the same time slipping a finger or two on the other hand into her cunt. I could hear them moaning and talking together. It was obvious from their body movement they all really were enjoying the performance on each other. They all seemed to be telling each other how fantastic it felt and to fuck them harder with their fingers and a lick their clits. Just seeing them had me as hard as a pole and I pulled my pants down and began to wank myself. They were all talking and saying how good it felt and that their cunts were alive and one of the girls doing it was saying what do you want now and her friends was telling her to stick her fist up her. I watched as she opened her legs wider and her friend whose hand was now all wet with cunt juice from fingering her friend put the tips of her fingers into her cunt and slowly pushed her hand into her friends cunt. I couldn’t believe that it was possible to get her whole hand into her but she did it slowly and the girl on the bench opened her legs really wide and manoeuvred herself so her friend got her hand right up into her cunt as far as her wrist. I blew my load of cum all over the floor just watching it happen. The other couple had swapped places and one was sucking on each other 69 style. The ones fisting were telling the others how much juice they were making. The girl with her fist up her friend pulled it out of her cunt and licked her hand which was really covered in her sticky love juice and drinking it. She was telling everybody how good it tasted. It was fantastic seeing them all really working themselves up sexually by doing it and I was so close really I could see it all. The girl who had been fisted was laying there with her legs open waiting for her friend to fill her cunt up again and I could see her cunt was still stretched wide open.

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   I could see right inside her. The girls getting sucked off soon started to sing out I am cumming I am cumming and her partner opened her wide with one hand and really worked hard sucking and licking her friends clit and shoving the  fingers of her other hand into her ass hole pushing at the same time. They actually were having a fantastic time and so was I watching them. One of the two that were sucking had an orgasm and bucked about as her friend continued to try and keep her mouth over her vagina. I was fascinated at how their tits bounced about. After she came her friend swapped places and after a minute or two she too had her orgasm and again her partner sucked and licked her as she pinched and pulled on her own nipples. I had never seen anything like it even on porno sites and this was in real time with girls I knew.
Now they all went into the showers again and paired up and showered and rubbed each other up with the soap and their fingers. Their hands were all over each other and I actually saw one pissing while standing up and then her friend started and they pissed over each others legs. After they had towelled each other off they then sucked each others cunts dry they kissed again and rubbed their hands over their tits and cunts. Only one had a thin strip of hair on her cunt the other three had shaved all theirs off.
          Then they swapped partners and it began all over again and just kissed and played with each other tits and cunts. They seemed to know which one like what best. Obviously one loved sucking on her friend’s cunt because she did it to the other girl who had been fingering her friend. They had been doing it before a lot by the look of them.

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By now I was worked up and ready to cum again and I was pumping my cock hard and started to spurt cum all over the place and in my excitement I must have knocked something over because they heard me and one came to the door and opened it and there I was pumping my cock with my hand and spurting cum everywhere.
They let out a yell and seemed to panic but soon realised it was only me and nobody else. Then one said lets get the dirty bastard and they all grabbed me and dragged me to the table. They ripped the rest of my clothes off and one got hold of my cock and balls and began to masturbate me. Then they said lets make him really pay for his perving and one got on the table and sat on my face and covered my face with her cunt juice. She said suck my cunt you bastard and I had to try and do that which I had never done before. She kept telling me to put my tongue in her and lick her clit and I didn’t know where her clit was and she put her hand down and spread cunt open and showed me where her clit was and made me lick her there.   It wasn’t like I expected and it tasted all strange but had no smell other than the smell of soap. She kept moving her cunt all over my face and at the same time telling me to suck her dry. She was doing it for a few minutes then she came and stuff virtually poured out of her and I was swallowing it as fast as it came out of her. It was clear and a bit slimy and they called it cunt juice. While this was happening the other one was wanking me while the other two were pashing and madly fingering each other as they kissed.  
The wanker one then got on top of me and I had to suck on her cunt but I knew more this time and I seemed to be able to make her happy and I found her clit and really sucked and licked that and pretty soon she was cumming and covering my face with her slimy cunt juice. Then she said to the others do you want to have your cunt sucked by him and one said ok and the other one said I will give him a pass on that. Then the one who wanted it got on top of me and did what the other did but this time the first girl actually got on top of me as well and she pushed my cock up her cunt and began to fuck me while I sucked her friend while the two of them kissed and fondled each other tits.

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I was the meat in their sandwich as they were kissing and touching each other tits while she was dripping her cunt juice all over my face and her friend was actually fucking me from on top. The other two were fingering and sucking each other again. They were mad keen sex maniacs. The one fucking me really got worked up and she said she was so close to cumming and I was too and she kept it going really hard and then I shot my hot cum into her and she got wild and had an orgasm at the same time. Then she called me a bastard for filling her up with my cum and then she got over me and made me lick her clean with my cum and her juice and everything in her.
    It was a bit hard to take at first knowing I was swallowing her juice and my cum together. It tasted strange as I had never tasted my cum before. While I was doing that one of the others actually sucked me off and I came again quite quickly and it felt fantastic. She swallowed all my cum. By now my balls were getting really sore from cumming and getting pounded by their fists as they wanked me off. My cock was also quite soft even though I could still cum.
    While I was getting all this done to me I was wondering if I was supposed to be punished for watching them or just a toy for them to use.
    Then one said I am going home I have had it and she headed for the shower and then they grabbed me and forced me into a shower cubicle and made me sit down and turned on the cold water and it was freezing and then they laughed and tormented me. One by one they got into the shower and pissed all over me and tried to get their piss in my mouth. One actually held my mouth open while the other one pissed in it.

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       It tasted terrible. Then they turned the hot on and that nearly scalded me and the stink of the hot water and their piss was horrible. Even they didn’t like it and they stopped. Then they made me get in the shower with each of them and soap them all over and rub them where they wanted me to. My cock was all soft now and they played with it trying to make it hard again but it wouldn’t.
    After I had soaped the 4 of them and they had their shower three of them got into different showers and I had to towel each one dry. They made me really do it hard and made me rub their tits and cunts and finally their hair.
    Afterwards 3 of them left but one called Emma stayed behind and talked to me – she was the nicest of them all really.
    I walked her home and we talked about what happened all the way and I had to admit I liked both watching and doing everything they made me do to them. Emma was the one who had fisted her friend and she told me all about it. They had all had it done to them at some time. We seemed to be getting along fine so I asked her if I could take her out. At first she was reluctant but then agreed. Then she told me she had never been fucked by a boy before and not to expect her to let me do it to her. I hadnt realised she hadnt been one of them on top of me.

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    It was three days later she and I went out and as soon as I picked her up she said I hope you have some condoms as I have decided to let you fuck me and I am not on the pill. I didn’t but we went to a store and got some straight away. She was surprised at the variety available and picked some ribbed ones which were black.
    I had intended to take her to the movies but we both knew that what we wanted could not be done at the movies so we went to a park and found a dark spot and began pashing. She was a fantastic kisser and within five minutes she had my cock in her hand and I was busy fingering her cunt. We didn’t do it long and she got down and had our first fuck together.
    The first time was so quick for both of us, she was having her first fuck by a male. She came just before me and that made me cum faster. I hadn’t realised she didn’t fuck me that night. Then we finished undressing and I got to play and suck her nipples.
    Emma wanted the condom I had cum in and she tied a knot in it and put it in her purse her first trophy she called it. We both had some fun squeezing the cum about inside it. She said it was the first time a boy had cum in her.
    We had tried it in a number of ways like doggy, cowboy and a few others and had a lot of laughs and great fun. We talked about how we liked doing it in the different ways.

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       By the time we had had enough I had used 6 condoms, and she kept them all. That meant I had fucked her 6 times in just over 4 hours. I never thought I had it in me. I was also surprised I was still cumming but possibly not as much, I must have galleons of it in me.
    After that we continued to see each other and have great times and sex together. Her friends gave me a hard time for a while but eventually they accepted the fact Emma and I liked each other and gave up tormenting us. Two even asked if I would like to fuck them again but I was happy with Emma.
    We occasionally talk about that night and how it led to us being such good friends now. I will never forget it either as I was basically raped by 4 girls. Emma still plays basketball with the girls and now I quite often join them after the game.   They are all happy to continue what we started the first night but this time is not as physical or violent. Emma still enjoys her bit of lesbian sex with them and I still like to watch then enjoying their fun. .




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