Back Room Fun


My lovely friend Brunetta had always stirred me that she wanted to be gang banged. She is a stunning long-legged brunette with nice perky breasts. I told her to meet me at the local club. I told her some friends were meeting us there. I told her to dress sexy - short skirt and heels. I knew she would, as she loved to tease other guys and make their wives shitty with her flirting. Without letting her know, I had booked the back room of the club. It was famous for wild parties and buck's night celebrations. The owner pretty much turned a blind eye to what went on in there, as it was separated from the rest of the place by two security doors. When Brunetta arrived, she as shown through to the back room by the bouncer. I'd paid him an extra cash to look after things on the night. For weeks I'd been organising the men. I didn't want anyone that either Brunetta or I knew. I'd posted a few ads on the internet and managed to find twenty blokes that met the criteria. Without going into it in too much detail, they had to be young and clean of disease. Walking through the door and into the back room, Brunetta stopped and looked very surprised and shy.

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   She also looked fucking hot. She didn't know a soul, because I was hidden behind the video camera panel next to the DJ area. She was dressed just as I suspected she would be. Her favourite black and white dress, that came to her knees with the zip from the neck to the lower edge, and black fuck me boots, with “Valerie” stockings. She looked horny as! A young guy walked up and offered his hand. Warily, Brunetta shook it and was lead to the bar. Three other guys joined the group and she was given a drink. Before too long, she was asked for a dance, and was enjoying all the attention. I could see Brunetta was getting horny, because she was winking and smiling at each of the guys as they watched. She'd had three drinks by this time, and I knew she would be feeling very hot. It doesn't take many to get her fired up. Soon she was in a trance, lost in the atmosphere and music. Her short skirt hiked itself up and over her thigh, exposing the cheek of her magnificent tight butt and stocking tops. A young stud on the stool nearby stood up and rubbed her cheek with his hand. Brunetta did not flinch.

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   That’s when I cam out of my hiding place, "Damn honey. . . you are such a slut” “Oh… Jim…”, she spoke sheepishly, she had forgotten that I was meeting her there. I laughed and kissed her, “Enjoying your party?” "Yes, I want you lover, take me now" she begged. "Not so fast baby" spoke a really big guy from the back of the room. "This is OUR night, and you're the entertainment. YOU'LL do what WE say. . got it?" "OOoh, will I really?" answered Brunetta. . . not used to playing second fiddle when it comes to directing sexual activities. The guy didn't even give her an answer. Instead, he walked over to where she was standing between the two guys.

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   He ripped her knickers off in one go and then forced her to her knees. She squealed but about six other guys moved in and positioned her on the floor. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and a strange leather and chain device was placed around her neck, fixing her head at about a 30 degree angle upwards. I had seen this apparatus many times in the Japanese bukkake film, and in fact it was me who had given it to Tom, the big guy. I told him he was to place it in Brunetta before the bukkake fun started. As soon as the apparatus was in place, the guys moved as they had been instructed. Each one removed their clothes and started to play with their cocks. They were in a circle around Brunetta who was forced to suck a cock every time it was placed in front of her face. A huge champagne glass was placed on a coffee table so it sat just below her chin, and a short guy approached her and stuffed his cock into her mouth. He gripped her head by the hair and said, "Suck me you bukkake bitch. " With that, I noticed Brunetta's eyes almost pop out of her head. She must have realised what was happening, and I know she was excited by it. My own cock was about to burst. The first guy took about two minutes of Brunetta 's excellent oral skills before he started to cum.
    He sprayed her gorgeous face and most of his cum dripped of her cheeks, chin and tongue but was caught in the glass.

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       Without blinking, another cock pushed past her lips and made its way down her throat, before he too pumped sperm all over the face and eyes this time. Again the champagne glass caught most of the excess, although Brunetta managed this time to swallow a couple of spurts. The third guy was ready to cum without even being sucked her, and simply stood back and pointed. He was amazing. He didn't even touch his cock, and yet spurt after spurt landed on Brunetta 's lips and tongue. He almost half filled the glass!!For about 45 minutes Brunetta continued to be blasted with hot sticky cum on her pretty face. She was wild and performed amazingly. She screamed out that she needed to cum - and so a short guy stood behind her and finger fucked her pussy while another jumped on the floor and licked her cunt. She didn't last long. She came like a thunderbolt and almost spilled the large glass full of cum that was placed in front of her face! Luckily I managed to scoop it out of the way just as she spasmed on the tongue and fingers of the two guys working her over. At this point I went to Brunetta and released her head from the apparatus. Rubbing her neck, I kissed her and fingered her now very wet cunt. She had seen enough bukkake movies to know what was expected of her. She walked to the edge of the table, and leant backwards, her stunning but cum soaked curves on show for all to see. She raised the glass above her head and then fed the contents of the glass into her mouth.

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       The massive glass of man juice filled her mouth instantly and she gulped down as much as she could. She drank the sperm of the twenty guys until she could drink no more, spilling the rest down her face and onto her tits. She then opened her mouth to show she had swallowed it all, before rubbing her beautiful body with all the sticky goo that had spilt onto her boobs. .