At the Beach


I thought my wild years were over, me being 51, married with two kids. My wife and I have been married twenty years now, and we just sort of gradually slipped into a less than frequent sexual relationship. I am an attorney. For too many years, my work took precedent over my family. I was driven and it paid off handsomely. I became a partner in a large, metropolitan firm by the age of 40. After 8 years as partner, I retired from the firm and moved my family out to the country, where I hung my shingle in private practice. I pretty much have settled into property transfers, wills, etc. It’s nothing like the high-pressure work at the firm, though my business is building well. It still keeps me busy 18 hours a day. We live on a 50 acre farm I bought and have been fixing up. While life is easier in the country, there is much going on in our lives – work, the kids, the farm – so when it comes to bedtime, that’s usually all it is – go to bed and sleep.
We have finally become empty-nesters, our younger child having left for college in August to join her brother. The second week of September, my former firm gave us the use its very nice condo at the shore. This would be our first vacation without the kids since before we were married.
My wife, however, invited her mother and sister along.

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   My wife, by the way, is 43. She has a very nice body in my opinion. A little bit plump with great tits and ass. Her mother is 67 and has kept herself in fantastic shape. She is slim and has some of the nicest tits I had never seen. She’s married, but she and her husband sleep in separate bedrooms – have for years. The sister is about 35 with a killer body. She is newly divorced and not anxious to date.
Begrudgingly I consented to spending my hard-earned two-week vacation with the in-laws. And so we all met up the beach for 18 days of relaxation.
The first two days were fairly uneventful. We’d go down to the beach and lay around in the sun, come back to the condo for lunch, then spend a few more hours at the beach, clean up and go out to dinner.
The third day, the ladies packed some froo-froo drinks into the cooler after lunch. As I sat reading my novel a few feet away I could hear their conversation becoming more animated than usual. While there were few people on the off-season beach, I could hear the girls making comments about some of the younger men passing by.

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By the time they each had two or three drinks in them, their conversation turned to sex. The mom had not had any in probably 18 years, the younger sister in over a year. I started to feel pretty good about myself for having only gone maybe a month without fucking my wife. My wife told her mother and sister about our lackluster sex life, though, in terms that she too would like more sex.
Before the in-laws had been invited along, I had visions of spending considerable vacation time in bed with my wife. To that end, about two weeks before we were to leave, I asked my doctor for a sample package of Viagra during a routine physical – he gave me four packs, three pills in each. I packed them for the trip expecting that the condo would be too full most of the time to use them anyway, but just in case I could get a night or two alone with my wife…
As that third afternoon went on, I heard things come from my mother-in-law’s mouth that I thought I’d never hear. She was talking about “cocks” and “balls” and “blowjobs. ” She can’t hold her liquor very well generally and the combination of the strong rum and sun really had its effect. Of course my wife and her sister were goading her on, giggling away at their mother’s straightforward talk.
We left the beach at about 4 pm and wandered back to the condo. The ladies, thinking they had better get something to eat to soak up the booze, started nibbling on veggies and fruit and cheese. All the while they were sipping white wine and talking a mile a minute.
They sent me to the store to buy more wine. Along the way, I passed a store that had surfcasting equipment on sale.

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   I bought a rod and reel and a rod holder and the guy threw in a bucket of bait. I picked up the wine for the girls and a six-pack of beer for myself.
I returned to the condo and announced that I was going fishing at the beach, showing off my new equipment. They were making comments about how big my rod was, how thick it was. My mother-in-law asked about the other piece I was carrying. I told her it was my rod holder. She said something about holding my rod. I must have blushed six shades. My wife and her sister literally fell off their stools laughing.
I packed my beer in a little cooler, grabbed a beach chair and left with a comment that I was apparently going to have to catch my own dinner.
Fishing wasn’t too good at all, but it was a peaceful way to drink a few beers. I thought, the way my wife was acting and her public mention that she wanted more sex,  that tonight would probably be the night. She seemed pretty uninhibited. I threw my bait into the ocean after about an hour and a half and made my way back to the condo. Of course, the party was still going on.

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   The women all kidded me about where was the dinner I was going to catch. Having the better part of a six-pack in me, I laughed along.
I needed a shower after handling the bait fish and, digging through my toilette kit, found the Viagra. I’ve never taken the stuff before and had no idea how long it took to activate, so I figured I’d take one now – before my shower – and I’d be ready for action in a couple of hours. I went down the hall to the shower and could still hear the ladies carrying on in the kitchen.
The shower felt great and I stayed in there for a good 20 minutes. Now, I’m a light packer and two weeks at the beach requires very few changes of clothes for me. It seems, though, that I had worn everything I brought in the first 3 days and had no clean clothes. I remembered at one point during the afternoon my wife had thrown a load of laundry into the dryer. Problem was, the dryer was off the kitchen and all I had was a flimsy rental property bath towel that barely wrapped around me.
I came into the kitchen amid catcalls and whistles. My mother-in-law shouted, “Take it off!”  My wife sneaked up behind me and gave my towel a yank, leaving me completely naked in front of three drunken women.
I don’t know how I compare realistically to other men. I don’t sneak peeks in the locker room and the guys in pornos are usually freakishly super human. I must say that I am happy with what I have and the women I have been with all seem to have been pleased.

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   I am told that I have somewhat tremendous balls. My wife has even told her girlfriends about them. Once, years ago, I was getting a vasectomy and the doctor commented to his nurse that I was quite well-endowed. So I’ll just go with his professional opinion.
I take pretty good care of myself. I am 6’ 1”, 180 pounds, have a great smile, nice eyes, and most of my hair. I have broad shoulders, pretty good muscle tone and no spare tire. I keep myself well-groomed and trim my pubic area regularly, so I’m not too awful to look at naked.
So here I am, naked with three ‘girls gone wild’ looking at me. My cock and balls were hanging low after the warm shower, and they were about two feet from my mother-in-law’s face. Normally, I think I’d feel humiliated, but I didn’t. In fact, I felt kind of playful.
I bent my knees a bit and gyrated my hips. My cock started into a propeller motion and I yelled out, “Yee-haw!” I inched closer to my shrieking mother-in-law, who was alternately covering her eyes and getting a good look. My wife and her sister were howling, encouraging me to get right in her face with my dick.

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I reached forward with both hands and took my mother-in-law’s head and pulled it closer. My intention was to get her set up in a position that looked like she was blowing me. As I pulled her closer, her mouth opened and her long tongue darted out. I believe that she wanted to suck me off right then and there, but I continued with my plan, changing my hip movement a little to make it appear that I was humping her face. My dick and balls were smacking her under her chin. I was basically dick-slapping my mother-in-law.
After a few moments of this, I stepped back a bit and said. “Do you want to hold my rod now?” referring to her earlier joke.
Without a moment’s hesitation, she reached up with both hands. One hand cupped my balls while the other grabbed firmly around my shaft. I don’t know if it was the Viagra or the situation, but my cock began to stiffen in her hand. I was rock hard in no time.
My wife said, “ Mom, what are you doing!”
“Just playing around,” was her reply. She had a spark in her eye that I had never seen before. She was kneading my swollen cock and roughly squeezing my balls.

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The sister said to my wife, “For a moment there, I thought she was going to put her mouth on his cock. She had it open and her tongue was out. ”
“You want to suck that big cock, Mom?” asked my wife.
“Mmmm,” was her mom’s only reply.
Her sister said, “Oh, my God, this is insane!”
“Ah, let her have her fun,” said my wife.
I was speechless at this point.
“Go ahead, Mom. Let’s see what you’ve got. You’ve been telling us all day about how good you were at giving head back in the day. Go for it. ”
That was all the encouragement she needed. She grabbed my stiff cock and devoured it.
The two sisters gasped and covered their mouths, wanting to look, but turning away at the same time. It must have been to them like watching a train wreck.
By now, I was gaining a little control over the situation.


   I placed my left hand on the back my mother-in-law’s head and guided her into the rhythm that felt best to me.
There were a lot of slurpy, moaning sounds and, God, did it feel great! My mother-in-law was telling the truth when she claimed to give the best head.
My wife sidled up to me and asked, ”So, how is it?”
The lawyer in me replied, ”It’s the best blow job I’ve had all day. ” Not lying, of course.
“Just wait,” was my wife’s counter offer.
With my right hand, I slipped my wife’s terrycloth wrap down past her tits and started massaging them. We engaged in a long, deep, sloppy kiss. Within about a half minute, little sister joined in the act. She came up behind me and started playing with my ass. Next thing I knew, she was down there behind me kissing and licking my ass. She spread my ass cheeks apart and started licking my anus. I looked down at what I could see of her. She was naked. She took my left calf and straddled it so that she could hump it. I almost fell over with sensory overload.

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Meanwhile, my mother-in-law hiked up her own cover-up and started fingering herself with her free hand. She was really turning herself on, moaning and grunting. The result was a more aggressive blow job for me. At this point, little sister was tugging at my balls while poking her finger up my saliva-coated asshole.
I’d like to say that this went on all night, but the truth of the matter is that I just exploded. I tried to warn my mother-in-law that I was coming, but she just kept on face fucking me. It seemed like a gallon of semen came out of me in that instant, and she swallowed every drop. My knees went weak and I collapsed onto a couch a few feet away.
Little sister came over and continued to hump my leg, my shin this time. I had never seen her naked  before. She had a glorious body, firm tits, skinny waist, shaved pussy. She also had a look of determination in her eyes. She was going to come no matter what. She just kept humping and humping my shinbone. She lifted my limp cock and started playing with it and, much to my surprise, it started to react.

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   I was getting hard again. I started to play with her tits, tweaking her nipples. She bit her lower lip and humped harder and faster. I looked up and saw that my wife and mother-in-law had stripped naked as well. They both came over to the couch and kneeled facing me, one on each side, and put their tits in my face. I put a hand between the legs of each of them and started fingering them as I sucked their offered nipples alternately.
My wife reached behind her and pushed her sister’s head into my lap. Little sister started sucking my cock like mad. It felt great. She was getting off, the humping became sporadic. Suddenly, she lifted her mouth off my cock, her eyes rolled back, her body shuddered a few times, then she went limp. I could feel the wetness on my leg as she slid to the floor panting.

    My wife threw her leg over and straddled my hard cock; I slipped into her moist pussy with ease. I was still fingering her mom as she pounded my shaft. Her mom and I were kissing heavily.


       She had the longest, most exciting tongue I have ever had in my mouth.
    After about two minutes of this, my wife started coming. Her mother disengaged her mouth from mine and started to suck my wife’s right nipple, sending her over the top. She pumped three or four more times then stiffened up with a loud moan. She fell into me and I could feel her pussy twitch against my still-hard cock. She rolled off to the side and my cock popped out of her.
    In no time at all, my mother-in-law was on top of me and had me inside her. This was the only pussy besides my wife’s that I had been in for over 20 years. She was surprisingly tighter than my wife, but then I guess she hadn’t been fucked in many years. I held onto her hips and just looked her in the eyes as she bounced up and down on my cock. There was an intensity there. Like her younger daughter, mom was going at it like it was her last chance in life.
    She started saying, “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy hard!” I obliged. I rolled her over onto the couch and lifted her knees up to her chest.

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       I pounded her for all I was worth. She clawed my shoulders with her fingernails asking for more. I thought I was going to hurt her, but gave her what she wanted. Her fingernails drove deep into my shoulders, then she started coming like there was no tomorrow. She was a screamer, just as I had imagined. I just kept hitting her hard and deep, building up speed. Finally, she let out one long scream, then fell silent. Somewhere in the midst of this action, I managed to come again and collapsed on top of her. She kissed me gently by my ear and ran her fingers through my hair as I lay there exhausted.
    When I finally regained enough energy to sit up, I just slouched back on the couch, limp-dicked, and said, “Wow. ” I felt that we needed to all talk about what had just happened, but my wife, sensing this, just put her finger to my mouth in a hushing fashion. Apparently, talking would ruin the moment and, if I was reading her correctly, she was up for more moments like the one we had just experienced.
    Little sister had revived enough to open another bottle of wine and brought four glasses over to the couch. She raised her glass and said. “What goes on at the beach, stays at the beach.

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      ” We all clinked glasses and sealed the deal.
    The rest of the vacation, we all were quite naked whenever we were in the condo. The women, bless their horny little hearts, were like slaves to me. I hardly had to lift a finger. In the mornings, before heading to the beach, they would slather me with SPF – literally all over my body, usually paying special attention to my cock. At lunchtime, we’d all come back up to the condo and strip off our bathing suits. I would get fucked or sucked by one of the women while the other two fixed me a sandwich and poured me a beer.
    One day, my sister-in-law was leaning forward on the bar that separated the kitchen from the living area. She was naked, of course, talking with my wife and her mother as they prepared a meal. I walked up behind her and started grinding my semi-erect cock into her beautiful ass crack. She started grinding back. My cock got fully hard. She bent over one of the stools at the bar and told me to do her in the ass.
    Now this is something I have tried with my wife occasionally, but it never worked out – too painful to her. So I pretty much took it off my list of things to try.

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       But now I was presented with this gorgeous ass, being asked to fuck it.
    There was some butter that had been left out since breakfast. I scooped some up with my fingers and started to work it into her asshole. I pushed my index finger into her up to the second knuckle and moved it in and out a few times. I smeared some butter on the end of my raging cock and positioned it at her pert little hole. Then I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled myself into her in one smooth motion. She let out a little whimper. It was tight as could be, but once in there, I pounded her ass for about 5 minutes before I came. It was really odd, because as I was fucking her, my wife and her mother were asking me if I wanted mayo on my turkey sandwich.
    At night, after dinner and a few drinks – and a Viagra for me - we’d lie around on the living room floor. We actually brought all the mattresses from the bedrooms and made one huge bed taking up most of the floor. We’d turn off  the lights, so it was pitch black, and go at it. Sometimes I didn’t know who was sucking me off or whom I was fucking. The women also discovered each other and when my cock wasn’t free; they would often lick and finger each other pussies.
    I ended up fucking all three of the women in the ass.

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       My wife, not to be outdone by her sister, offered up her ass to me one night. In the master bath of the condo was a good-sized Jacuzzi. We could all fit in it – tightly. We were all splashing around having a wonderful time, soaping each other up. My mother-in-law and little sister were scrubbing my back with their tits, while my wife was tending to my cock and balls. I had an erection in no time. My wife grabbed the soap and lathered up her butt crack. She turned around and squatted on my cock, impaling herself. She loved the sensation and now wants it almost as much as pussy fucking.
    My mother-in-law screamed so loudly when I did her up the ass that we thought the neighbors might call the police. We were on the living room mattresses and her daughters talked her into it. They told her how it felt so different from regular sex, so good, so bad. They teased her that they had done something that she hadn’t. Dared her. Called her a virgin.

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      . They kind of worked her up into a frenzy, plying her with booze, massaging her with moisturizer, delicately probing her anus. Finally, she got up on her elbows and knees and presented her puckered hole to me. Little sister guided me into the docking position, telling me to go gently. She put moisturizer on my cock and I pushed slowly until the head disappeared into her sphincter. Little sister coached her mom, telling her to relax but push back. I got about two inches into her when she started screaming. My wife quieted her by pulling her mother’s face into her pussy. Then I rammed it home and got about thirty good pumps into her before I lost my load. Afterward, she said that it was “interesting,” but she still preferred the vaginal approach.
    The vacation I had been dreading came to an end all too early. I hated to leave. I had a new-found appreciation for my in-laws, and they for me. And though we made a compact that what happens at the beach stays at the beach, it seems that it might all follow me home. My wife and I live on an old farm - 50 acres of rolling land, far off the beaten track.

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       Besides our house, there are two nice-sized cottages on the property. My sister-in-law’s divorce is finalized and she is selling her house. My wife has offered the use of one of our cottages until she can get on her feet. My mother-in-law, who lives just in the next town over, has filed for divorce from her miserable husband and may be taking the other cottage