Art Class


Art Class
Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Josh.   I’m 33 years old and reasonably fit, not some muscle beach god but not a slob either.   I’ve been married to my wife Jackie, who is also 33, for five years, she’s a petite blonde with a 34 C, 24, 35 figure, a firm butt and legs to die for, she turns heads wherever we are.  We have what can only be described as an average sex life, nothing too adventurous but no boring either.   On to my story.
A few months ago Jackie declared that she wanted to take up art as a hobby and was going to go to some evening classes with a friend of hers, Fiona, from work.   Now Fiona is a bit of an opposite to my wife in the looks department.   She can only be described as what you would call generously proportioned.   Her tits must have been every inch of 44 DD and she is at least 3 or 4 dress sizes larger than my wife – but I’d always tried to picture her naked.   So they were going to go to these classes every Wednesday night.   That meant that I’d have time alone to do the kind of things us guys do when we’re alone – that’s right, surf the net, look at porn and jack off.   So that is how our weeks progressed, they’d do their art stuff and I’d wank myself off two or three times looking at porn – any porn, I’m not fussy, everything turns me on and nothing is taboo.
One Wednesday night they both came back to our house looking less than happy.   When I asked them what was wrong they told me that they were going to be doing life drawing the next week but the model had cancelled so the classes may also be cancelled.   Their class was a private one and there were only the two of them, one other woman, in her 50s, the teacher and three guys so they could not really afford to pay another model.   “So what will you do?” I asked them.

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“Well, Graeme, one of the guys suggested that we all take it in turns to be the model. ” replied Fiona.
“But I didn’t know how you’d react,” said my wife.
“Well I don’t know,” I replied, “I guess it’s up to you. ”
“You mean you wouldn’t mind?”
“Hey it’s your choice,” I said
This seemed to cheer them up and no more was said about it.
Another week passed and when they came back from their class they were like two shy schoolgirls.   “What’s up with you two?” I enquired.
“Oh nothing much” they both giggled.   “You know how we were going to take it in turns to be models and since Graeme suggested it we made him go first?” continued my wife.
“Well he was, you know, “ Fiona carried on, her eyes wide like saucers.   She looked downward and held her hands out in front of her and about a foot apart, “he was massive, down there.   Like a horse. ”
They both giggled again, “yeah we had to use the biggest sheets of paper to get him all in” laughed my wife.
This happened every week, they would come home and describe in detail the member of the group who had been the model, until the last two weeks when it had been their turns – they said that there was nothing to tell.
“However,” said my wife, “we could do with some new models, now that we done all of ourselves.

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“Yeah,  every member has been well used. ” Said Fiona, with a furtive glance at Jackie.
“I don’t suppose, darling, that you’d pose for us?” my wife asked looking at me.
“Now way!”
“Oh go on it might be fun.   Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?”
How could I resist so I said I’d give it a go.
As the week passed I wondered what I’d let myself be talked into.   But I kept telling myself it was only art and there was no need to be worried about it.
So at last it was Wednesday night.   I could not make it for the start of the class but my wife said that was okay, they would just start with one of the members and then change when I got there.   The class was being held in the tutor’s own house.   I knocked on the door and waited.   Before long a guy in his mid to late 40s opened the door.
“Hi, I’m Graeme, you must be Josh, please come in”
I followed him through the house to a large room at the rear, where the classes where taking place.   When I got in I could see an woman in her 50s sat in the centre of the room, totally naked and everyone else was drawing or painting.   My wife and Fiona gave me a little wave.

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Another woman came over to me, “Hi, I’m Margot, the tutor.   I’m so glad you’ve offered to help us, we needed an extra man, these three are getting so tired at being used all the time.   We were just about to change the pose so if you’d be a love and just go behind the screen and strip off.   The out you come. ”
I was lightly in a daze so I simply did as I was told and within a minute reappeared from behind the screen naked.   I had expected the other model to be gone but she was still there, now lying on a make-shift bed.   I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.   Margot took me by the hand and lead me to the bed, here eyes looking me up and down.
“For this pose we thought we’d have two models,.   So Jean if you stand up dear and let Josh lie on the bed, on his back.   Then kind of lean over him with your head near his hips. ”
I realised that Jean, the 50+ woman was going to be staring at my cock with her face only inches away from it.   I was starting to get turned on and prayed that my cock would behave, that last thing I wanted to do was get a hard-on with my wife and her friend watching.
The way I was lying meant that I could not see much of the class except for one of the guys and Fiona but I had a great view of Jean’s tits swinging down in front of me and her shaved pussy.
Then I heard another voice, one of the other men, “Margot, do you think we could have a bit more action?”
“Yes, of course dear,” came the reply.

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    “Now josh I don’t want you to worry about what happens, we’ve all done the same things in here for the good of the class.   Jean you know what to do. ”
Before I could wonder what she meant I felt a hand on my cock and then a warm, wet mouth wrapped round it.   I looked down and saw Jean sucking my cock deep down her throat.   My god, my wife was watching this, but didn’t Margot say they’ve all done this?  Did that mean that my beautiful wife had been sucking someone off in art class?  Strangely the thought of that turned me on even more.   My cock grew hard in Jean’s mouth.   I could hear groans coming from the rest of the class and I turned my head to see what was happening.   Graeme had stripped off and was pulling on the largest cock I’d ever seen whilst Margot was caressing his ass.   I looked round to see where Jackie was and at first I could not see her then I saw her.   She was standing watching me getting sucked off while someone was rubbing her tits from behind.   All I could see was the shape of two hands inside her top, then one of them moved down to between her legs and I realised the hands belonged to Fiona.   My wife was being groped by her friend.   That just left the other two guys, one was moving in on Fiona and the other was nowhere to be seen.   Then he appeared, naked with a huge hard-on just next to me.   He started to rub Jean’s tits then moved her away from me.

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    He reached out with one hand and took hold of my hard cock.   I didn’t know what to do, I had never been touched by another man, but it was kind of nice.   I looked at Jackie and she shouted out for him to suck my cock, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my wife wanted another man to suck my cock.   He bent down and took all of my hard member into his warm mouth and started to give me a blow job like none I’ve ever had before.
As I looked over at Jackie she was now naked and holding the other guy’s cock which she was guiding into Fiona’s waiting pussy.   As she was doing this Graeme was rubbing his hard cock up and down the crack of her ass  She reached back with her free hand and pulled his rock hard dick towards her pussy.   As he started to enter her I could hold on no longer and shot my hot cum into the mouth of the guy sucking me.   My eyes closed in shear delight and I felt his mouth slip from my dick.   Next thing I could feel a pair of lips on mine.   Instinctively, without opening my eyes I parted my lips to accept the kiss, what I got was a mouth full of my own cum.   I was so turned on, nothing was going to stop me.   I continued with the deep kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, swapping my cum back and forward.   I think I knew what was coming next before it happened, his tongue was soon replaced by his cock, which I hungrily  sucked on.   I rubbed his balls and probed his ass with my finger.   I could hear Jackie screaming out as Greame gave her orgasm after orgasm.

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    I sucked even harder at the thought of some strange guy fucking my wife until the cock in my mouth erupted, filling my throat with sticky cum.   I swallowed every drop.
I got up from the bed and went over to Jackie, I wanted to screw my wife but she just looked at me and told me to fuck off and screw someone else as she was having too much fun.   Okay.   I grabbed Fiona.   Just looking at her massive tits had me hard again.   She looked at me with a grin and grabbed my cock.   She lead me to the bed and whispered in my ear “ass”.   She got down on all fours with her big round ass facing me.   I didn’t need to be told twice.   I rubbed her soaking wet pussy and spread her juice all over her ass hole.   I got between her legs and nudged the head of my cock against her puckered hole.   She was resting her head on the bed and was frantically rubbing her clit with one hand.   I pushed forward, there was a slight resistance and then with a plop my cock entered her ass.   I started pumping in and out, leaning forward and grabbing handfuls of her tits.

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    I pumped harder and harder then I felt a hand on my balls.   I looked and there was Jackie behind me with a well fucked look on her face.  She was helping me to fuck her friend’s ass.   Then she got down beneath Fiona and started to lick her pussy while I fucked her ass.   Every so often she would lick my cock as it went in and out of  Fiona’s ass hole.   Needless to say, I didn’t last long and with a grunt and a thrust I shot my cum up inside Fiona’s ass.   As my cock slipped out my wife took it in her mouth cleaning all the spunk off it and then she proceeded to lap the cum from Fiona’s ass.
Everyone was just about done by now and we all made moves to leave.   Not bothering with underwear we left.   Jackie and Fiona got in the back of our car and told me to head back to our house as Fiona was staying the night.   As I was driving I kept stealing glances in the back seat to find the two of them either kissing or sucking each other’s tits.
What happened when we got home is another story.
Hope you like this.   Please leave comments.   And feel free to email me to let me know what you did when you read this story and send pictures if you have any as I love to see the effects I have on people, men and women.

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