A Walk in the Park


I love to go to the state park near us this time of year. It is still deserted mostly and I like to find a place that is deserted and sun at least partially naked. I wear sun dresses with the thin straps and no bra but bikini of thong panties and take a blanket with me. I took some bottled water and a blanket in a shoulder bag and set out to find some privacy, not that I mind showing off but it was a nice day and I just thought I would take it easy and relax by myself.
I walked along my favorite path and was heading to a good spot I knew but passed 5 guys and 2 girls along the way. They all said hello and were obviously looking at my dark nipples through the thin sun dress which made them hard. I tried to suppress the result but they just stood out there all on their own. Smiles were on their faces as we parted and I walked on as their voices faded into the distance and my nipples calmed down.
I turned off the path and walked to a nice little clearing that was hiddne from the eyes of any path or other clearings. I spread the blanket out and took out my bottled water and dropped the dress to the blanket and stood there in the sun in my thong examining myself and thinking how much I needed a tan. I sat down and carressed my breasts and again the nipples came to life and I felt the familiar tingle between my legs. "Oh hell," I thought to myself and reached into the bag and brought out my dildo and my silver bullit, "I need to really relax. " I moved my thong to the side and began moving the bullit over the lips then the juices began almost dripping onto the blanket. It slipped inside the lips to my clit then the clit swelled and came out of the hiding place and became so sensative that little shocks went through my body. I moaned and laid back spreading my legs and made sure the bullit hit all my magic spots.
I reached for the dildo to my side where I had laid it as I had began and it was not there.

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   I opened my eyes and one of the girls had it and she was looking down at me, "This what you are looking for?" "Yes, it is. " I said and reached for it. "Let me. " she said and she turned it on and touched my nipples with it, slowly circiling first one then the other then own my tummy and between my pussy lips. She then made sure it was wet and slipped it up to my nipples again making me moan softley. "Oh please, don't tease me. " I said and now she sat up and took off her blouse and bra. She was maybe a 34A, very small and firm. She was athletic and firm all over. "I love women with big tits. " she said and she began moving the dildo around my body, just touching a nipple and my clit just enough to make them want more. Suddenly it plunged all the way into my pussy making me cry out and grab her in my arms pulling her to me. "Please, please do it, stop teasing me. " I begged and she kissed me deeply. There was about and inch in me and she had to vibration all the way up.

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   She moved it around making my hips move with it. Suddenly it plunged in me and she was now fucking me fast and very hard with it, deep and so hard it hurt. "Take it big tittied slut, take it all. " she was mocking me as she plunged it in and out. I was grabbing her to me and she kept pulling away, I wanted her body against me and she would not let me hold her. An orgasm shook all of my body and I sprayed all over her hand. "Oh my god, you are a slut aren't you. " she laughed. "Well, time for me to relieve myself. " she said taking off her shorts and moving over my face standing up now. I was waiting for her to squat down and let me eat her as she ate me but even though she was now inches from my mouth with her pussy, I did not get to eat her pussy.
"Ready slut?" she said, "Now I will relieve myself, I gotta piss bad. " she was laughing and a stream of piss began spraying all over my face and in my mouth. At first I was having trouble but as soon as I caught up I was taking it into my mouth and swallowing as much as I could. Another orgasm shook my body and she finished as I was recovering.

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   "Okay guys, she is ready, come and get it. " she laughed and the others came into my view, all naked and the guys hard as rocks. I started to get up and cover myself, I decided to make them think I didn't want to have them all. One guys pushed me down and grabbed my tits hard. "Nice jugs lady, really nice big ones. " he said pulling them nipples and then sucking them. Another hand grabbed one of my tits and began twisting the nipple making me cry out in pain. "Let me at the bitch. " a female voice almost screamed. One of the other girls was naked and she sat on me and began slapping my face, first one side then the other. "You fucking bitch, you steal all the men. You show off the big tits and I can't get a fuck. " she was screaming and slapping me. "Slap her tits, slap them hard, make her hurt. " the first girl said and her attention went from my face to my tits.

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   I cried out in pain and yet my pussy was soaking wet even more than before. She kept slapping my tits and then she was on my face pissing like the first girl had. I almost chocked and then she was finished.
"Here you go lady, have a cock. " a guy said and now a cock was in my mouth. I sucked it down and my pussy was raging for attention. "Please, someone fuck my pussy. " I begged. "Damn, she is a slut, here it comes lady. " a man said and I was being fucked. My pussy had three orgasms before he filled me with his cum and the one in my mouth did the same. All of them gave me either a fucking or they made me hurt by slapping my tits, twisting my nipples and pullting them or spanking me hard. One took my ass a couple times and so I was having every part satisified. "Well everyone, all you ready to go?" one male voice said. "Yeh, we are ready.

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  " a girl said and they all moved away. Suddenly I was lifted and the blanket was laid between some trees near the path. I was carried and the blanket spread out and my hands were out to each side and my legs spread apart. I was tied spread out like this totally exposed. "No, wait, please don't leave me like this. " I begged them. "Don't worry lady, there are other people in the park, someone will find you and set you free, or just fuck you. " They left me there and I was afraid that maybe no one would find me and an animal would. Being helpess I would be at the mercy of anything that came along.
A while passed and I heard voices, all male it seemed but I had to cry out. They were not on the same path so I yelled, "Someone help me, please help me. " I did a few times and the voices got closer, "Hold on lady, we are on the way. " I was not sure if I was glad or not but they got closer and soon I heard them, "Damn man, chek her out. " "Yeh, fuck, check out the tits. " "Shit man, she is tied all spread out.

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  " The 4 guys were there, all staring at me, thinking if they should set me free or just take advantage of me. I acted quickly, "Please let me go, if you do I will do anything you want me to. " I begged crying real tears. "I will do anything all of you want me to do" I repeated. "Hey, well, if she doesn't we can always tie her back up and leave her. " I was untied and I laid down and reached out for the first one and took his hard cock in my hands. I felt him through his pants and took it out then began sucking him slowly, now geting hot again. The other guys were all watching and I moved so they could see that I was willing to take care of them. I took the cock out of my mouth and moaned loud and said, "Who wants my ass or pussy?" Soon I was filled and a man was in my pussy pumping hard and deep making me really hot and another orgasm sprayed his balls. For aver an hour they all took me in every way possible.
"Well lady, we will let you go but who did this to you?" one said. "Some kids found me sunning naked and then they tied me down after they all had me. " I said. "Will you guys all do me a favor?" I asked still kneeling on the blanket. "Sure lady, what is it.

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  " one asked me. "Well, if you all can, jack off and cum in my face all at one time. " "Okay lady, good for al of us. " they said and began massaging their hard cocks again. I massaged my tits and all over my body as they jacked off and then almost all at the same time they creamed on my face and in my mouth. I would not have thought they had that much left but they did and I soaked the blanket usder me as they shot on my body. "Thanks lady," the ysaid. "Well, one more request guys. " "Damn lady, we are all about done. " "Well, does anyone have to piss?" I asked them sitting down. "Well, yeh, I guess so. " said one. "Anyone ele?" I said smiling. "So what is it lady?" one said. "Piss in me and on me.

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  " I said and took a limp cock in my hands. They all stood closer and held semi hard cocks towards me and soon one began a golden stream all over my chest. "Ohe yes, oh yeh" I began fingering my pussy. "Oh yes, yeh, piss on me. " I said. Another began and I felt the hot stream of piss on my faceand turned to catch it in my mouth. I got on my hands and knees and said, "anyone wanna do it in my ass?" One managed to slip into me and his flow began inside my ass, filling it and flowing out onto the blanket. He finished and I asked for one in my pussy, another slipped in and after a second filled it with piss. I was having orgasm after orgasm while being abused so much. Finally, they had finished and I got up and left the blanket and taking my dress walked from them with them behind me to my car. I was naked and got in and drove home and went inside and showered. Steve came in and looked at me, "So, someone was well laid today I see. " he said. "Well laid, pissed, fucked and abused. " I told him.

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   He pulled out a hard cock and I made love to it. "Well, maybe later we can go out and get you really fucked," he said. "If you wanna" I said We kissed and ate dinner.



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