A Trip to the Doctor's Office


“See, I think you are attractive too,” she said. With that David’s eyes got big as he came to the conclusion that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary trip to the doctors. Nurse Veronika maintained a look of professionalism as she took a hold of David’s still fully erect cock and asked him to cough. He smiled for a second, coughed, and took her hand and guided it up and down his hard 8” shaft. She looked at him and took his hand and guided it back up her skirt. “There are better things you can do with your hand that show me what to do. I am the professional. ” She said jokingly while winking at him. He sat there, in awe, “I am swirling my fingers around the hot sticky pussy of a nurse!”, he thought. “Please, please can I do more to you?” he said. With that she noticed the pre-cum building at the head of his cock. “Oh, well I see that looks like it will function correctly”, she said while licking the pre cum off the tip of his shaft. With that David couldn’t resist anymore. All of his manly urges had been building up inside of him. He grabbed her and practically threw her on the examining table. The sounds of the examination paper crinkling and heavy breathing echoed the room.

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   He grabbed her blouse and opened it to reveal that she had been wearing no bra. Did she come to work expecting this? Oh he didn’t care her beautiful 34D breast shone at him and her large nipples pertruded out at him with such force. He placed his head down and started to sick and nibble on them vigorously. As he was sucking on her nipples he hiked up her skirt to reveal a beautiful fully shaved pussy, gleaming with her sweet wet juices. He began to kiss down her stomach as she ever so lightly moaned. He with her feet now in the examination stirrups he just looked at her pussy. It was so red and wet. He could tell it was just aching. Just then, he buried his head into her aching cunt. Flickering his tongue over her red and swollen clit while fingering her insides in a fast circular motion. He could smell her juices on his fingers as he maneuvered them in and out of her tight thin body. A small shutter came over her body as she cummed. As she had her first orgasm of the night she moaned loudly with excitement as she arched her back on the table. He pulled out his fingers and began to probe her insides with his tongue. She didn’t seem to like it as much as the clit tonguing but he just had to taste her sweet juices.

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   “FUCK ME< FUCK ME…” she shouted. Just then the door swung open and in came in a tall attractive man in his mid-30s. “Doctor Stevenson!!!”, she screamed while a scared look came over her face. “What is going on in here!!”, he said in a rather calm voice. Still lying on the examination bed soaking wet from her own cum she said,”I amso sorry Doctor. I realize this isn’t professional. I-I-I don’t know what to say. I guess things just got way to out of hand. ” The Doctor smiled and said, “No, actually if you can keep a secret I have been imagining what you looked like naked for quite sometime now. And I’ll tell you what. If I can join in, no one has to find out. ”Veronika looked down at the bulge in the doctor’s pants and could tell this was going to fulfill the biggest fantasy of her life. Everywoman’s fantasy is two men in her and today she was going to get it. “Oh yes Doctor, I want you to fuck me too,” she said. David, still standing there in awe of what was going on couldn’t help it anymore.

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   He grabbed his finger and stuck it in his mouth to get it wet then jabbed it into her to loosen up what was going to be his territory. He probed her for a while longer as the doctor quickly dropped his pants and took off his shirt. David then jabbed his 8” cock deep into her pussy unexpectedly and gave Veronika a quick shutter. “OH MY GOD that feels so good!”, Veronika screamed. Just then the Doctor walked over and Veronika looked at him. His dick was a little smaller than David’s so when she started to suck on it she deep throated with ease. David began pumping in and out of her vigorously trying hard not to cum too early. After all he didn’t want to spoil this new found party. Veronika sucked hard on the Doctor forcing him to pull out of her mouth before he could cum. “Please Veronika I need to fuck you”, the Doctor shouted. David gave a territorial look to the Doctor as Veronika said, “Its always been a fantasy of mine to have two men in me. ” In less than a second David was on his back on the examination bed and Veronika was mounted on top of him as David held her hips and pumped up and down. Using the cum seeping out of Veronikas newly stretched pussy the Doctor maneuvered the wetness to Veronika’s puckered asshole. After getting it all nice and wet the Doctor slowly pushed the head of his cock inside of her. A look of pain came across Veronika’s face.

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   The head is the biggest part and the pain made her grip the side of the bed. “OH FUCK< OH SHIT…. . MY…. HOLY…. YOUR SOOO FUCKING TIGHT!!”, the Doctor moaned. Veronika squeezed all of her openings to better pleasure her men. The feeling of David’s cock pounding inside of her made her pussy hole feel full. While having the doctor’s cock in her ass it was like you could feel every movement he made inside of her. Just then she got a roll of heat over her body, she knew her eyes were open but all she could see was black. Her body gave a quick shutter as all her muscles tightened and released. She could feel the paper on the examination bed begin to moisten. Just then David and the Doctor, practically at the same time felt that same wave of heat as they filled both her holes full of the hot seminal fluid. They all kinda collapsed on eachother in a fit of passion. A couple moments later they put their clothes back on, the doctor left the room and Veronika turned to David and said, “Well, it looks to me your in good physical health.

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   When should we schedule your next appointment?”The End.



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