A Career Choice: Part Two


Agios watched with a soft smile as Cassie's eyes widened when he fed her his cock. Her long slender fingers dug into the fabric of the couch and the thick flesh of him muffled a cry of protest. He pulled her head up and spoke to her.
"Come on, Cassie," he said, "you promised to do what we asked. Be a good girl and we'll treat you nicely. "
He traced a finger lightly over her cheek and Cassie's eyes flicked over to the other side of the couch where Kramer had sat down. No doubt she was remembering the vicious spanking he'd just given her. Sawyer was off on the other side of the office, pouring himself a drink from the decanter on the side and looking relaxed as usual. Waiting his turn. After a few moments she seemed to reach a decision.
With a long, slow sweep of her lashes she leaned forward and flicked out her tongue, licking the end of his cock lightly. Tiny shocks shot through him and he dug his fingers into her hair exerting gentle pressure on the back of her head. She resisted the pressure and gave a soft sigh as she reached up with one hand to his cock. He noticed her reach down with her other hand to her crotch and begin to masturbate. He watched her intently as she brought her hand up again and ran it over his cock, coating it with her juice. Using this moisture she stroked her hands up and down his cock, holding it firmly and paying attention to the end as she massaged.

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She stopped and moved her head forward, pressing the head of his cock against her face. He watched her, lips slightly parted, as she stroked it across her cheeks and eyes and mouth until she brought the head to her lips and parted them slightly, her tongue flickering out and licking the very, very tip of his head.
She opened her mouth and took him in--only the head at first--and she sucked gently. Then she ran her tongue over the head and around the rim, flicking her tongue over the underside of his cock before she pushed him deep into her mouth and sucked him firmly with long slow strokes.
Her mouth was warm, soft and moist. Sucking, pulling, stroking, licking. He stopped thinking. She pulled her head back and forth taking him in long deep slides of her hot mouth and stroking his cock with her hand as she did so.
She pulled back until he almost fell from her mouth and flicked her finger over the end of his cock firmly before taking him deep inside her again. The pressure and the pleasure and the moisture and the warmth began to intensify until he felt himself shuddering. He clamped his hand on the back of her head and forced her onto him and she sucked quicker and harder and deeper until it all became too much, too sensitive and too far. He didn't want to come in her mouth. Not yet anyway.
He pushed her away from him and pressed his fingers to his cock, applying pressure that took away the burning need. He grinned at her with one raised eyebrow.

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Before he could do anything else, Sawyer walked over from the other side of the room, glass in hand, and grabbed her by the hair. He pulled her to her feet as she twisted in his grip, gasping in pain but no longer crying out. Agios guessed she'd figured out that was pretty futile by now.
Cassie curled up on the couch by instinct and looked up at Sawyer as he stood over her. He drained his glass and set it down on a nearby table, then he nodded down to the two men as he loosened his tie and began to undo his shirt.
Seeming to understand some routine, the two men twisted towards Cassie as she cowered on the couch. She'd wrapped her arms around herself and tried to cover her breasts and pussy; she didn't know why she was bothering, but she felt so exposed here, surrounded as she was. Kramer seemed amused at this show of modesty and she could tell that he took pleasure in pinning her arms back exposing her body.
Each of the two men pinned back an arm and took hold of a leg, grasping under the knee. They pulled her legs open--exposing her pussy--and up so that she was spread-eagled on the couch; her ass and pussy slightly over the edge of the seat.
Sawyer--now naked--knelt down between her legs and swept his gaze over her body. He did not meet Cassie's eyes once, even when he leaned forward and kiss her hard on the mouth. She felt his cock pressing against her pussy as he leaned over her. His hands cupped her chin and his lips mashing against hers. He moved his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock along her slit and smearing his length with her juices.

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His hands wandered over her body. They probed her neck and her arms before wandering lightly over her waist, sending tingles of pleasure up and down her body. Cassie tried to squirm but found she could move only her hips, which rubbed her pussy against Sawyer's cock even more. Cassie mewed at the sensation and felt her face burn with embarrassment.
Sawyer pulled away from her and cupped her small breasts with his hands. He stroked them softly and rolled the bullet-hard nipples between his fingers causing sensations of succulent pain that rippled through Cassie like electricity. At length, with one last pinch of the flesh, Sawyer left her nipples and sat back on his heels, now kneeling squarely between her legs.
Cassie found that she missed the warm and solid feeling of Sawyer's cock resting against her pussy. She watched his face--a mask of lust and concentration--as he stroked her inner thighs for a moment before parting her pussy lips with his fingers and inspecting her vagina.
Inspecting was the right word. He pulled on her labia and probed fleshy folds, sopping with juice, before he pushed his finger into her pussy. Cassie couldn't help but clench on his fingers as he stroked her insides. With his other hand he stroke her outer pussy lips with the tip of his finger pausing only to tug sharply on the tiny curls of hair in a little triangle over her pubic bone.
She felt him pull his fingers from her pussy and he slid them down to the crack of her ass. He nodded to the other two men to pull her legs up higher, exposing her asshole, and Cassie realised what he wanted to do.

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She was no virgin, obviously, but this she'd never agreed to with any of her boyfriends no matter how often they'd asked. It was wrong. It was dirty. It would hurt! She felt him press his finger against her puckered opening and she began to try and struggle. This was too far. She hadn't agreed to this.
The grip on her arms tightened and she was pressed hard back into the couch, both men pulled her arms behind them and pinned her down with their shoulders. Sawyer looked up and a flash of anger passed over his face. The other two grinned at each other and leaned forward, bringing their mouths to her breasts. Agios gently licked her nipple, flicking it with his tongue sending sensations through her body that seemed hardwired to her pussy. Moments later she felt Kramer's teeth pinch at her other nipple. He nibbled firmly on it a few times before biting her hard. She stopped at looked up with a grin, enjoying the little cry of pain she gave.
Still trying to squirm from their grip and breathing heavily at the pain in her nipple, Cassie felt Sawyer's fingers enter her asshole and she gasped. It felt…felt…amazing.

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   She ceased struggling and held herself perfectly still so that she could concentrate on the intense sensations she felt. Sawyer had pushed his finger deep inside of her and was exerting pressure gently against the walls of her anus. She gave a little 'ohhh' of pleasure as, with his other hand; he stroked his finger lightly over her clit--the first time he had touched it.
With all these fingers and tongues now abusing Cassie's tiny body her breath grew shallow and her skin prickled. A warm, urgent, sensation began to build in her belly and she began to squirm happily now. She panted in little breaths as the three men twisted, stoked, rubbed and licked all of the most intimate parts of Cassie. The intense sensation growing in her crotch began to flow through her and she closed her eyes, biting down hard on her bottom lip as she moaned in pleasure.
On the edge, the very point at which Cassie felt she would lose all sense of control and reason, the fingers left her. She eyes snapped open and she gave an involuntary cry of protest, so contrary to her last one.
Hands grabbed her body, now racked with pent up sexual frustration, and she was pulled so that she sat on Agios's lap. She felt his erection pressing against her asshole and wondered how it would feel inside it. She sighed at the memory of her first fingering only a few minutes ago. Then she remembered the girth of the man's cock.
Sawyer reached under her and pulled apart her ass cheeks. She felt Agios also reach down and manoeuvre his cock so that the tip of it rested against her entrance.

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   She tensed.
"Shhhh. " She heard a whisper in her ear. "Relax and you'll be fine. I promise. "
Cassie nodded but she could not relax. The cock was pushed into her, just a little way, and Cassie felt that same shock of pleasure she had from Sawyer's finger. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.
It pushed a little further--aided by the pussy juice that had run down her crack--and Cassie felt its solidity, its thickness, begin to fill her. It hurt. The further it entered the more she felt that she was being split apart. She tensed again, her anus clenching on the cock inside it. She cried out as the dull stretching pain she'd felt spasmed into agony, which radiated through her body.
"Shhh. " a hand stroked her hair.

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   "You're doing just fine. Relax. "
Cassie nodded again and tried to breathe deeply. She sat for a few moments, impaled on his cock and unmoving. At length she began to relax. The sharp pain disappeared and the thickness of the cock inside began to feel better. The ache remained, a sensation of stretching, but she found she didn't mind so much.
Her legs found purchase on the edge of the couch and, leaning against Agios' chest, she used them to push herself up and down on Agios' cock. Slowly at first, and then quicker, more rhythmic, as it became easier. She heard a moan from underneath her and smiled a little.
After a few minutes she felt a hand rest gently on her belly and she stopped moving. Sawyer, still kneeling between leg legs, held her still as he guided his cock to her pussy.
He entered her hard and fast, ramming his cock deep inside her. She felt a flash of pain as the cock in her ass impaled her even deeper and then the sweet sensations of two cocks inside her began to take over.
Sawyer's cock pounded her and filled her, sliding inside her clenching wet pussy easily.

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   Occasional flashes of pain from her ass spasmed through her as the warm feeling grew in her belly and her skin prickled. She shivered with pleasure. Then she began to pant as the two men grunted and, as she felt Kramer's fingers pinch her nipples, she fell over the edge and cried out as a wave of orgasmic bliss hit her. She screamed as the force of it flowed over her, little peaks of ecstasy bubbled up inside her over and over again until she could take no more and lay limp, mewing slightly as the two men continued to fuck her.
Cassie felt hands grab her head and it was twisted towards the side that Kramer stood. He loomed over her and guided his cock to her mouth. She was too weak to resist and was unable to pull away as he began to fuck her in the mouth.
Her lips stretched painfully around his cock as he rammed it into her, pushing all the way to the back of the throat. She couldn't suck, but he didn't seem to care.
The grunting from underneath her began to intensify and she felt a throbbing sensation in her asshole as Agios began to cum inside her. He grabbed hold of her hips and slammed her into him, paying no attention to the rhythm of Sawyer's fucking. Her cry of agony, as he rammed her onto him, was muffled by the cock that Kramer pounded in and out of her mouth.
After a few moments his orgasm subsided and his hands left her hips. With his cock still inside her he lay still; except for hands roaming over her sweat slicked body as the other two men continued to fuck her.
Kramer's pounding became frantic.

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   He held her head in place to stop it from jerking back as he abused her mouth and fucked her deeply. Cassie tried to suck him but found herself choking. In response to her choking reflex Kramer pushed his cock deep into her mouth--almost into her throat--and held it there as Cassie fought the urge to gag. She felt a throbbing pulse and a warm sensation as his cum unloaded into her throat.
Finally she was able to catch her breath and control her gag reflex. She sucked on the cock as it came in her mouth and licked at it hungrily as Kramer withdrew from her. He held his cock near her face as she cleaned it with her tongue.
Now only Sawyer fucked her. She returned her concentration to the cock sliding in and out of her pussy in hard, violent strokes. She matched his thrusts with her hips and clenched her pussy muscles on his cock each time he pulled out of her.
She felt the warmth and tingle began to build again and soon she was racked by another wave of orgasm. Sawyer's fucking quickened and her body was jerked up and down, causing Cassie's tits to bounce as he pounded her, and his fingernails dug into her flesh as he finally lost control and unloaded his cock into her pussy.
They lay still for what seemed like a long time before the two men disentangled themselves from her. Cassie, unsteady on her feet, made to stand and collect her clothes, but Agios stopped her and made her lie her down on the couch.
"Not yet.

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   We can't let you leave in that state. Wait for the office to close and then you can go. "
Cassie nodded weakly and lay back; she needed to sleep.
It seemed she wasn't going to be allowed to sleep. Agios parted her legs, climbed on top of her and began to fuck her gently.
For the rest of the afternoon the three men took it in turns to fuck her. Either one at a time or together. When they weren't fucking her they stroked her, made her dance for them or pose. Sometimes she was allowed to rest while they drank and played cards at the table across the room.
At one point--while the other two played cards--Kramer turned her onto her stomach and propped her ass up in the air with cushions. He spanked her ass and legs until she cried and begged him to stop. It seemed like an age, after she started to beg, before a word from Sawyer put an end to the spanking; instead Kramer climbed up behind her and fucked her asshole, while she cried underneath him and her flesh still stung in pain.
Later, as the sun began to sink from the sky, she was finally allowed to dress. Sawyer led her from the office, shivering and stumbling, while the other two men ignored her and played cards. He led her to her car and helped her in.


He watched her for a long time as she tried to compose herself. Difficult to do with cum dripping out of an extremely sore pussy.
"What about the job?" she asked in a small voice.
"We'll let you know. " He said, and then turned to walk back to the office building.
She never heard from them again.