A Career Choice: Part One


Cassie checked her make-up in the small hand mirror one last time and tugged at the short red shirt of the suit she wore, trying to pull it down to a more conservative level. She wasn't sure why she'd decided scarlet was a suitable colour for an interview suit--the skirt was far shorter than she remembered--but she loved the way it went with her long black hair and molten chocolate eyes. Only today the hair was pulled back in a French pleat and the eyes hidden behind small black-framed glasses.
She touched up the silvery pale lip frosting and slipped off her driving shoes; exchanging them for the office-smart black shoes with high spike heals that boosted her height to something respectable. She hated being short and took every opportunity to trade small and curvy for tall and svelte.
Stepping out of the car--a long low convertible that matched the colour of her suit--she ran her hands over the fluid line of her hips and flat expanse of stomach to smooth down the her clothing. With a deep breath and a steeling of the nerves she walked up to the office building.
Once inside the cool of the air-conditioning pickled at her bare legs in high contrast to the heat of the outdoors. As she sat in the chair to wait to be called she rubbed them absent-mindedly, feeling smooth skin slide under her soft hands. She stopped abruptly with the feeling that someone was watching her. She looked up and felt her face flush at the sight of a tall, lean man, older than her by at least fifteen years but still attractive with a full head of thick black hair and a lazy, easy going, smile.
"Cassandra Simpson?" he asked, his gaze running over her body as she stood, "follow me. "
He motioned her to walk in front of him, even though she wasn't sure where she was going, and she could feel him watching her ass as she walked down the long corridor. She tried not to blush but couldn't help herself and she was horrified at the tingling sensations she began to feel in her pussy. She bit down on her bottom lip and begged for the walk to end and that she wouldn't be alone in the interview with this man.
"This is work, not play," she told herself firmly.

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They reached the end of the corridor and the man showed her through the open door to a large brightly-lit office. Two other men sat at the broad meeting table and she breathed a slight sigh of relief. The men rose to greet her and she began to pull out a chair to sit down but a gentle touch on her elbow steered her towards the other end of the office where a long-suede couch faced a single hard backed chair in the centre of the room.
The man guided her to the chair and asked her to sit with a smile before taking up position in the centre of the couch. The other two men flanked him on either side and Cassie became acutely aware that the skirt rode up past her mid thigh when she sat. The low seat of the chair and her high heels combined to lift Cassie's legs up as she sat and she realised that all of these men could probably see right up her skirt. She gave the hem a discrete tug and smiled, trying to figure out where to put her legs to preserve her modesty.
"So, Miss Simpson," one of the men began; he was broad shouldered and sandy hair with clear blue eyes that seemed to bore into the back of Cassie's head. She realised that she didn't know any of their names, "Thank you for coming in to see us again. "
"That's no problem, Mr…ah?"
"Kramer, and this is Mr Sawyer," he indicated the lean man that had met her in the corridor and then to the olive skinned man on the end of the couch, "and Mr Agios. Your last interview established very well that you have the skills and qualities for the job. This second interview is so that we can all get to know each other a little better and decide whether or not you have the right attitude for working with us. "
"I must say, " the husky baritone of the other man cut in, "I think she makes an excellent first impression.
Cassie essayed a smile and pressed her legs together, too conscious that they were all staring at them.
"Tell me, Miss Simpson-"

"Cassie, please.

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"Cassie, how committed are you to your career?"
"Oh, extremely committed. I know I'm still young--only twenty-three--but I'm confident that I can progress fast and I'm willing to do anything to make it happen. "
"That's what we like to hear. " The deep voiced man smiled at her, his green eyes twinkling a little. His smiled slipped into a serious mask and spoke again, "define anything for us, Cassie. "
"Oh, well, I'm not sure. I guess I haven't really thought about it," she shrugged, appalled at herself for making such a stupid mistake. She couldn't help it. The three men made no secret that they were examining her body as she sat there, feeling very exposed on the chair in front of them. She felt uncomfortable under their gaze and this was by no means helped by the slight dampness she felt in her crotch.
"Cassie," Sawyer said, "we'll be straight with you. Our employees are expected to do anything to get client contracts and then keep those clients happy. Sometimes this can involve--shall we say--less moral tactics. Do you understand?"
"I'm…I'm not sure. "
"Well, our clients expect to be taken to expensive bars and restaurants.

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   They expect to be housed in the best hotels. They expect fine wines, high class drugs and high class escorts. " He waved a hand in her direction, "we need to know how you would feel about providing this. "
"Well, I suppose I could do it," she hesitated. She'd never hired an escort. She had no idea where to buy drugs. This wasn't what she'd been expecting at all; but she so desperately wanted this job, "Yes. Yes I would feel fine. "
"Even the escorts?"
"I suppose so. " She nodded firmly.
"Ah," Mr Sawyer rubbed his chin thoughtfully; "unfortunately, what with you being a woman, some of our clients may be uncomfortable with you providing an escort. "
"Oh," she didn't know what to say to this.
"However, it's likely that they may proposition you directly. " He gave her a penetrating look as he said this.
"Oh," she said in a smaller voice, almost a whisper.

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"How would you respond to this?"
"I, I…"
"You see, it's rather important," My Agios leaned forward in his chair and spoke in a gentle voice, "if you upset the client we mare likely to lose their business. We need to know if you really mean it when you say you would do anything. "

"I really don't know," she said. She looked down at her hands as she picked at her fingernails. She didn't know about this when she'd decided on this career. She was appalled to find the idea exciting, intriguing and those feelings shamed her. She didn't think she could do it.
"Perhaps we should test you then. " The baritone voice rasped.
"What?" Cassie snapped up her head, eyes wide and her heart began to race. She didn't like where this was going.
"We need to know if you can do whatever it takes. We're certain that your right for the job and this is the only stumbling block," Sawyer said.
"Are you willing to try, Cassie?" Kramer spoke for the first since the interview began.
"And I would definitely get the job if I can do it?" she asked, her voice cracking only a little.

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"Yes. " Kramer said with a nod.
"Okay," she said before she could lose her nerve. She took a deep breath and shivered, appalled with herself. "I'll try. "
"Excellent," a slow smile slid over the faces of all three men as Cassie watched them in fear and suppressed excitement. She wondered which one of them would do it and waiting for the other's to leave. Her heart sank and her stomach flipped when none of the moved and Sawyer spoke.
"We'll start slowly, make it easy for you. Okay?" Sawyer watched the girl as she nodded, looking small and frightened, "Why don't you pull you skirt up a little higher for us?
He watched as her fingers stole down to the hem of that astonishing red skirt and began to lift it up over her slender, golden tanned legs. His eyes had almost popped out of his head when he first saw her in the waiting room, stroking those legs. She'd stood in front of him in the high heels he was used to seeing on hookers and he'd had to make her walk in front of him in the corridor to hide his erection. It wouldn't do to tip their hand too early.
Now he licked his lips at the skirt was pulled up to the top of her thigh and she sat with her head bowed. She looked deliciously submissive.

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"More please, Cassie," he said in a soft voice, almost a breath as he felt the tightness in his pants, "open your legs for us. "
She opened her legs to reveal a flash of red lace panties, a tiny triangle that covered her pussy. He was surprised, and delighted, as he noticed a dark red patch on the crotch, indicating wetness. Was she enjoying this? Her submissive stance suggested shyness, a slight humiliation, but wet a pussy indicated something more promising than the glassy eyes dolls they were used to in this situation.
Sawyer instructed her to stand and take of her suit and she stood up and slipped of the jacket and unzipped the skirt, letting them both fall to the floor. She stood before them in only her high heels, red lace thong and the spaghetti strap black vest she'd worn under her jacket.
Sawyer's cock stiffened as she pulled the vest over her head and she stood there them with her arms folded over her breasts, trying to protect her last scrap of dignity. Sawyer frowned, though secretly pleased with this little show of modesty, and told her to put her hands behind her head. She obeyed silently and displayed her body for them.
Her tits were small but nicely round and pert, with dark nipples that he could tell were hard even from this distance. Her flat belly and tanned legs were topped of nicely by the high spike heals she stood in and he decided he would make her keep them on for as long as possible. The panties were a delight to look at too, but he knew that what was under them would be more so.
She instructed her to turn around and bend over, with her hands on the seat of the chair. He caught another glimpse of the dark patch in the tiny crotch of her panties and smiled as he rose. He nudged Kramer and told him to stand and remove the girl's thong.

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   Kramer smiled and walked over to the girl. He hooked his thumbs over the waistband of the panties and pulled the down to knees where he left them.
Cassie stood, bent over the chair, naked except for the shoes and the panties that lay round her knees. He nipples were so hard they ached and her heart raced with excitement, shame and anticipation. She was afraid. Afraid of what they were going to make her do and afraid that she would like it.
"Show me her pussy," she heard Sawyer say and then she gasped as she felt thick fingers touched her pussy lips, slick with juice.
"Damn, she's dripping wet!" he exclaimed as he pushed her pussy lips apart and exposed her to the other two men, "you like this, huh?"
She didn't answer and after a few moments she yelped in pain as a hard slap rained on her ass.
"Answer me when I ask you a question. " Kramer commanded.
"Yes!" she squeaked as a hot burning sensation spread through her ass cheek.
"Yes, what?" he slapped her again, harder.
"Yes, I like it," shame burned her face. She didn't want to admit that she liked it, but she did. She trembled under him as he stoked her ass, still holding her pussy lips open and hoped that he wouldn't slap her again.

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   Only half hoped; she realised with horror.
They stayed there for what seemed like an hour, but it was only a few seconds, until Sawyers voice broke the silence.
"Why don't you have some fun with her," he said.
"Yeah?" asked Kramer, "whatever I want?"
"Sure, why not. "
Kramer grinned back at Sawyer as the man gave him free reign over the girl. He had been disappointed at first, when the girl had yielded so willingly to their suggestion; he preferred it when they protested, struggled, screamed. He preferred it when they had to pin them down and take them by force.
This girl not only agreed to do what they want but also seemed to enjoy it. He'd thought that this meant he wouldn't get to have the kind of fun he enjoyed most; but now he realised he might be able to push this girl a little further than usual.
He rubbed his fingers against her pussy lips, now slick with her juices and stroked her ass with his other hand. Gently, he took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed in gently, enjoying the sound of her gasping. He snaked a hand around to her front and grasped her breast, pinching her nipple just the same.
She squirmed in his hands but he pursed his fingers tighter and she stopped, realising that that movement only made it hurt worse. She learned fast this one.
"Stand up straight," he whispered to her and grinned as he saw the worried look on her face as she did so.

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   He shifted around to sit on the chair and stroked his hands over her body as she stood before him, occasionally pinching the taut flesh of her belly, her hips, her thighs. She mewed a little each time and when he reach down between her thighs and pinched the tender flesh there hard she yelped and pulled back out of his grip. He caught her arm and jerked her back into place, he planted a hard slap against her belly as he did so.
"Don't fucking move," he commanded and she froze in front of him, shivering like a frightened animal.
    He pushed his fingers back into her pussy and slipped the other hand between her thighs and watched her face and he began to rub her. Her breathe became quick and hard and she bit down on her exquisite bottom lip and closed her eyes. He pinched her again on the inner thigh and was pleased that she didn't move this time. Only winced and mewed at the pain, still breathing heavily as her stroked her pussy.
    "Let your hair down," he told her and watched as she removed the fastenings that held her hair away from her face and unravelled the braid, letting it fall in silken waves around her shoulders. She was incredibly beautiful, standing naked in front of him. Perfect body and flawless skin. Helpless.
    He wondered what those prefect little tits would look like with long red welts criss-crossing them. What that sweet face might look like with a ball gag holding her mouth open. The flat belly marred with strap marks.

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       He pushed the thoughts from his mind. He didn't have any toys here and wouldn't get to play. He consoled himself with the thought of her red raw ass. That he could do.
    He undid his pants and freed his solid cock from them. After a moments thought he took them off completely and kicked them across the room. He wanted flesh on flesh for this. He grabbed Cassie's wrist and pulled her over his knee.
    "No!" she protested, "what are you going?"
    He brought hand down hard on her ass cheek told commanded that she be quiets. She screamed a sharp scream then stayed silent except for a sob and he positioned her properly over his lap. Her feet fought for purchase on the floor; only the tips of her high shoes were able to reach it. Her fingertips scrabbled for balance at the other end and she tried to hold her head up. He pushed her head down roughly, his fingers digging hard into the skin of her scalp and told her to relax.
    "Please, what are you doing?" she cried in a quiet voice.
    "What do you think?" he asked, and smacked her ass hard enough to make a noise but far gentler than she would be getting in minute.


    "Oh, please don't," she begged, "please. I know I said I'd do anything but not this. They wouldn't want me to do this. Please don't hurt me. "
    "I want you to. You don't really have a choice. " He licked his lips, pleased at her little show of defiance. He thought she'd been too easy. He listened to her sobbing for a moment and then turned his attention to her ass.
    Round and soft an display for them all to see her small, firm backside bore only a slight redness from the slapping he already given her. He smacked her now, reasonably gently and watched as the flesh on her ass shuddered. He establish a rhythm; slapping each ass cheek in turn, occasionally smacking her ass crack and catching both cheeks. Each blow came harder until his hand stung with the force of it.
    She'd remained silent through the first few blows--no doubt trying to be brave--but as his hand began to slam her harder she began to cry out with each stroke until her voice cracked with sobs and pain.
    He stopped for a moment to stroke her well-warmed, and now bright red ass, and slipped his fingers down into her pussy.

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       He was delighted to find the she was still wet and he pushed her legs open a little. Struck with inspiration and adjusted her position in her, pushing her ass higher and exposing her pussy to him. He pinched her clit between his fingers and grinned at her gasp and cry. Then her brought his hand back and belted her pussy with it. His fingers catching her pussy lips with a wet slapping sound as she cried out. The pressure of his cock, rubbing against the front of her thighs, increased as he rained blows down on her puffy wet pussy and she struggled under his grip, crying properly down. Loud and pitiful.
    "That's enough of that now, Kramer," Sawyer's soft voice stopped him. He frowned in disappointment but he didn't argue with him. He rubbed the girl's ass, hot and bright red and let her stand. He stood behind her for a moment and stroked his cock against her ass cheeks before Sawyer motioned to Agios that it was his turn.
    Cassie stood in front of Kramer trembling as he pressed his cock against her burning ass. She cried--tears rolling down her face--and wrapped her arms around her, no longer enjoying the gaze of the three men over her naked flesh. Her pussy ached and stung from the abuse it had taken and it had betrayed her shame by dripping moisture down her inner thighs.
    "Come over here, Cassie," the dark hair man spoke to her in his deep husky voice.

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       He smiled at her and patted his lap.
    "Come on," he said again when he saw her hesitate, "unless you want to stay with Kramer?"
    She moved at the thought of this, tottering on her stupid heels until she stood before him. He pulled her down to sit on her lap and she winced at the pain in her ass. He stroked her face with rough but gentle fingers, brushing the tears from her cheeks and smiled at her kindly.
    "Don't cry, Cassie, it's not all bad. " She managed a small smile for him and he drew her to his chest, wrapping her up in his arms giving her a strange safe feeling. She stiffened as his hand stole down over her body to cup her breast in his hand.
    "Shhh," he whispered in her ear, "I won't hurt you. But you have to relax. "
    Still crying, she did as she was told and let his hands wander over her body. First he fondled her breasts--cupping them in his hands and rolling her nipples gently between his fingers. Then his hand snaked down between her legs and began to stroke her clit.
    "Do you like that?" he asked her.
    "Yes," she said in a tiny voice, unable to lie in the face of the evidence of her sopping cunt. She was rewarded with a gentle kiss from him and he smiled into her eyes.

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    "Did you like being spanked?" he asked as he pushed a finger deep inside her pussy. She shook her head.
    "If you didn't like it why are you so wet?"
    She didn't know the answer to that. She had to admit it had excited her. But the pain and the humiliation was so horrible.
    "It's okay to like it you know," she whispered into her ear, "even if it hurts you, or humiliates you. Lots of people like that. "
    "They do?" she asked, unbelieving.
    "Sure. They like the release; the feeling that someone else is in charge of them. You kind of enjoyed that bit, didn't you?"
    She nodded, afraid to admit it.
    "See, you're a good girl. It's good that you enjoyed it. There's nothing wrong with being a slut. Are you a slut?" he tightened his hand in her hair.

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    Sitting naked on his lap in front of too other men; with juice dripping out of her pussy she could hardly be anything else. She nodded and he smiled at her.
    "Say it. "
    "I'm a slut. " She intoned.
    "Would you like me to fuck you?"
    "Yes. "
    "Say it. "
    "I want you to fuck me," she managed, now quite breathless.
    He grinned at her and made her stand up so that he could take of his pants. He removed the rest of his clothes and sat back down, his blood engorged cock purple as he stroked it with his hand. To her surprised he didn't pull her back onto his lap and skewer her with it. With pushed her down to her knees in front of his.

    "You have to earn a fucking," he said, his soft voice now gone hard and cold and he pressed her face towards him and began to feed her his cock.

    To be continued. .

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