3 Little Treats Ch 2


My brain is numb and melting from exhaustion. I’ve been fondled by 3 teens, 1 MILF and her hubby. The dynamics of this situation are centered around me! “Just go with it!” I tell my self, realizing Dev was leaning her head down, pulling herself up by my shaft, then sucked my swollen, friction burned, red cock-head like an ice pop. I wantonly moaned, shuddering from the tenderness and sight of Dev’s 18 year old lips suctioned to my mushroom head. “I saw mommy do that to you. Am I doing it right?” asking me eagerly. “It‘s even better then your mommy. You are so amazing. ” I praised while tracing my fingers around her little lips magically sucking away. Looking up with a lustful stare she licks my pee hole then asks, “Will you touch me too?” I leaned in brushing my lips around her ear and asked, “Where do you want me to touch you?” “Down there. ” she replied. “Whisper in my ear that you want me to play with your pussy. ” Hesitantly, puppy dog eyed, cheeks turning rosy, her brain froze. Reassuringly I let her know, “Naughty” words are used to express sexual feelings. That’s why mommy and daddy don’t want you to say them. You are in complete control.

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   I surrender all of me to you. Ask me for anything you desire. You’ll have all I can freely give, unconditionally. I will never get mad or think badly about what you say, do or ask. ” Releasing the hold on my shaft she bounced up throwing her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. My prick, bent downward from the landing, rubbed across her barely covered slit. “I love you Brody. ’ was followed by an inexperienced kiss. “I love you to my newest little lover. ” I replied.
“OH FUCK!” I blurted. “What?” Dev said jumping off me startled.
I hope your rents fell asleep. It’s been an hour since I came in!” Quickly Settling Devyn in bed, I rushed outside. Lighting smoke I quietly made my way around to their bedroom window.

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   Peering under the shade I’m witnessing a mind boggling, epic event. Trish was passed out face down, naked, with two pillows under her stomach. Her ass propped up in the air with legs spread, waiting for me to fuck her. Then there was Leo, sideways and naked, legs hanging off the bed. His flaccid member in full view. This would be a sight in itself if not for Lara, their oldest daughter, kneeling next to her daddy. Her hand was inching towards Leo’s limp noodle. This is to good to be true! Lara just gave me the key to gates of heaven! A solution to any and all the secrecy, looming over me like a time bomb, rose to defuse my anxiety.
I went back to Devyn’s room. Gently, I wrapped my arms around her kissing and licking her ear lobe. I asked if she was awake. Responding with a groan her body turned. A leg went over my hip. “Do you want to peek some more like you did earlier?” asking as I pulled her against my chest. She found my erection and gyrated instinctually rubbing her clit against it.

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   I intentionally pushed against her virgin lips. She had soaked through the, light blue, cotton g-strings letting the tip of my head slide around even with the panties between us. Her eyes and mouth shot open and she gasped in shock and pleasure. “Come with me. We can spy on your rents together. OK?” I said while lifting her to me. Weighing no more than 100lbs. I held her hard, tiny, ass cheeks. My hands encapsulated the youthful bum holding her pussy lips open allowing my tip to push against the cherry hole. I took the little circular hip motion as a yes and quietly made it back outside.
I kneeled Dev in front of me at the crack in the shade so she had a good view. “NO FUCKIN WAY!” I mouthed out soundless. I have fulfilled 5 lifetimes of sexual fantasies. Nothing can top this night. Devyn and I were both transfixed by the scene.

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   Lara had made daddies dick hard. Now, on the bed, she was sucking on him slowly with obvious intent.
I love being behind a girl to feel her body the way she touches herself. Running my hands down Dev’s arms I lifted them up and around my neck, making her back arch and allowing my arms to simulate her own. “Brody……will you rub you cock on my pussy again?” saying with lustful wanting. “If you ask like that I will do anything you want, my naughty little lady. ” I responded while wrapping my arms around her petite pubescent frame. I lifted her shirt over her head behind her neck exposing her incredibly tight stomach. I caressed her, flawless, silky skin. Spreading knees allowed my intensely, throbbing pole to slip between her legs. Running the red, wide, rim of my cock-head across her wet lips and swollen button. I closed her legs around my meat and fucked the tight 18 year old skin. My left hand explored the majesty of her chest. From the ultra sensitive buds to the flatness of her tummy I didn‘t want to miss a square inch of Devyns body. My right hand was slowly caressing the front of her thighs.

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   Running my fingers through the angel soft mound I positioned her ass against my cock. I used my hand, palming her entire pussy, to start a rhythm. She rubbed her rock hard little bum up and down. I have to cum on her ass. As I met her feverish pace I asked, “Do you want to see me orgasm? Your ass feels better then any hand or blow job I’ve ever had. ” Out came, “Brody, will you cum on my ass?” As if knowing what I wanted to hear. “I’m about to cum on your ass Dev. How old are you?” I asked, desiring to hear the word cross her lips. As my index finger penetrate her virgin hole she moaned, “I’m 18 and I want you to be the first cock in my pussy. ” With that I came on her back. I lifted Dev by her pussy allowing the slick cum on my shaft to lubricate her sphincter.
Turning my attention back to the window Lara was still licking her dads cock. I wrapped my arms around the small frame, turning her face to mine, and asked, “What would you like to do now baby-doll?” She started to kiss me. I pulled my lips away and said, “ You can go back to sleep. I’m gonna go help your sister.

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   You can join us or watch. If your parents see Lara sucking daddies cock then my life with all of you will be acceptable. No secrets. No lying. ” “Can I sleep with you?” Dev asked. “Of course. We can all sleep together. ” I suggested. Scooping Dev in my arms we went inside. Not wanting to scare Lara when entering the bedroom I made my way in fast and whispered, “Don’t stop! I’m gonna join in if you let me. ” She seemed a bit bewildered by my approaching hand. “It’s all good Lara. We all love each other in a special way. If your daddy knows you want to learn sexuality with him none of us need to hide secrets. ” I said hopefully.

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   “Your parents opened up a secret tonight about wanting to fuck around with me. I normally don’t think about guys but your daddy stuck his dick between me and your mommies mouths tonight. Do you want to do it too?” I asked while stroking the underside of Leo’s slick pole. “OK!” she eagerly returned. “You need to ask me baby. What do you want me to do?” I asked, reminding her of the control she had and the enjoyment hearing naughty words spoken by my little treats. “Will you suck daddies cock with me Brody?” Lara asked perfectly. I responded with a nod. I laid along side Leo with my limp, spent, member at his face. Lara followed suit as her pussy found his shoulder to rub on.
     Part 3 is the awakening and day after



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