3 INTO 1 Cont'


Topic: 3 INTO 1 Cont' Roll on Saturday. 3 into 1 continued.
 Thursday panic,is my wife getting cold dragged by,I needed to get to the nightime with my wife. Friday we were committed,giving ourselves little chance to talk about our plans for our 3 into 1 with my wife being the one. A phone call during the day had me bothered,Jackie had obviously been thinking much about what she was about to have done to her. Would it alter our outlook to each other? How could she get it started,or in fact would she be the one who would need to start? But all through the time since,it played on my mind that Jackie was having second thoughts about letting us fuck her all at the same time.
 I knew some re-assurance was what she needed and what better place to give that re-assurance than in our bed while working her to an orgasm. We were now in bed and led side by side as,with my hand lying across her thigh and belly,I gently massaged her clitoris. As her pussy got more and more sticky,her thoughts were revealed. 'Having any of you play like you are now makes me as horny as hell and I've got to orgasm then I gasp for your cocks. But if you're all playing with me,I'm worried I might not know which one to let go first' It wont be like that,I tried to reassure her. 'How do you know that,you'll all be worked up I bet and one might get nasty with me if he doesn't get first go' Stop panicking,look I'll go last,ok? So then you'll only have two to take their turn and don't forget they'll be thinking they don't want to be left out for the next time. 'What next time? I haven't conceded to any next time'! - OOPs I slipped up on that one. - No but if you wanted to,he'd be out and remember you did say "Anytime pops" They'll still want some one to one with you now you've let them have it.
 'Yeah okay,but I'm not sure how we'd get started'? Think like this. How do you get started with us on an individual basis now,or ask yourself how it started with each of them the first time you had it in with them'? -This was something I dearly wanted to know but Jackie had not revealed to me up to this time although I had been witness to what I assumed had been the first time she'd been done by them.

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   - Jackie hesitated, 'That's different' Oh! 'Yeah,we'd had some drink both times anyway and they'd started it not me' There you are then,now you know how we'll get started,leave it to the men and make sure you've had a drink or two.
 'Okay,that makes sense' She lay quietly being worked up now. I went absolutely gentle with my action because I wanted desperately now to know if I'd witnessed the first time either of them had got her. As her body started to squirm she quietly said, 'I've never told you this' - I was sure she was reliving her first time they each screwed her. - Her first confession shocked me! 'Chuck was the first' - Fuck!!! after all that shit about "To old" - 'Yeah,he raped me,remember that first party after our wedding? You know the christmas one,well he was trying it on with another girl their,remember the one with that bubbly hair do'? - I vaguely remembered so gave her an affirmative, - 'Well she broke away as I came on the scene,he caught my hand and said,"Quick,out here" like an idiot,not understanding what he had intended for the other girl,I went into the garden with him,it was only then I saw he had a rampant hard on out of his trouser's and latterly realised what his intentions had been.
 'I went to pull back away and he forced his lips on to mine and in my fluster he stopped me calling as he pulled my knickers to one side and just stuck his cock staight in me. He came up me the hardest I'd ever felt,even harder than you at your hardest. He pulled out of me and was gone back inside,while I was left in shock at his cheek and no satisfaction from it. I looked for you to tell you and hopefully make me cum as I admit his sudden fucking had made me as horny as hell' I sensed there was more. Then? . . .  'Yeah well then' - a long pause. - 'Then, Den latched on to me, "What's up my love,don't worry he's still here,I've just seen him,I expect he's taking a leak" all this time he's leading me in the direction of the garden shed'
 'How dumb can I be,no sooner had I realised what he was up too,he was trying to fuck me. I'll admit now,by this time I wanted too.

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   So I let him seduce me and he's been having it ever since' With her talk I was on the brink of cumming and as I rolled on top of her I shot my spunk all over her pubes and belly. 'You horny bastard you enjoyed hearing how your wife was raped and seduced all in one party in fact all in about an hour. Where were you anyway? Talking,I half lied,for I was actually fucking the girl with the bubbly hair do. My cousin! and I knew Den knew this because he saw me take her into the cupboard. The cunning bastard also knew he had an open play to seduce my wife if his wife didn't catch given me her conscience clearing pillow talk,Jackie seemed happy in fact joyous waiting for our Saturday event. I wondered if father and son had confided in each other that they were both having my wife. Who cares we will all know after our three fucks one,event. Yeah,this may sound bad but if your wife and yourself are both promiscous,why not share the proceeds. - Fountains of cum and love juice! - I confided in each man that my wifes secret sex dream was to be ravished in what is now a 'Gang bang' but we wanted 'Three into one'
 My wife decked herself out in smart normal clothes,that is except for a pair of self modified,now crotchless knickers. eg. She'd taken her french knickers with two buttons under the gusset and split & sown them in a line along the gusset front to back. - No specialist shops back then! - This would allow for a penis entry while still on and also when heated sex the buttons could be undone and full access to her pussy and asshole would be available for all. - Having given me a preview,I assured her I felt full advantage would be taken by all penis's available to her.
 Den turned up early,but not before Jackie had had her 'Dutch courage couple of drinks' 'Phew that wine makes me feel all hot,I'll have to open a window' She done just that and in the process showed adequate up thigh stocking top and suspender. Den's eyes were glued on her every move and my hardon was already well pronounced.

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   'I don't know why you've got that already,I haven't done anything have I'? I smirk, No if you say so! Den looked at me and grinned,then looked to his lap. Oh yeah it was there as well. Was she that nieve? Possibly.
 'I wonder why Chuck's late,perhaps he can't make it' 'No he's not late,its just I'm early' 'Oh! As in the early bird catches the worm' We all chuckle at this. Then there's a slight cursing at our back door,followed by a clink like noise of a bottle. 'Jackie putting a shhh! finger to her lips' scurried off through the door to the kitchen to help Chuck who obviously had arrived at our back door in some haste. We had the french windows on this occasion closed as I didn't need to peep in. 'Fucking nearly dropped 'em and these for you' - These turned out to be a box of chocolates and them were some bottle's. So Chuck needed some dutch courage as well then,as did Den,who I could smell had been to the local pub on his way up.
 Not this boy though,I intended to have my cock at full power and my faculties not missing a move. Wrong! Right from the off I missed the first action,so did Den. Hearing the bottles and whatever being put down on what sounded like the drainer and also hearing a request by Chuck, "Give us a kiss then" they both failed to appear. We looked at each other,but said nothing,intensly listening for some clue. My wife giggled, 'No not yet,we haven't started' I thought he's asking if he'd missed anything. Wrong! They still didn't appear,then we could hear a series of giggles and struggling sounds with some giggling gasping voice that was all female, Jackie.

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 'No lets go in now' I look at Den and he at me,clearly Chuck was starting without us. We still stayed put listening intently. 'No put it away,I'm still ugh! HUHUH! No! HUHUH! N-O-O-H stop! stop! you'll make me cum. Finger to lips I get up and Den follows,we stalk towards the door,then having a better idea. I grab his arm and lead him towards our french windows. Quietly opening them I lead him to the kitchen window to watch Chunk playng with my wifes pussy as I think. NO such thing,we see her head hard against his shoulder and clearly she has her teeth clenched into his shoulder through his shirt.
 Now I realised what we had missed. Chuck was fucking the ass off my wife,clearly in all haste he had wrestled her dress open,her tits on display as she'd not been wearing a bra' her knicker's were still on but his hardon was pumbling into her quim like a pile-driver. Den with glazed eyes watching, 'Cunning old bastard,he's started without us' Myself,I could feel my hardon pressing against the roughcast wall through my trouser's tantalising its underside as my wife's knees started to sag under her first orgasm. Chucks trouser's were round his ankles as his taught buttocks told their own story that he was about to produce his first semen offering to my wife's pussy.
 The tension in his ass cheeks came and went as each jet of cum shot up her, While his oversize ball sack slapped happily against the insides of her spread thighs. He was now talking to her to which she was nodding yes. - She told me later he'd asked her if she'd expected a sudden fucking from him when she'd met him at the door. - Cunning little bitch,she had decided how to start our session.

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   Having now got back inside,Jackie led with her dress still open and the crutchless knickers showing wet patches stretching on to her sticky thighs. Chuck followed with his dripping cum still hanging from the end of his still half hard cock. 'Sorry for starting outside,I just don't know what came over us,it must be the drinks I had'
 Den was at her face kissing her while fondling her tits, 'I'll catch up then' was his reply as his covered cock pressed towards her sticky pussy. Some of his fathers sperm was already on his trousers. 'Den,you better get those trouser's off before that spunk dries on them,let me wash it off a mo' He drops them; as with his father,he was commando style. His cock bobbed around as he followed Jackie out to the kitchen. In following he was pulling her dress from her shoulders,she shrugged it into his hands and he dropped it to me as I followed on behind,not intending to miss my wifes second screwing.
 Chuck had sat down on the settee with his knob nesting on his ball sack above his closed thighs. The sperm dribble now pooling on this ball sack at the end of his now slack cock. Jackie looked over her shoulder, 'Don't wipe that off mind,I want it in a minute,keep it as it is for me' Now sponging the cum off Den's trouser's she wriggled against Den's hardon as he pressed against her from behind while she endevoured to finish sponging.  Meanwhile his hand had moved to her clit and was playing from bothsides of her hips. 'Stop a minute,let me finish what I'm doing' He disregarded her request and played on till dropping the trousers to the floor, 'You bastard,you're making me cum' She pushed her ass back towards him as she went into orgasm and grabbing hold of the sink unit presented her pussy for a ramming doggy style.
 With this offering,Den slammed his full length up her squelching pussy. Seeing her tits now dangling as he pumped at her cunt, I started playing with her nipples. I loved the way they were swinging with ever harder thrusts from Den's cock.

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   Her gasping was now coming in time with his thrusts accompanied by I'I'm going to!!! I'm cu-u-u-ming-g-g aagh uhh harder fuck it h-a-a-r-r-de-e-r! As her knees started to bend I took the opportunity to put my hand on her cunt and Den's cock to feel the last spurts going up her,well up and out of her. I had a handful of their cum. I smelt and tasted it,then offered my wife a taste. She in turn lapped a good quantity into her mouth and grinned as she mouthed 'You fucking dirty bastard' I grinned back in turn and having previously got naked turned my ass towards her and let the rest of the spunk run off my hand on to my ass crack.
 Jackie took me up on this and with one hand rubbed this spunk all over my ass crack then helping herself to another lot from between her legs,she started to work some of it and her fingers up my sphincter. 'You like'? and with that she done what she'd done before. She found my prostrate nerve and wiggling her fingers unmercifully made shot after shot of spunk shoot out of my cock. - Unless you've experienced this you can't believe this sensation. - I know she has a sadistic side from other times. - But now she was excelling herself. She had me pleading, 'No more,please,no more' The tension from the back of my knees to my navel were quivering for mercy,but still she drained me with ever more twitches of that nerve.
 In the end she had me kneeling on all fours. Removing her fingers, 'You want missie to fuck your ass with his cock,she mimed. As near to being shocked I admit this did. She's intending to get one of them to fuck my ass,this was totally new.

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   She'd never touched on this at all. My mind concluded this three thing had truly brought out another dimension in my wifes sexuality. Meanwhile with Jackie presenting her pussy so blatently Chuck had appeared and taken over from his son. They were both watching her performance on my ass,while the puddle of spunk on Chucks ball bag had been forgotten.
 Jackie pulled away from her torment of me and grabbed her other hand back onto the unit as she started another orgasm, - The staying power of a woman has never failed to astound me.  I reckon they all need three husbands to keep up with their sexual needs! - Her thrusting back at Chucks cock was now formidable. Chuck squirted and pulled out, 'More I want some more' clearly her anticipation of my virgin ass being deflowered had had an effect on her. 'Rich' get up and fuck me for christ's sake' Alas,I have to admit,she'd been so ruthless at drawing the spunk out of me I couldn't perform yet. So Den slipped back in for another go.
 I had mixed feelings about this at this moment though. Okay,I could have my ass fucked without me needing a hardon,but I wasn't altogether ready for an ass deflowering sprung on me so suddenly. So I could tell,the other two were also running out of steam which meant I could possibly get away with my wife getting any fucks left available for now. Looking at the clock,I was surprised to find we had only been at it for two hours. Still time for more sex.
 In a while though eh! 


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