14 year old sluts pt. 1


Topic: 18 year old slut  A true story of a friend i knew this weeks whether it’s going to be sunny, above 90 for the week,” Greg Elliot said. I listened to the channel five news. I sat on the couch reading Sweet 18 It was four days before I started school, high school. My name is Rachel, I’m fourteen average body.
“Hey can you turn it down?” Richard asked. Richard is my step-father he’s twenty two. My mom is 28, she met Richard at collage. Now Richard is a great person he works in the army as a major and I have a major crush on him ever since the day I saw his dick.  
I closed my eyes as I remembered that day.     
“Hey Richard can I come in? I need to pee really badly!” I screamed at the door.
“Yeah,” Richard yelled and I heard the shower turn on. I turned the door knob and walked in, pulled my shorts, panties down  then sat down on the toilet. I looked  to the left and saw Richard’s dick.
“Something wrong?” he asked through the glass door.
“No, I’m fine,” I answered blushing, as I wiped my slit and got up then left as I felt my cunt drip with my juice.
I opened my eyes and saw Richard looking at me.

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“I’m going up to my room,” I said grabbing my sweet 18 magazine. I could feel myself getting wet from thing that again once in my room I turned my computer on and found that my best friend Jenny was on I clicked on web cam and saw her naked and her legs spread with a dildo going in and out. I ran to the door made sure Richard was watching NBA and closed the door. I spoke into the mic.
“Girl what are you doing fucking your dildo on web cam?!”
“to show you my pussy I know u like it,” her voice said it was clear. “oh by the way remember that plan we had?”
“yeah. ”
“Well I’m free this week. ” Just then the door creaked open as I minimized the window and saw it was Richard.
“Hey kid I’m going to work,” he said and closed the door. Jenny’s window popped up.
“I’m coming over since Richard is gone. ”
“KK I’ll be waiting, call James and tell him. ” Jenny nodded and logged off. I got up unhooked my bra and letting my 34C breast free.
“This is going to be so much fun,” I said as I got out my panties and into the shower and turning the water on.

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   It was cold but then got warm and I washed my hair then I took my shaving cream and shaved my legs and pussy. When I was done shaving I looked out my window and saw Jenny walking up.
“Want to join?” I asked. Jenny nodded I got out the shower and without putting anything on walked down stairs and opened the back for my best friend.
“Not shy to show that off huh?” Jenny asked grabbing my tits. I laughed and was shocked to see Jenny’s sister.
“Rachel what are you doing here?!” Let me tell you something about Rachel. She’s Jenny’s younger sister by a year. She was 18 blonde and her body was almost perfect. She already has my size breast 34c.
“Rachel you’re not old enough to be here!” I exclaimed.
“I’m only a year younger then you two. ” I turned to Jenny and she nodded.
“Let’s go clean up. ” We all nodded, headed up to my room and stripped then I turned the shower back on and we all showered together.

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   Half an hour later we heard a honk we looked outside and saw James and two other guys.
“Let’s wait on the bed?” I asked looking at Jenny and Rachel. They nodded and we got out. I laid on the bed with Jenny and Rachel next to me. We heard the steps of James and his two brothers.
“I am so glad I followed u James,” Jack said as Rachel noticed the tent in his shorts already. Rachel got up, walked over to the Jack and pulled his shorts and boxer off. At the age of 18 he had a 9 inch rock hard cock. Jenny looked at her boyfriend and smiled. She leaned forward and removed his jeans and started rubbing him until he got heard. I looked over at John. I got up and John got up walked over to me pushed me over and spread my leg. He leaned down and kissed my cunt and it sent a shiver up my body. I looked over and saw Rachel was being doggie style by Jack and Jenny was being anal fucked by James. Seeing that turned me on soo much that after John started sucking on my cunt I squirted all over his face.

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“Damn your hot girl,” he said as he unbuckled his belt and pulled out his hard member. John was 18 and black so his cock wa s already a full 12 inch.
“Oh wow come to momma,” I said grabbing it but John pushed me down and aimed the tip at my pussy and shoved it in.
“aggghhh!” I yelled.
“Sorry this will hurt,” he said pulling out and pushing it in again, I felt a pain as if someone cut my stomach from the inside and I knew my cherry was lost. A small tear ran from my eye.
“Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded and moaned.
“Just wait I’ll tell u when I’m ready. ” John nodded and started kissing my body after a few moments I felt it got better and nodded.   He nodded and began to push in and out again I was feeling in heaven. I looked over and saw that Rachel and Jenny were moaning. We all nodded and reached over and began to touch and squeeze the each other’s nipples bringing us closer to another orgasm.
“Ahhh ahh I’m I’m cumming!” I yelled as I felt like lightening shot through me and my pussy muscles clamped down on John’s dick.
“Oh god girl your bad,” he said and with one more thrust.

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   The feeling of his sperm touching his walls sent me over the edge and I had another mind blowing orgasm.
    He pulled out.
    “Oh fuck I just came iin you is that okay?” It took me a few moments to come back from seventh heaven.
    “oh yeah we’re on the pills,” I said.
    “Wow look at that slut wanting anal already!” Rachel commented as she watched Jenny get on all fours and lift her young ass up to her boyfriend.
    “you sure bout this?” James asked looking at Jenny.
    “Babby u know how much I love and trust u. ” James nodded said I love you and then slowly pushed the head of his member into Jenny’s tiny ass.
    Ahhh GOD  IT HURTS AND NICE!” Jenny yelled ad James kept on pushing. Rachel was still hyperventilating from her first orgasm while I was ridding John’s dick now in the ass which felt great. It hurt at first. Jack saw my pussy gaping for air.
    “Rachel baby do u mind if I go fuck Sam?” All Rachel did was give him a weak nod. Jack got up and walked over to me I opened my eyes and saw Jack standing there rubbing himself.
    “Fuck me,” I hissed.

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       Jack grinned and whispered.
    “Gladly. ” He placed the tip of his cock at my lips and drew circles around my clit making me squirm around on John’s dick. Jack moan when the tip of his head was in my pussy.
    “She’s tight huh?” John asked stopping for a second. Jack nodded as he pushed it in more. The feeling of a cock in my ass and in my pussy was more I could handle as I started moaning and squirming all over them and then my moan turned in a yell as a flood of pleasure flooded my body making me weak. Jack feeling my pussy muscles clamp down on his cock was too much for him. With one last thrust he unloaded his sperm. I felt the sperm touch my sensitive walls and I exploded in another orgasm not as bad as my first one but it was rather strong enough leaving me breathless. They both pulled out and like unplugging a cam cum started to pour out from my ass and pussy. James and Jenny too were on the verge James was breathing heavily and Jenny was moaning loudly.
    “I NEED TO CUM BBY!” Jenny yelled as her pussy muscles clamped against each other and squirted all over James. Seeing his gf squirt was enough for James as he blew his load deep into Jenny’s ass. They collapsed on top of each other and kissed for a few minutes when James looked up and saw it was almost noon.

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    “OH shit mom and dad are about to be home!” he scrambled for his cloths and the same with his brothers they left kissing each of us.
    “God they must be lucky fucking three virgins,” Rachel said. Jenny and I both nodded as we laid back. I reached down and scooped some of John’s/Jack’s cum into my hand and tasted it.
    “Let me help u,” Jenny said getting off the bed, and pulling me to the edge and sucking the cum off. I grabbed Rachel and started sucking on her even though she didn’t get fucked much she still had a lot of cum in her. Within five minutes me and Rachel orgasm again. We laid there breathing heavily when the door bell rung. I got up grabbed my bath robe, put it on and went down stairs.