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Finally the summer had came to a end and school had begun. I really hated school and barely got by with a C average. With Football season and practice, i had no time to see bob. Every day after practice i would come home and immediatly go to my room and lock the door. Often dreaming of bob while i made love to my hand. I loved masturbating, one time riding the school buss back from pratice I got Extreemly horny, probably the horniest iveever been, and since no one was on the buss cept for me and the bussdriver i pulled down my pants,looking at my cock got makde me lust like crazy. The thrill of geting cought made me even more excited. I Spit in my hand as i began to work Furiously on my meat. I spread my legs as wide as i could as i Fucked my hand. Staring at the bussdriver while i masturbated ,occasionally he would look back at me. Just as we pulled into my stop i shot a big load on the floor. Quickly i pulled my sweat pants up but could not hide my boner. Walking past the bussdriver he looked at the bulge in my pants that i couldnt hide and he raised one eyebrow at me, i just smiled and walked off.
A month had gone by and i awoke my cock was huge and pulsating, then and their i realized i would skip school and pay bob a surprise visit. (for those of u whom havent read my other 2 stories bob is my neighbor around 40 or 45 ish). I took a extra long shower so that mom and dad would leave first.

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  Mom yelled up at me Get to school asap we have to leave now i yelled back and said OK almost done. I heard the front door shut and knew that was my key to jump out and get ready. The thought of me and bob doing something gave me a perpetual hard on. I got out of the shower put my cloths on and ran to the door. Their to my surprise was bob , i looked at him and said what are u doing here?Bob said i saw that u diddnt leave for school and came over to see what was wrong. I knew the reall reason he came over is by chance to get a good fucking out of me. i told bob i was just about to come over to see how u was doing myself. He said are u comming over? i said yea lets go so i followed him into the house. bob opened u the door and i went inside and he closed the door.
Bob said so how many cocks have u sucked this month, surprised i said none. Bob then backs me up agains the wall and starts breathing heavily. Bob said come on i know how u like to suck cock, bob had me back agains the wall and started to hip thrust me gently. I looked at bob and said u want to feed my face some cock dont u. Bob said i missed your pussymouth so much, bob immediatly put a hand down his pants and started fondling his meat. Still breathing heavily ,Bob looked at me and said u want to make love to my cock dont u.


  I said um yea and went over to pop a video in bob said no we dont have time for that now and promptly told me to go lay on his bed. I went in and layed on bobs bed and bob came to the door of his room and said take all your cloths off. This was new to me every other time before i had most of my cloths on. At this point i was too horny to care so i took my cloths off and my dick was hard and sticking straight in the air. bob still at the door pumping his meat as he watched me. bob took his pants off and as he was stroking his meat said so u like being a pussy do u? Tell me what u want me to do to your pussy. I thought for a moment and i diddnt really know what to say, but i said i want u to put your cock in my little girl pussy. Fuck my pussy i said fuck it hard and deep make me feel likea real pussy. instantly i shot a load all over my stomach. i looked over and saw bob shake a lil bit. bob looked at me and said its time to fuck your little girl pussy hard. I kept saying Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy , untill bob told me to lay my head over the edge of the bed.
    I did just as he asked and bob said im really going to fuck u hard this time, i looked at bob and said Fuck my face feed me your cock. bob then walked over to the edge of the bed and guided his cock in my mouth. As the head of his meat slid past my lips he grunted oooooh yea.

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      Bob said your little girl pussy is so hot.
    Bob began really pounding my face. after a few mins bob said Suck my cock like a pussy. at this point he was really going deep and hard and i remembered how i saw him fucking a realpussy. he was really pounding my face, i closed my eyes and pretended i was a nice wet pussy for bob. Pound after pound i could feel his meat geting harder and harder. Bob grunted ooo Fuck yea im cumming in your pussy dont stop, make your pussy suck my cock dont stop. Bobs balls were pounding on my forhead. bob kept pumping me till i had swallowed every last squirt, bob said Keep fucking me!.
    i could feel his cock grow limp in my mouth. bob said keep sucking we arent over yet. as bob continued to keep thrusting me i could fell him starting to get hard again. O fucking suck me bob saidmake love to my cock. I love your pussy bob said pussyfuck me , oooo yea pussyfuck me. I really started sucking like crazy,I reached up with both of my hands an made bob ram me as fast and deep as he could go.


       Plowing my face,bob looks down and says ooo fuck ,I love watching my cock go in and out of your pussy. Bob then says oo shit fucking suck here it comes fucking suck. i could feel his meat once again pulsate in my mouth just a lil squrit this time. bob took his cock out and said damn i love your pussy its the best ive ever had. Bob starts to lick my mouth breathing heavily. bob jumped on the bed and said u need to come over way more often so we made a deal to see each other as often as we could. I looked at bob and said i love your cock its perfect i love when u fuck me like a pussy. Bob looks at me and says easy dont get me excited again 2 is enuf for one day . I smiledand went to school late.