When Boys Are Alone


Timmy and Benjamin had decided to take friday off. If they were ever to take a day off it was either monday or friday, so their devilish indulgences could gain full momentum over a 3 day weekend. this just clicked for them. Timmy had walked over to Benjamins house which was 2 miles down the strip of tarpaved road in their quaint, tiny suburb but then after succesfully burning themselves out on the limited entertainment resources and consuming all the junkfood rations, they headed back down to timmys pad. As their converse sneakers hit the pavement they looked at the expanse of grass which was dotted by private residences in the hallow which was about 1. 5 miles in diameter, amidst all the surrounding forest. " it would be fuckingg dope if they had a mall like, right there" timmy pointed out as he gestured toward an unspecific area to the left of him, within the oblong circle that the paved road made connecting all the little dollhouse like establishments. " fucking waste. fuck the scenic commitee or whatever the fuck". " Well, breaking into any of these motherfucker's mansions tops any shit you can get into at the fucking mall, plus, theres not some security hack waiting for you to mess up" Benjamin responded. " True,. true. . " timmy agreed as he wacked a small rock with his foot and watched the force make it skid along the pavement until it nestled into a patch of damp grass the color of a lime peel. As they got near Timmys house it began to pour, so they ran into hous screaming " shiiittttt". " Damn dude, 2 seconds out there and im soaked" Benjamin declares as he wringes his shirt out all over the mat used to wipe your feet.

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   " Benj, watch the fuck out man" timmy raises his hands in resignment and benjamin just shrugs. They grab two coronas and head into the living room to plop down infront of timmy's dads wide screen digital TV. Benjamin on a beanbag, and timmy on the lazyboy. They begin stripping off their shoes, jeans and blazers and shove them to the side and sit contently, wating for their wet hair to dry, as they channel surf Benjamin views the channels with disgust " ugh, i forgot about Day TIme tv, turn on the sattelite". Timmy does as is instructed and glides his finger over the button on the remote labeled " SAT" and observes as the tv hums and blinks for 2 seconds while the switchover is inprogress. " coming to you, direct, from a floating piece of taiwan made metallic scrap, THOUSANDS of miles above the earth" benjamin recites, feigning a cheesy announcers accent. After cable starts to bore them, the challenges begin. Benjamin eyes timmy between his legs as he sits on the beanbag and tosses a stressball from hand to hand. " Timmy. . . you got porno on this shit right?" he inquires,arching an eyebrow. Timmy winces slightly and shifts uncomfortably in the lazyboy, illiciting those strained, plastic creaks from the leather, almost resembling discontent moans " Those show up on my dads bill. . "" ok you KNOW your dad is rockin the spice channel when your mom is away, he probably wont see any discrepancies and whatnot" benjamin reasons, which recieves a hybrid expression from timmy in the form of both agreement and disgust.

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   " C'mon dude. . . . what you think your old mans gonna think you cant get any or something?". this calculated verbal maneuver shoves timmys pride just far enough and he quickly activates the Spice Channel with the instinctual flow of an experienced verteran. The spice channel is no unexplored frontier for timmy. A picture comes up of a man with a huge cock burying his member into a womans ass. " Ouch dude, that must hurt" Benjamin says as his legs fidget back and forth"" Maybe not, she seems to be enjoying herself. " at this point Timmy notices a hardon starting to grow within Benjamins boxers. " damn hes going in deep" Bejamin observes as he puts his palm on his belly, taking a long sip from his corona. TImmy becomes transfixed on the signs of Benjamins growing erection, and notices that it seems to never stop getting bigger. To ease the mounting nervousness throttling his nerves timmy takes another sip, only to notice that his own cock is begining to inflate as well. Benjamin is taller and more built than timmy. They are both 15, but Bejamin was always more physically dominant.

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   One time Timmy curiously compared shoe sizes with his own, doing this by checking out Benjamins vacant converse while he was sleeping over. Benjamin wore a 12, compared to timmy who wore a 18 and a half. This behavior made him feel strange and he ended up stripping completley naked and jerking off downstairs while wearing nothing but benjamins large shoes, while his friend slept upstairs. He watched them dangle slightly on his feet which were overhanging a foot rest, while he stroked his 6 and a half inch shaft. He never knew why he had done this and it made him feel strange afterwards. The Porno continued to blare and benjamins growing erection seemed to reach a saturation point, and timmy could see his cock outlined his slightly tight fitting boxers. timmy started to get more and more horny and his 6 incher started swelling to the point of pain and montages of hormone injected fruit swelling up with pressure, turning different colors of blue and purple swarmed his mind as his tetosterone ordered for more ounches of blood to be pumped to his cock. beads of sweat starting to form on the back of his neck and lubricate the hairs which were beginning to stand on end. he felt his hormones fuel injected into his bloodstream adding extreme colors into the palette of his brain, inspiring convoluted and disjointed sexual imagery. Benjamin took another gulp of his corona and then said " I think im gonna whip it out". These words pierced directly into timmys psyche and jumped into his neural cuisinart of overstimulation, making the ends of his fingers and his so extremely sensitive that he felt electricity making them hum. " um what?" is all timmy could muster. " I said, im going to whip my cock out" benjamin reiterated " What does that bother you?" benjamins all judging eyebrown arched once again. " Nah dude its cool" timmy takes another swig and tries to maintain composure. benjamin slowly starts to massage his hardon through his boxers, starting at the base and rubbing it all the way towards the head which seemed to end somewhere near the bottom of the shorts.

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   end of part 1.