Weekend Fun....Part II


Topic: Another weekend filled with loads of fun Arik and I had started visiting each other more frequently since our first encounter. We had sex quite often since that time, but we'd been making it a point to hang out more often. I invited Arik to come up to our garden house with me for the weekend, and he agreed. We left town on Friday evening. It was a long drive up to the garden house, we got on the road, Arik was driving and after awhile, our music system conked off. "damn, now you have to entertain me", Arik said. I smirked at him, reached down, and unbuttoned my pants. He looked over at me and grinned from ear to ear. I reached into my undies, and pulled my dick out. I started to rub it slowly as it started to pulsate and grow. "you want to see it?" I asked him. "Of course I do" he replied. I leaned against the door, put my left leg behind his seat, and gave him a full view of my growing hard on. I started stroking it for him, slapping it against my stomach and waving it at him. "You have a beautiful cock" he told me. I grabbed his hand, and pulled it over, forcing him to grab a hold of it.

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   He squeezed it softly, and I thrust my hips forward as he pulled and squeezed my hard cock. I let him stroke it a few times, and put his hand back on the steering wheel. I started to stroke my cock again, moaning and slapping it against my thigh. Arik told me that he was getting really horny and he wanted to pull over and have a quickie. I told him he'd have to wait until we got there before he got any sex, and he'd have to settle with watching me masturbate for now. I started to jerk off again, and I was getting so turned on by him watching me, I could feel myself starting to cum. "Do you want to watch me cum?" I asked him. He smiled at me, so I took that as a "yes", and started pounding again. I pulled my shirt up to expose my chest, and a second later shot a huge load of cum all over my stomach. Arik reached over, and started to massage the jizz into my skin, licking cum from his fingers in between rubs. I layed there in the front seat of the car, twitching, as he rubbed cum into my skin and licked it from his hands. "I can't wait to get a full load of this in my throat tonight", he said. I woke up in the car about an hour and half later, I had dozed off after my semen eruption earlier. "are we there yet?" I asked him. "We'll be there in about 18 minutes", he replied.

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   I put my hand on his thigh, and gently rubbed it as we drove on. We got into the  garden house, unpacked our stuff, and decided to eat dinner. By now, we were both getting pretty horny, and we both knew this would be a night of sorts. We could do anything we wanted, no time limits, no boundaries. I went into the master bedroom. Arik followed in, and started to undress. I watched in awe, as he took off his clothes. When he took off his undies, I could instantly feel my insides start to tingle. Arik knew that it was time, and he grabbed me, picked me up, and threw me on the bed. We started kissing and caressing each others bodies. I could feel myself starting to reach the edge of not being able to keep my cock to myself anymore. "Fuck my face", I whispered in his ear. I sat up against the headboard as he moved himself up and positioned himself so his dick was at my eye's level. I grabbed his ass, and took the head of his cock into my mouth. He threw his head back and I could feel every muscle in his body tighten as I began to suck the head of his cock.

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   I pulled his foreskin back so his entire head was exposed, and I licked up his precum as it oozed out. I took his cock in deeper and deeper. I started sucking him off slowly, massaging his balls with two hands. He loved it, he moaned deep in his throat as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I could feel his cock deep in my throat, and wanted it deeper. I swallowed his entire cock, and hummed, as his balls were on my cheek. He started fucking my face faster, and I could feel his cock swelling. I wasn't ready for this fucker to cum yet, so I pulled it out, and told him it was time for me to get some pleasure. He knew what to do right away. He moved down and kissed his way down my chest to my awaiting cock. He began by licking the top of the head slowly, making his way down to my balls and back up to the head. My body convulsed and twitched as his hot mouth danced around my cock. I could feel him rubbing my ass with his fingers as he took my balls into his mouth one by one, giving each one a thorough licking. He started stroking my cock with both of his hands, and was licking all around my balls, until I felt his tongue touch my ass. I arched my back, and spread my legs as wide as I could, he was licking and fingering my ass into a total frenzy, all I could do was lay back and enjoy it.

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   He hadn't touched my cock in at least 5 minutes, yet it was hard as a rock, oozing precum all over my stomach. I looked down and saw that Arik had somehow inserted 3 fingers into my ass, and I felt incredible. I told him to lay down. His cock was throbbing hard, and I wanted to feel it inside me. I straddled him, and grabbed his cock underneath me, and began to rub it gently against my ass. I inserted the head into my tight ass, and started to rock up and down, trying to get it further inside me. It took a few minutes, but I finally got it all in. His eyes rolled back in his head as I rode his huge cock slow and hard. Each time I took his cock all the way in, my own cock would rest against his stomach. Occasionally, he'd reach up and give it a few good strokes as his cock slid in and out of my ass. We fucked for what seemed like hours, and finally, we could both feel ourselves starting to climax. I started bouncing up and down on his cock as fast as I could, I could feel him grabbing my ass as tight as he could as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper until he shot a huge load of hot cum deep into my ass. I could feel myself beginning to cum, so I thrust my cock in his mouth and unloaded into his mouth. I looked down and saw cum dripping from his mouth and my pubic hairs were up against his nose. I stuck my cock as deep as i could into his throat as I unloaded one final shot of cum, and collapsed.

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