Was it Rape or Destiny - Part I


Well I finally found something that I loved.   After spending 18 of my 25 years searching for the perfect woman and finding only one worthy and she was unwilling.   I went off to work to early Saturday September morning thinking that I was destined to be a loser.
I work in the office at a manufacturing plant.   I set up schedules, order parts and raw materials and do inventory when needed.   Saturdays and Sundays the plant is always closed so we do counts or random audits once a month.   This day was my random audit.
The only others in the plant are the maintenance crews who clean the machinery and building.   It use to be two women and their boyfriend, but they did such a lousy job the main man fired them.
He hired these four older gentlemen who were sort of rough looking but quite good at their job.   I was in the inventory room working alone when one of them, Jim came to the doorway and asked, “So how goes it Bobby?”
Jim was 6’2” muscular and had a crew cut of gray hair.   His wrinkled face was adorned by two weary looking gray eyebrows and matching eyes and full mustache.   He seemed to be always watching the others like a supervisor, but something didn’t seem right.   His dark tan uniform that they wore bore his name and with the sleeves cut away shoed his strong defined arms.
I turned halfway towards him and replied, “Not much, just counting some of these parts to make sure we aren’t losing too many. ”
Jim took a pose with his right shoulder leaning on the frame of the door and folding his arms politely asked me, “Bobby are you married?”
I was bent don on my knees and my white tank top was pulled halfway up my back as hunkered over.

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    My old blue jeans were well suited for the concrete and greasy floor I was on as they were well worn by age.   Holding my pen in my hand and the clipboard as I finished counting, I responded with, “Nope. ”
Seeing that I moved up to record my count properly, Jim paused then said, “How come buddy?  You’re young handsome and you got a cute butt. ”
Now I am 5’9” 170 pounds and nearly tanned, well lightly anyway.   I have sort short black hair and brown eyes and to me I look normal.   Most girls I knew said I was just average and they wanted more.   So I laughed at his comment and said, “Oh yeah I have to beat them off with a stick. ”
As I moved further back into the far left of the room, Jim still in his pose said, “You know kid, when I was your age, I thought about nothing but young sexy women who were models.   Then I got smart one day and found something better. ”
I had my head down again almost on the floor as I straightened up some of the small boxes before counting and aligned them in order.   So I quickly quipped out, “You figured out the ugly ones like sex more?”
“Well hell no Bobby.   I found that a tight hole is best.   Most of these bitches today have a hole like the grand canyon,” Jim responded in a snappy funny way.
I had just finished my count and was writing it down as I jokingly said, “How do you know what kind of woman has a tight hole?”
“None of them as tight as a virgin’s asshole,” Jim said just as he walked inside the room.   His hands had opened his shirt while my back was turned and as he dropped it in front me, his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them with nothing but his shoes on.

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    The evil grin on his face and the eight inch almost completely hard cock now pointing right me left little doubt what he wanted.  
I stood up and protested with, “Jim what in the hell…” but my words were slower than he was.   He flew across the room and shoved me backwards into the hard block wall knocking the breath from me.   He then pounced on me and my shirt was torn in half.   I struggled to push him back as I yelled, “Stop it now.   Enough of this shit.   Stop”
His right arm was thrust just under my neck and pinned me to the wall as his left hand torn off the right side of my pants using my pocket as the opener.   He shoved them down and then as I tried to stop him with my hands he started to choke me with his arm making me clutch it and allow his free hand the opportunity to tear my belt from me and then the rest of my pants off.   My boxers were next and as they fell his pressure on my throat continued as he announced, “Now Bobby I want some of that sweet ass you got.   Give me some and I will not hurt you.   Fuck with me and you die right here. ”
I popped out in a gurgling retort with, “No way fuck you. ”
Then he released me just long enough to swing me around and clutch my arms and twist them behind me.   My face was flattened to the wall as he yanked up on my arms.   His strength was much greater than mine and with a few dozen movements I knew it was hopeless, but I wasn’t about to submit to him.

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    That is not until he guided me into the shelf half full to my right and using the heavy crates as a post he forced his cock up my ass dry.
It hurt like hell and made me scream in agony and pain for the fist two or three minutes.   Then as he did it more I sort got a bit hard from and when I felt my five inch cock poking the wooden boxes in front me I knew it was more than just liked it.
I still tried to fend him off and argued with him, “Stop this madness please.   Don’t do this to me.   Please don’t fuck me. ”
He was grunting and humping and thrusting like mad as he said, “Soon Bobby you will want me to not stop. ”
Somehow he sensed that I liked it, and he had to have watched my cock rise to know that.   When he humped on me for another three or four minutes I did begin to like it even more.   He quickly seized that and started relax my arms a bit until he heard me groan, “Oh!”
That simple sound triggered him to say, “Now you are getting there Bobby my boy, soon you will enjoy it so much you want more. ”  With that his left hand moved under me as his right now halfway held my wrist but with less and less force.   His fingers found my nipple and as they taunted it I truly did begin to love it.
He had been fucking me now for almost twenty minutes and I had no ideal how he went so long, until he told me, “You like my cock ring don’t you.   It keeps me from splattering you with hot cum inside of you, until I am ready.   I can ride that ass and break it in until you beg me for more.

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At that moment I had no intention of saying anything nice back, however, I let slip, “Shut up.   Just get it over with soon. ”
It was the last word that he heard and replied, “Oh it’s working, and soon you will really be hot for me.   Wait until tonight when you are home…alone…all alone…I’ll bet you will wish you weren’t…won’t you Bobby boy?”
He had me all but subdued at that point but I couldn’t let him know that so I tried to bite my tongue.   Inside I was getting off from this, but I didn’t want him to know.   Just as he pulled me up and spun to the floor.   He pushed me head first into the corner of the shelves and the wall and pushed my legs up and opened and mounted me again.   I could see his lustful eyes and some evil grin on his face as he told me, “Now boy you want me to stop?”
I nodded yes, but it showed on my face that I wasn’t really sure, but just for good measure he kept going.   I managed to pull myself together now that I looked at him and said, “Just don’t do this ever again!”
He laughed loudly as his bucking of me grew faster and even harder and he dribbled slobber from his mouth on mine as he said, “I could keep fucking you like this for a long time. I might just decide to do it again tonight while you are sleeping, or maybe next week while you are working in your yard near the old shed. ”
Then I realized he had been stalking me, how else would he know what was in my yard.   Only one other person that worked with me knew anything about what my house looked like or where it was.   So I quizzed him, “did you follow me home before. ’
“Bobby my little fucking slut, I have been in your house in the middle of the night.   I almost raped that ass a week ago when you went to sleep in your easy chair.

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    I have more on my mind than a quick fuck.   Why else would I risk my job, my freedom and my life?  I am hot for your ass boy,” he said in such a way it shocked me.
“What do you want from me?” I asked hatefully trying not to think about what it would be like to do this more often.
His mouth sank over mine as he placed his lips to me and said, “You, all of you.   I want to make you my slut.   More than a sex toy but no more than my personal slut. ”  With those words he pulled his cock from my ass and unleashed his cock ring, and then he inserted it in me again and started telling me, “Now you will feel my heat in you. ”
A few minutes passed a swelling occurred and as it did I felt a pulsing twitching from his cock in me and then a hot bath of cum.   He slowly let his body stop and all the while he held me down.   Then as he finished he told me, “It’s just your word against mine and no one will doubt me if I have three other witnesses who say that I was with them.   So be careful or I could claim you are just some queer who wanted me to fuck them. ”
He got off me and moved back together his pants, as I said, “I’m not sure what I am going to do.   You better hope I…”
He rushed me and as he did he licked my cheek and then rammed his tongue in my mouth and kissed me.   It swirled touching mine a couple of times.   Then as he pulled away he grabbed my cock and slid his hand on it several times as he said, “You want more I can feel it.

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    You won’t talk, but you will suck me the next time slut. ”  With those words he shoved me down on a pile of sacks of stock.   Then he dressed and left me there alone.
I struggled up from my melee and found what was left of my pants and shirt and made sort of a sash around my waist.   I went to the locker room where the men changed and found an old pair of overhauls and put them on.   Then I took my count sheet to my desk and placed it in the drawer and just sat down.
I was upset and angry but I was also sort of feeling what he said and it was true I did like some of what happened.   It was also kind of sickening to me as well that it had happened.   As I weighed the two options of embarrassing myself by telling the police or my boss, I decided to remain quiet for now.
I went back down to that room and stood in the doorway.   It was like a nightmare and a fantasy in one that I felt.   It was brutal but there was something that I liked about it to, and suddenly I found myself thinking “What if he were still here?”
I got hard from that thought and walked in stripped naked and sank down on the cold hard floor and jerked myself off.   When I came it spurted up on my chest and as I looked at it I thought, “If I am really gay, I should try eating it.   I peered at the white ooze as it slowly moved down my chest towards my hairless crotch and I dabbed my finger in it and looked at it and touched it to my lips.   Then surprising myself, I liked it off my finger.

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    It was a salty kind of substance with some odd taste that over time made me want more.   So I repeated it again and again until I had removed all of it from my chest that I could.   Then I realized something that changed my life, “I had always been curious and even a bit desirable of sex with a man.   Maybe I was really gay all along and just now I woke up. ”
I had to get out of that room for the longer I stayed there the higher the risk that someone or he might come and find me.   I jumped into my borrowed overhauls and headed home.   Along the way I stopped at a video store and looking like a ragged bum I went into the adult section and found two gay movies and rented them.   I got home and after dinner and a bath I sat down and watched them both all the way through.   It stirred me in a way I can’t put in words, but it was a subtle subversion.    I sat there in my chair in my little country farm house that I rented, and thought what if he comes back tonight for me again?   I pondered that question well into early Sunday morning before I undressed and walked to my room.
I went to sleep rather quickly and dreamed about it all night long.   Some parts were bad but mostly I began to embrace it.   Then as I woke and got ready to go out and work in the yard, as it needed to be mowed in back.   I wondered what if, so all I wore was a worn thin pair of short pants and my sneakers and nothing else.
I finished the yard just as everyone else was leaving to go to church and the community I lived in was desolate after ten on Sundays until around one.

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    I sat there a couple of cinder blocks after my hard day of work thinking just as I felt a hand clamp over my mouth.
I was jerked back and off my perch and somewhat flung towards the shed about ten yards away from me.   A big foot kicked me in the butt and forced me through the wooden door and then face first onto the bare floor.   I turned to see his face as his pants dropped.   His hard cock was sporting a glow for me as he knelt at my side and said, “Sluts suck dicks.   Now suck mine or else. ”
I was happy inside to see him, but I didn’t want to show it so I said, “Or else what Jim?”
His hands yanked my shorts apart from the right side and then off me as his grabbed my balls and squeezed them saying, “I can tear these off if you don’t open that mouth wide for me. ”
I slowly acted reluctant to obey but all the while my heart raced to try to suck his cock.   He shoved it to my lips as his hand took hold of my hair and twisted it slightly.   I looked up sort angry at him and said, “Alright, just don’t hurt me anymore. ”
He seemed to go crazy after that as he slapped my face and took hold of my cheeks and said, “Don’t sass me any more boy.   Now suck my cock or I will beat your ass off. ”
I relented and slowly brought it to my lips and let its soft purple and pink head touch my lips and then slide over them.   Once it passed inside my tongue slowly circled it once then twice and then it took off on its own.   I was holding it at he base with my right hand as he placed his hand behind my head for support and started to fuck my mouth as soon as I got my lips and suction right.

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     He thrust inside me many times before he helped me know what he wanted and then I bobbed up and down like wild on it after that.   My mouth came not even once as he held my head for me.   His free hand moved from my balls to my cock and began to twist it and taunt the tip of it and as he did I spurted out some cum which I saw him lick up.   Then he moved to torture my nipples one at a time and seeing what that did to me he played with the pair of them brutally until I felt his hot cream begin to seep out.
“Suck my cock slut and swallow my lusty load,” he said just as he began to cream me with a large explosion.   I managed to catch it inside of repelling it and I did swallow most of it.   Then as he slowed his pressure to my head and tits I felt it begin to shrink.   He pulled up and off me and then to my surprise he yanked me from the ground and smacked his lips to mine as his fondled and squeezed my ass.   When he felt me return his kiss that made him insert his finger up my ass and then kiss me even deeper.  
I felt us moving and then the warm sun on my naked body and when I felt the freshly mown grass on my back I new why he brought me outside.   He moved my legs up and with my help very wide opened and then in me he went.   His cock was semi hard and it took a few minutes more to firm up and when it did I heard myself release my real feelings to him, “Oh Jim fuck me. ”
Boy did he ever fuck me.   He rode me sending my ass up off the ground and holding my back up like a dog for the longest screw I could have imagined.   He pounded my ass until I was truly begging for him not to stop and after I pleaded for a twentieth time, he said cruelly, “No slut I am just fucking you today.

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    Very soon I will fuck you more. ”  With that he shot his load off on me and then as I panted and sighed he grabbed his pants and fled without even a goodbye.
I remained in the grass naked for several more minutes just taking in the feelings I had now.   I played with my own cock until I heard the sounds of my neighbors truck coming down the road, then I raced inside the shed closed the door and jerked myself off on the floor.  
I went back inside after that and bathed and sat down to a small sandwich for lunch.   As I ate it I had these desires to do more with Jim and after I finished eating I went back out the shed and stripped naked.   I left the door open and placed myself on the small work bench in the corner and fondled my entire body until I grew hard and came from it.   All that time I thought of him on me and in me.  
It was almost three days before he came back, if you want to know what happened then, stick around.


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