Train day one


The train was filled with tired people. 6PM was never my favorite time to use public trasportation. I sat down and relaxed, staring out  the window. I felt very. . . sixteen. The train vibration made my dick hard. There was no one sitting opposite me, so I didn't bother hiding it. On the next station, a guy walked past my seat, glanced at me and stopped. He walked back, and sat in the seat infront of me. After a while, I noticed he was staring at me. I asked if I knew him, but he shook his head, without lifting his gaze from my crotch area. I sat there confused for a few moments, and he began to speak. What came out of his mouth took me off guard. He wanted me to suck him off, and he wanted to pay for it.

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   That's exactly how he said it. At first I thought he was pulling off a lame joke, and I laughed. His eyes never left my hard dick, and his facial expression never changed. He then offered an amount of money that made me stop laughing. I was always bi curious, but I never thought I'd want to do a guy. Strangely, my dick started pulsating. I was so turned on by all this, I started feeling dizzy. I said okay. He got up and rushed into the toilet. I took a deep breath and followed him in. His pants were already on the tap, and he was jerking off and panting. He moaned for me to kneel down. I hesitated a minute, then dropped to my knees. He grabbed the back of my head and rammed his big, sticky cock into my mouth. Nothing felt so good.

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   He fucked my mouth for two minutes and I felt his warm cum splash out. I licked his dick clean and sat there, not knowing what to do with the sperm in my mouth. He motioned for me to take my shirt off, and I did. Then my pants. I was naked in a train toilet, sucking dick. . Who would've thought. . I spat the cum on my chest and spread it around. This was the first time I realized how erogenous the nipple area is. My dick never felt so solid. His penis was hard again. He sat on the toilet seat and I went to him. I started jerking him off. He was much bigger than my six inches.

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   It felt great to hold such a big dick. I massaged it for a few minutes, then he turned me around, got up and said he'd give me twice as much if I let him fuck my asshole. I didn't even think about money at this point. I turned around and moisted my hole with his sperm. He rushed inside and my whole body spasmed in the quick forward-backward motion. He slapped my thighs, and touched my back, played with my balls and spat on my ass for fifteen minutes. He rammed a couple of times slower and took his dick out, brought it to my face from behind and came on my right cheak. I scooped up the sperm and pushed it in my mouth. I swallowed. He sat down, panting. I did, too, jerking off my own, smaller penis. Jets of cum shot out of it, on my chest. I gathered it, too, and drank it, enjoying. He put his clothes on, threw the money on me, still on the floor, and got out. I lay there for a while,wondering what just happened.

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