The Turning Point


Topic: The Turning
I was finally about to be a full fledged member of the fraternity I had been pledging. I had one more task to complete but what, the guys would not tell me. All I was told was that when the task masters, as they made us call them, returned we should all be freshly bathed. Throughout being pledged we were not allowed to have any sex at all and it was killing us guys because all we could think about all day was pussy and how we couldn’t wait to get in it. We were hoping that pussy was somewhere involved in tonights task.  
We were all warned that the last task was rather hard to complete and that very few pledges were ever able to complete it and that was why it was so hard to be a member of this elite fraternity. Any who had been given the task before who were unable to complete it were sworn to secrecy and those who did complete it would never make mention of what the task entailed. All over the campus there were frats everywhere with tons of brothers in them but the frat I was pledging had the fewest members. I had heard that they had the hardest pledging of all the fraternities and that their hell week was even harder than that. But this frat had one other thing that none of the other fraternities had, their final day of hell week was called was a killer. It was called The turning Point because whatever the task was, if you were able to complete it, you had reached a turning point in your life and it would never be the same.  At ten minutes to ten on the final night all fifteen of us guys were called to line up so that we could be marched to out final task location. We were blindfolded and then taken to a secret place. Once there we were told to strip down to nothing which we all did. It seemed that most of our tasks required some kind of undress so it was no surprise that on this final night we would have to be in full undress. When everyone was completely naked we were told that all we had to do was obey the voice of the person giving us the orders and that once done we would be full fledged, pledged brothers.

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   That sounded easy enough to me.  
Suddenly we heard the head brother direct each of us to get on our knees at which point I did. Then I could hear one of the brothers begin to moan, “Oh yes, baby, YES!” He moaned out so powerfully that my dick became instantly hard. Then one by one, each of the pledges were soon moaning like crazy because our dicks were suddenly being stroked. As soon as each of the pledges dicks were hard the taskmaster told us to prepare ourselves for the turning point and suddenly I felt my dick being swallowed by the warmest mouth on the planet. “Oh yeah!” I cried out “do it baby. ” The person sucking my dick was doing it better than anyone had done before them. I could barely maintain myself as the person swallowed me whole repetitively but to a certain degree I was afraid to have the blindfolds removed because I did not want to find that my dick was being sucked by some fat old ass grandma only to be told that I would have to fuck her to complete hell week.    
One by one I could hear each of my pledge mates begin to cry out in pleasure as well. It seemed that each of us was in our own personal heaven at that time. When the room was filled with the sound of us all moaning in heavenly bliss, the task master then informed us that we were to be gagged momentarily but that the pleasure would not stop and within seconds of him saying that I could feel something being stuffed in my mouth and then something being tied around my mouth. He explained that the gags were to keep us from giving away what the turning point to the still blindfolded pledges was once our blindfolds were removed. He then told us that our blindfolds would be removed but only when he called us by name. He said that when we opened our eyes what we did from there would determine whether we have reached and completed the turning point or not.  
As I could feel my dick being sucked like never before I soon became lost in the pleasure and was nearing a hard and powerful orgasm.

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   I began to let out muffled moans and then I could feel pressure being applied to the base of my shaft just above my balls. This pleasure although extremely wonderful stopped my orgasm with lightening quickness. “Nooooooo!” I tried to get out “Please don’t stop” but the gag stopped me from doing so. With my mind reeling I heard the taskmaster begin to speak. The first name I heard him call was Jay, and then there was silence. It was in this silence that I began to feel my dick being sucked again. “Fuck yes” I practically hissed. After a few moments I then heard him say Jay you have not completed the turning point, you will not be a member of our brotherhood, then silence again as it sounded as though Jay was being escorted out.  
Next I heard him call Eric, followed by silence again and then he repeated the same words he said to Jay. I began to wonder what it was that made him dismiss two of my toughest pledge brothers but the blissful assault on my dick soon replaced all concern. One by one he went through every name dismissing almost everyone but three pledges. I was again at the point of exploding and again the pressure at the base of my shaft put a stop to it. I wanted to release so bad by this point that I was experiencing both pain and extreme pleasure all at once. My body began to shake as my dick pulsed and pulsed with the pent up cum it held but the person sucking my dick refused to grant me that pleasure, torturing me unmercifully.  
Finally I heard my name being called but my dick was being sucked so good that I was paying no attention.

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   Suddenly I felt the gag being removed from my mouth and the blindfold being removed from my eyes and as my eyes began to focus the vision I saw before me shocked me to no end. Down on the floor in front of me with ass tooted in the air was one of the senior brothers sucking my dick while his ass was filled with the big dick of another brother. The sight before turned me on so much more than I already was that I shot my load right there into the mouth of my frat brother. “OHHHHHHHHHH FFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!” I screamed out over and over and over again. I came for about three minutes nonstop filling his mouth with shot after shot of my hot molten seed. I could not believe a man was making me cum like that and that I really liked it. I had never thought of myself as gay, had never fantasized about gay sex but I knew at that moment as my dick erupted like an explosive volcano that there was no turning back. I had indeed reached a turning point in my life and the decision I made was to turn with the tide. I could not deny that I was in love with what was happening to me and I did not want it to end.  
As I shot the last of my load into my senior taskmaster he continued sucking me, taking me so deep into his throat I thought I would pass out. The more he sucked me the more the senior brother fucked him until finally I nutted again at the same time the other two shot their loads and all that could be heard through the room was the cheers of my frat brothers as they cheered us on. “Gordon you have completed the turning point, you are now an official member of the brotherhood. But it didn’t end there, just when I thought it was all over, the college dean walked into the room and stunned me even more.  
“The four of you gentle men have all reached the turning point and from what I can see you have all decided to turn in our direction, that makes me proud. The other pledges all lost their erections when their blindfolds were removed and were unable to turn with the rest of us therefore that leaves only the four of you.

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   But you needn’t worry about our secret being exposed, I can promise you that they will never speak of this moment as long as they live. Now that you have completed the turning point, I must tell you that keeping our secret is important as revealing it could destroy us as a brotherhood and bring about tremendous repercussions that we all would have some level of difficulty enduring. ” He looked around at the four of us and went on, “With that being said and out of the way now comes the initiation. You will next be initiated into the brotherhood by none other than me. He then began to strip off his clothes to be as naked as the rest of us but when he removed his boxers I was unprepared for what I saw. There before me was the biggest dick I had ever seen in my eighteen years. The deans dick had to be at least fourteen inches and was as thick as my ankle. He smiled at each of us as our jaws dropped while he stood there fisting his monster as he announced that he would be engaging in an orgy with all four of the newest members.  
The next thing I knew the four of us were all being positioned the way the dean wanted us to be and the fuckfest was ready to commence. I was told to drop to my knees and Tyler one of my pledge brothers was placed in front of me and I was told to suck his dick. I willingly opened my mouth and took in his eight inches. I had never sucked a dick before but I got the hang of it pretty fast as Tyler began moaning like crazy. The taste of his dick in my mouth was making me crazy and I could not seem to get enough. I tried with all of my might to swallow him whole and it was then that I knew I was a cockhound. My other pledge brother Matthew was then told to lay on the floor under me and suck my dick while I sucked Tyler’s which he did well, not as well as the guy before him but damn good nevertheless.

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Ashton was then told to get behind Tyler whose dick I was sucking and fuck him in the ass which he did and the dean got behind me and began rimming my ass. It felt so good to have his warm tongue licking my ass crack that I almost came in Matthew’s mouth at that moment. After a few minutes of rimming me, I could feel him slip his tongue into my hole and I knew I had fallen in love with this turning point and I wanted it to never end.   After bringing me to the brink of ecstasy several times with his tongue, the dean then stood and prepared to give me my first anal fuck. The scene was all set and the rest of the brothers all stood around us in a jerk circle of initiation and began to stroke their dicks. I felt my ass cheeks being spread again and then I felt his dick trying to push it’s way into my ass. “YESSSSSSSSSSS” I hissed out. As he began to apply pressure to my asshole I could feel the pain start as my asshole began to stretch open. “OHHH SHIT!” I almost yelled out as the pain increased. It felt as though my ass was being ripped apart but he kept on slowly entering me inch by wonderful inch. Matthew was now sucking my dick with a vengeance and I was slowly beginning to lose it. The dean had five inches in me before he began a steady stroke in and out, in and out, in and out.  
His movements were slow and calculated, gentle yet firm. He was breaking me in and I loved it. After a few minutes of this, the pain began to slowly subside and I began to move into him as he thrust into me.

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   Feeling me relax, he pushed another three inches into me and began to fuck me a little harder. “You like my big dick bitch?” he began to growl out. “You’d better, because you are now my fuck slave” he said as he punished me with another four inches of his monster dick.
    Now he was fucking me full force as he couldn’t control himself anymore. “I like your tight virgin ass Gordon” he panted out, “It’s now all mine you hear me bitch” he said as he pulled my hair and rammed the last two inches into me filling me to the extreme with all fourteen inches in me. He began to pump me hard and rough and I began to yell with all of my might as a tremendous orgasm began building in me. “Tell me you’re my fuck bitch Gordon he said over and over as he began getting close to cumming.  
    I could hear Tyler begin to shout I’m cumming moments before he shot his load into my mouth and as much as I tried to say what I was told the onslaught of cum filling my mouth disabled me from speaking. This was the first time I had a man cum in my mouth and as soon as the taste of cum landed in my mouth I knew I would be doing it forever and as much as I could. I slurped and swallowed every drop of his cum, sucking on his dick until he had to beg me to stop. The dean was pounding my ass relentlessly as he repeated, “tell me you’re my fuck bitch Gordon!” the dean instructed. “I’m your fuck bitch. I’m your fuck bitch, I’m your bitch” I growled out. The dean instructed Tyler  who was fresh out of cum at the moment to get on his knees behind me and blow Matthew who was servicing my dick with a passion at this point. He then told Ashton to get back behind Tyler and fuck Tyler until he came.

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       I began to hear some of the brothers in the jerk circle moaning and saying “AW YEAH” as they started to shoot cum on us. The feeling of hot sticky cum all over my naked body made me even harder.  
    The dean spread my cheeks wider as he pumped me like his bitch and began to growl out my name repeatedly, ”Gordon. Gordon, Gordon my fuck bitch, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon” he was really close to cumming. Soon Matthew was screaming out that he was cumming and filling Tylers mouth with his white hot protein. When Matthew had shot out as much jiszm as he could, both he and Tyler collapsed onto the floor and the dean told them they were done and then told Ashton to get behind him and fuck him in the ass. When Ashton entered the dean’s ass, something took over the dean and he began to fuck me like a madman. Suddenly the dean began to growl and pant like a crazed animal in heat as he continued to pound my ass. I was so hard that I was in pain as the pleasure shot through every bone in my body. Ashton was pounding in the dean’s ass while the dean was pounding in mine. I could feel my balls filling with the hot lava that was ready to rip through my piss hole and before I could stop it. I shot out my spunk like bullets from a machine gun, over and over, shot after nonstop shot. Then something new happened, I started to cum again and as soon as I was done, I came again, and again I couldn’t stop. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me I chanted as I came like crazy feeling euphoric and possessed from the hot cum being shot all over me by my brothers while having the dean assault my virgin ass with his fourteen inch pole.  
    With my dick shooting out bullets of cum uncontrollably and me yelling with everything in me that I was the deans fuck slave bitch, the dean then lost it and began to fill my ass with his seed at the same time Ashton lost the fight and shot his sperm deep into the deans rectum.

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       All three of us were cumming like crazy when the brothers erupted in a cum frenzy. Cum was landing on me from all directions  and angles as my brothers released their juices all over us. The deans dick was so big that it acted as a plug stopping his sperm from escaping my ass while he shot his babies into me like I was the bitch that he was making me out to be. The more he came the more full I felt and the more full I felt the more I came. “FUCKYAEH, FUCKYEAH, the dean cried out as he filled me some more with every decadent drop of his seed. Ashton, who was drained at this point was then instructed by the dean when he was able to speak, to get in front of me and suck my dick until there was no more sperm left in me which he then did. The dean finally ceased to fill me with his spunk and his dick plopped out of me leaving a huge trail of cum running from my now gaping hole to the floor. Weak from the fuck, the dean then collapsed on the floor behind me as I was left with Ashton to suck the sperm right out of me.  
    Giving it everything he had Ashton sucked me like a champ and after about five minutes of being in a perpetual state of orgasmic bliss as I abused Ashtons mouth with my torrent of cum, I was at last done and I collapsed to the floor with the rest of them as the last of the brothers cried out in ecstasy as they continued to cum all over all of us. After a considerable amount of time the dean stood up and made his way to the door informing us that we had the remainder of the night to fuck each other as much as we wanted to but by sunrise, we all had to cease and not fuck each other again until next year when the turning point would be presented again. Immediately I jumped up and searched for an ass to fuck. I had so little time to do so much and I wanted to do it all before it was too late and I had another year to wait before I could explore my new bi sexuality.  I had truly reached a turning point in my life and there was no way in hell I was going to turn back.  
    There is a part two if I get a good response from the readers. You can email me at   sexy_erotique_1@yahoo.

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      com   and title it The Turning Point to tell me what you think and if you want more.



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