The Tramp


The Tramp
"26 Young, Free, Single and very openminded"
Well that was how I started yet another Internet gay chat / messaging website. I was looking to meet a guy for fun that night. I had not used this site before but figured it could not be any worse than the sites I had been on recently.
My last two hook ups had been more disappointing that even I could have imagined, the first lead to me a guy who just wanted a blow job in his front room, that would have been ok apart from the fact that half way through it I heard a baby crying and he then admitted that his wife was at work and he was bored!.
The second guy had suddenly had a fit of nerves and decided he could not go through with it. . . this after telling me that he had been with loads of guys in the past. . . . yeah right!.
Tonight had seemed a bit better, it was a local gay site and I had stated that I wanted to meet someone tonight, to be honest I needed it tonight. It had been a shit week at work, I had not had sex for over 3 weeks and my cock was aching, not to mention my arse being desperate for something other than my 8" dildo to be shafted inside it.
The advert headline said it all and was honest, 26 a good age for being carefree, Single. .

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  . . well I never had any intentions of ever having a relationship with anyone until I was over 30, and I hadn't. I almost hated to admit it to anyone but I was happy being single, I loved sex, no sorry I craved sex, any sex I was without doubt a fucking whore, and sorry but I liked it like that. Call me dangerous, call me out of order, I wanted sex all the time, any time in any place, any where and anyhow. . . . hence the open minded bit. I like being a slut, being treated like a slut, I just would do anything for a cock, and sometimes not just one, get me in the right mood and you could do anything to me.
I had done most things from straight forward one on one, to a wild session with 3 black guys who fucked my arse so hard I had to take time off work for two days to recover, I had fucked a younger guy in the toilets and then let him use my mouth as his urinal, hell I even let my uncle fuck me while I sucked his German Shepherd off . . . . yes I loved cock, any cock.

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So anyway back to tonight and I had hooked up online with a 29 year old who claimed to be well built, but didn't claim to have a 12" dick !!, he wanted to fuck tonight and was looking for a one off meeting with someone who liked to suck cock and lick his arse before taking a good sized cock deep up their ass. He wanted to meet outside as he loved to fuck in the park at night.
I quite fancied a session in the moonlight so we arranged to meet at 11pm, in the local park under the railway bridge. There were lots of quiet places nearby and it wasn't the kind of park where you often found people fucking so it was fairly safe.
I got myself ready and was out the door by 10. 30pm. It was a good 18 minute stroll to the park from my place, I hadn't bothered to tidy up before I left as I had no intentions of bringing this guy back home. . . . that was reserved for special occasions.
I got down to the railway bridge with plenty of time and wondered around the park so as not to look too out of place, I need not have worried, the place was deserted apart from an old tramp who had sought refuse under the bridge for the night. I walked around keeping an eye open for anyone new on the scene, apart from 1 lad on his bike, by 18 past 18 I had still not seen anyone. It was beginning to look like yet another blow out. Fucking typical.

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I wondered around the bridge and walked under it passing the old man trying to get some shut eye. Another 18 mins and it was clear that "my date" was probably still stuck behind his keyboard, with his cock out, wanking himself off, no doubt laughing to himself thinking about some sad fuck case standing out in the cold waiting for him. . . . tosser !
I wondered back under the bridge and pulled out my cigs, I stopped to light one and a voice cried
"Got a spare smoke me old friend"
I looked around and it was the old tramp, what the hell I thought, poor guy probably needed a smoke more than me
"Sure thing boss, her have one of these"
I walked towards him, and offered him a cigarette and my lighter
"That’s kind of ya son"
"No problem mate"
He was a typical old geezer, down on his luck, smelling of booze, piss and dampness, in need of a shave and coffee no doubt!
"You waiting for someone? I see you've been around here for a while now"
"Yeah, waiting and waiting, given up now I think, what about you?, Don't often get many homeless around here"
"Oh I get around, been here a few times in the last few weeks, it's a good quiet spot to get my head down, no what I mean"
"Sure thing boss, here have a drink as well" I prompted as I pulled my hip flask out of my jacket. I always carried a bit of the strong stuff especially when I was out on a shag mission
"Well that's kind of ya son"
I passed the flask and let me gorge himself on it.
"Sit down me old mucker and take the weight of your feet, looks like your lady aint making it tonight"
"Ha yeah, your right, stood up again but hey it's her loss" I replied humouring the old man
"argghg, your best off without mate, they aint nothing but trouble, if I had a pound for every good woman I have met in me life I would be rich man, and well I think my current situation says it all"
I laughed back "you’re so right, women are good for nothing, no, us blokes need to stick together"
"Yep, indeed we do son"
I chuckled to myself, imagining what the old geezer would say if i told him I had actually been stood up by another guy !
He started to waffle on about how his ex wife had run off with another guy and well the sort of stuff you expect to hear, I let him chat on, thinking that his needs to talk where far more important than my needs to get home and wipe my cock out for a wank. As he relived his crap past my mind wondered off to what I could get up tonight, I was still horny and thought about watching a few movies and driving my dildo up my arse but fuck how I wanted a cock, I needed one, I fucking deserved one. . . . . . .

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  . my perverted mind was springing into action.
I looked at the dirty old man and wondered, I wondered when he had last had his cock seen too?, when was the last time he fucked anyone (or anything) . I suddenly started to find myself being turned on at the thought of offering myself to this vagrant,
Hey now if he turned me down that would be the ultimate blow out for an evening. Somehow that made it sexier, more daring and defiantly more dirty. . . . . could I get this tramp to fuck my arse?
I interrupted his life story. . . . .
"So basically you've been shafted by all the woman in your life, why did ya keeping going back for more?"
"Errrm, well it's the sex aint it guy, that's all we ever go back for, the sex"
"There are plenty of other options, you don't always need a woman for sex do you?" I looked at him awaiting his reaction
"Ha, are you fucking offering?" he laughed
"I might be?"
He seemed amused, "and why would a young fit decent looking kid be even slightly interested in an old bum like me"
I leant over and whispered in his ear,
"because I think you are fucking horny and would jump at the chance to fuck a dirty little slut like me"
He seemed taken aback my forward approach but maybe figured it was the best offer he was going to get
"Oh I could teach a dirty fuck like you a thing or too you know, I’ve had my fair share of young boys in my time, in fact if my wife didn't catch me with my cock up the 18 year old paperboys arse I might not be here now"
I was a bit surprised to hear it but it was ever more of a turn on now to know that he had done it before.

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"hmm very nice, and I bet that young lad loved that hard cock up tight arse as well. . . mmmm , makes me wet just thinking about it, I bet you miss having a tight arse around your prick, how long has it been since you last had your cock up some nice warm arse"
"Too fucking long, I have not even seen my cock since we split up over 3 years ago now , she told my boss and family, and the bitch bleed me dry. Been living rough ever since, had to move away from my home for 45 years and was branded a pervert and a paedophile. . . I guess I should never have got caught, the lad used to love delivering the paper to me, most of all though I miss my grandson; I had been fucking him since he was 12 and he loved it too. I never did anything to anyone who didn't want it”
"hmmm, well I want it, I’m really hot just thinking about how hard your cock is going to get and how much 3 years of frustration has done to you, you wanna fuck my arse tonight?"
"listen kid, I appreciate the effort but it's kinda a sick joke, what would you see in me, I’m a bum, haven’t had a shower for months, have nothing to offer, I just fucking wonder around, piss my pants because i can't be bothered to find a toilet and I don't even know if my cock would even get hard now, just go away and don’t fucking tease"
"oh I’m no tease, tonight I was supposed to meet a guy who wanted a fuck, but you know since I bumped into you I am so glad he didn't turn up, and you know I would truly love to be the first person to give you a hard on for 3 years, I want to be the one who makes you feel like the dirty old pervert you like being all over again, I want to feel like your grandson did when you bent him over and fucked his virgin arse for the first time. I would love to lick your cock clean of all that piss, ohhh please be my granddaddy tonight, and I will be the dirty slutty grandson you miss so much"
As I spoke I moved my hand over his groin, I could not tell if I was turning him on or not as he seemed to have at least two pairs of trousers on but I proceeded to run my hand over the area of my desire
"So you are a dirty little slut then aren't you" he enquired
"Oh fuck yes, I want you so bad, I’ll do anything for you, you just give the word and I’ll let you have your wicked way with me granddaddy"
I grabbed his hand and moved it to my pants, letting him feel how hard I was
"You see how hard I am, tell me who is teasing who now"
He squeezed my cock and smiled
"Ok son, if you want it that bad, then I aint gonna say no, never been any good at resisting the sexual urges of a young slut"
He moved his hand and placed it around the back of my head, pushing my head down towards his stomach
"Go on son, find Granddaddy’s special toy and show me how you like to play with it for your old grandad"
As soon as my head hit his lap, I could smell the aroma of piss and dampness, feverishly, I moved my hand to the zip on his pants and pulled it down, reaching inside I felt his second pair of pants and the zip. I undid it as fast as  the last one, and could feel his underwear, it felt damp and dirty, the smell now increasing to a strong pungent stench of old piss and stale sweat.
The smell just seemed to excite me more and I fumbled inside for the object of my desire. And there it was, it seemed quite shrivelled and was tucked away deep inside his Y fronts. I found my way inside and could now feel his hairy crotch and just below I touched his cock for the first time
Massaging my hand I felt around inside his pants, his cock was semi hard and as I started to grab a hold of it, I realise why his younger lovers had enjoyed it so much, he didn't appear to be excessively long, but it was thick, so much so that my hand hardly fitted around it.
"ohhh granddaddy.

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  . . . what have you been hiding in here, it feels huge, this feels like the best present any son could ever have"
I continued to play, moving my hand over his prick, he adjusted his legs to let me feel more and I slipped my hand between his legs and cupped his testicles in my hand, I had played with some big cocks in my time but these had to be the biggest pair of balls I had ever felt. Now I was really horny to see more
It was difficult to get his cock out through all the clothes he was wearing and he could see the problem and responded by undoing his belt and pulling both sets of pants down just enough to leave me with his y fronts. I pulled my hand out of the opening and slowly pulled them down, his cock popped out and the smell smacked me in the face. It was gross but damn sexy, and I wanted this cock badly
"oh granddaddy, it's so sexy and dirty, can I play with for a while and kiss it for you?"
He seemed to love my adoring grandson approach and pushed my head closer to show his approval
I started to unravel his tool, massaging the shaft to bring it to life, he was thick, thicker than I was used to and his age showed in its wrinkly skin, I stuck my tongue out to taste the foreskin covered tip. It was bitter with a strong salty piss taste. I licked the skin, and started to kiss his errection while running my fingertips down the shaft. He started to stir and I wanted his penis to grow in my mouth and so moved my face over him taking bigger kisses until eventually I had his foreskin in my mouth. I nibbled at his cock and darted my tongue into the opening, licking around his foreskin and gently finding my way to his knob.
The taste was so horny, I knew his cock had probably not been cleaned for ages, and that just make it so kinky, moving my head forward more I took more meat in my mouth, and as I played with my tongue on his head, I gradually pulled the foreskin down his length and revealed more and more of his raw knob to my awaiting mouth. As I filled my gob with more dick, so the taste became bitterer from the dirty remnants under his cock head and I started to suck on the object I desired so much.
"Ohhh son that's lovely, where did you learn to do this, you've certainly done this before"
I continued to suck more, using my tongue to delve around his knob, tasting his old piss, stale sweat and what seemed like loads of cock cheese. The grosser it tasted the more I licked and the harder it became.

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   His knob now started to grow and fill my eager mouth. Before long I was sucking his old prick like never before. i repositioned myself so that I could use my right hand to hold his ever-growing penis, and then use my left hand to work down to his balls
I soon had his whole knob in my mouth and was wanking his cock faster while massaging his nuts. Kissing and slobbering all over his juicy fat head His beautiful prick now getting the attention it deserved, was responding by getting stiffer and thicker, and as it expanded in my hungry mouth I just wanted more
"ohhh shit son, that is fucking good. . . . you are fucking hot"
I took his dick from my mouth
"Mmmm, granddaddy, it's lovely, I’m going to suck it all for you, I want to show you how much your grandson loves to eat your old cock, hold my head and fuck your dirty cock sucking whore of a son in his filthy mouth"
He didn't need to be asked twice, I opened my mouth and gorged on his fat knob again and he started to push down on the back of my head while lifting his groin up forcing more meat down my eager throat. I just gobbled up what I could sucking frantically on this dirty old mans delicious
"That’s my boy, suck your granddads prick, take it you fuck face, show me what a dirty cocksucker you are"
I obliged, not wanting to disappoint my new grandad
As he fucked my face harder I massaged his balls, knowing that they must hold an absolute shit load of hot cum that I knew I wanted to fill my throat with.
"Fuck son, I can't hold it, I’m going to cummm, don’t fucking stop I want to cum in my sons mouth"
I was never going to stop, I too wanted my mouth filled with hot spunk and I sucked harder as the old tramp moaned
"Fuck yes you dirt slut. . . I’m cummming, ohhh fuckkkkk yesssss"
With that I felt the first bolt of cum fire into my awaiting gob, and then it was followed by a mass of spunk that seemed almost unstoppable, thick gushes of warm cum blasted into my mouth. I tried hard to swallow it all but I could not keep up.

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   I opened my mouth for some air and he released the grip on the back of my head as his cock just shot more and more spunk. It hit my face and went into my eyes. 3 years of total frustration had just exploded into my mouth, he tasted amazing and I just buried my head back down on him to finish slurping up my reward
"Yesss boy, eat it all, you love that spunk, eat all granddaddies warm cum show me what a cum eating little boy bitch you are"
I feasted on all I could, and lifted my head, his cock still gleaming with droplets of his love juices.
He was still quite stiff and I knew that I did not want it to end yet; I lifted my head and stood up reaching for my own pants I could not get them down quick enough
"oh fuck your cock is lovely, I want more of it granddaddy, I want to feel that wet spunky cock in my arse, please daddy, please fuck me let me sit on your prick and feel you inside me. . "
"Shit son, I'm not sure I will be able"
"Oh daddy pleasssee , I’ll get your cock hard again for you and you can rape your grandsons arsehole just like you used to"
"Oh son I would love to, let me get inside your young love hole"
I dropped my pants, removing one leg from them and straddled him looking towards the delighted old mans face. I dropped to my knees and grabbed his soaking penis pointing it towards my arse and I lowered myself onto him
"Find my hole grandad and fuck me, fuck your horny son's deep arse"
I felt his knob on my arse and he moved his groin forward as I dropped lower and popped his cock into my well used hole
"Hmmm grand pops come on and screw my sexy arsehole, stick your cock up there and fuck me like a whore"
He soon get his energy back and was eager to thrust his old cock up this young sluts arse, I bounced up and down on the smelly tramp trying to get as much of his cock up my arse.
    I grabbed his shoulders and used my legs to leaver myself up and down his pole,
    "You like it grandpops?, you like my arse wrapped around your hard cock"
    "oh yes boy, I wanna fuck you good, why don't you get on your knees on the floor and let gramps really get in behind you and fuck you until you scream"
    "oh yesss that would be good"
    I got off his prick and turned around, dropping to my knees in front of him, stuck my arse in the air and offered my shit hole to him
    "You like what you see ole man, wanna get that thick juicy pole and ram it right inside my deep anal passage,"
    "Son, I am going to rape your arse like never before, I wanna hear you beg for every inch and scream for my dirty ole spunk machine"
    I buried my head in the ground as he got on his knees and I felt his knob touch my rim
    "Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard. Force your cock in my shitter and ride me like a whore"
    He shoved his cock right past my rim and deep down my shithole, he was so thick I thought I was going to split, but I felt him spit on his cock at my entrance and it helped him to grind his prick down my well fucked arsehole. I begged for more
    "yesssss, fuckkk meeee, come on daddy fuck me, harder hardeeerrrr fuckkk yes, it feels so good to have your thick fuck machine up my greedy arse"
    He loved it and furiously fucked his young slut, grabbing my bum with one hand and the back of my hair with the other he drove inch after inch deep inside me. I screamed in ecstasy as he suddenly exploded a load of cum straight up my arse
    "Yesss, you damn whore take it. Take daddies hot juice"
    He continued to spunk down my hole and yanked my head back with every thrust as he emptied himself in me
    "Shit Bert. . .

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      what the fuck is going on?"
    The sound of a third voice startled me and I turned around to see another tramp standing there staring at me.
    "Hey Manky. . . . shit you startled me, didn't expect to see you around here, what are you doing?"
    "I should be asking you that, I heard a load of screaming and I came down to make sure you were ok, looks like you are better than fine, but is that a fucking geezer you are screwing?"
    "Errrm shit, yer, I guess you gotta take what you can when you get it these days"
    With Bert’s cock now well and truly out of my hole, I stood up to greet this new man on the scene, my perverted mind already starting to go into overdrive
    "And what may I ask is wrong with Bert screwing a geezer then?"
    The new man looked at me; he was no different to Bert, apart from being much fatter and shorter
    "well hey it's a bit of a shock with Bert telling me about how he was such a lady's man in his day and now I find him with his cock up another guy"
    "Hmm, well let’s just say I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse" I snapped back
    "well that's fine but Bert you know you could have let me know, I thought we were mates, maybe I could have got some of this offer as well, I aint had my cock out for a while either you know"
    "Sorry Manky, finders keepers and all that" Bert quipped
    I realised now that maybe I could get both these guys involved in my perverse games, and not being one to miss a chance to service two cocks I tried my luck
    "well Bert, as much as I loved sucking and being fucked by your gorgeous cock, you can't claim me for yourself I’m afraid. . . . . . . but you know what they say. . .

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      . two's company but three's even better!. You guys fancy giving this horny slut a bit of double cock penetration?"
    "Well Manky, what do you think, got any thing else planned for the night” laughed Bert
    "Well I aint ever fucked a geezer before, but at my age, I don’t think I can afford to turn down a nice bit of ass like that, even if it does belong to a bloke"
    I knew now I was going to get myself well and truly fucked, these guys were up for it, probably the best thing that had ever happened to them (well in the last few years for sure) I thought about it and realised that I could have a lot more fun with them back at my place. I had never taken anyone home before, but with it getting colder I knew it would be more fun inside and they would jump at the chance for a night under a proper roof
    "so guys, how about I invite the pair of you back to my place and then you can fuck the shit out of me all night, hey I’ll even throw in a hot shower, food and drink and a bed for the night"
    There eyes lite up
    "Well Manks, that’s a mighty fine offer"
    "Sure is Bert, but so what is the catch, no one does nothing like this for free"
    "the catch is simple guys, I want cock, and you need a fuck, like I told Bert, I’d do anything for him tonight, just feed me those juicy cocks of yours and you can have whatever you want"
    With that I pulled my pants up and started to walk off
    "Well what are you waiting for" I looked back and the two tramps started to follow
    Hmmm two dirty ole men and a slut. . . . i was going to have fun.


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    Μην ξεχνάτε ποτέ ότι η πόλη Κέρκυρα είναι μια τοποθεσία που μπορεί να κάνει όλες τις διεστραμμένες φαντασιώσεις σας πραγματικότητα. Έτσι, αν αναζητείτε για λίγη βρώμικη δράση, αυτό το μέρος έχει όλα όσα θέλετε. Για αυτό, μόλις φτάσετε σε αυτήν την απίστευτη Ελληνική πόλη, μην χάσετε την ευκαιρία να επισκεφτείτε τηνΠιστέψτε με, δεν έχετε δει ποτέ άλλη πόλη σαν αυτή που θα εξερευνήσετε ότι η δημιουργήθηκε ειδικά για όλους τους πρόοτυχους και αχόρταγους τυπάδες που αναζητούν πάντα το σεξ. Διαθέτουμε μια ευρεία συλλογή από διαφορετικές πόρνες οι οποίες είναι πολύ ανοιχτόμυαλες για ακόλαστη δράση. Οι πόρνες στην μπορούν να κάνουν σεξ όλη νύχτα και να προσφέρουν την υψηλότερη ικανοποίηση στον πλανήτη.

    Πράγματα που Μπορείτε να Δοκιμάσετε στην σεχ θεσσαλονικη

    Σκέφτεστε από πού να αρχίσετε; Ποια γκόμενα να διαλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα χρήσιμα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν τεράστιο κατάλογο με σέξι γκόμενες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα γεμάτα καμπύλες σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Σέξι ξανθές, πρόστυχες μελαχρινές, διεστραμμένες κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να επιλέξετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι ταλαντούχες καλλονές θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους απίστευτους οργασμούς τους και την απερίγραπτη δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε ελέγξτε την.
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