The Test Of Love


"Yes Mike, why?""Well I think I may be gay too" said Mike. This was a great reliefe for Carl, who had had a major crush on Mike since they met, 2 years ago on that day. "Will you try things out with me, you know, to help my confusion"Carl looked at Mike in shock "You mean, you want me to be your first?""Well yeah"After a few minutes, the sun was getting hotter, and Carl decided to go along with it. Afterall, both of them were good friends, and both were virgins. "Ok, do anything you desire" said Carl as he stood up, un-buttoning his shirt, to reveal his toned chest. Mike sat on the floor, and removed his pants slowly, almost as though he was regreting it. Carl whipped off Mike's pants, and that revealed Mike's white Calvin Klien under-pants and his suttle bulge, which was getting bigger slowly - he was getting hard. Carl, slung off his white designer shirt, and it landed on the floor.

He un-buttoned his dark blue jeans, and un-done the zip slowly. And, took down his jeans, while wiggling his hips seductively. His jeans were down by his ankles, and Mike eyed Carl up, and paused at his underwear. Carl had always been big for his age, and there it was, the key to Mike's future - the enormous buldge sat in Carl's undies, and Mike just said "wow". "You like this huh?" said Carl. "Yeah" said Mike. Carl sat down beside Mike, and reached into his desk's draw, and took out a ruler. "come on let's measure up".

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  Mike took down his underwear slowly, to reveal his hairy, erect penis. Carl took the ruler, and measured Mike's penis. "Four and a half. Cool, now measure mine"Carl took down his underwear, to reveal his penis. It was rock hard, the viens just stood out of the skin, it wasn't anything like Mike has imagined. Carl passed the ruler to Mike. Mike placed the ruler by Carl's erect penis. "God blimey! Your 7 inches!"Carl giggled. He leaned over mike, at the same time, he flipped him onto his side. "I'm going to start now, baby, it's going to hurt a little"Carl slowly lubricated his penis, with the Ky-Jelly he had beside him, under the bed. He slowly entered the head into Mike's bum, and slowly and surely inserted all 7 inches of his fine beef. He continued to take it in, and out, in and out, and after 5 minutes of screaming, moaning, in pain and pleasure, Mike and Carl came at the same time. Mike felt the cum filling him up inside, the feeling was intense. Carl took his penis out slowly, and rolled back onto his back. So did Mike.

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  "That was great Carl. " said Mike "I love you""I love you to baby" said Carl. Mike and Carl moved closer together, and passionately kissed each other, slowly. .