The Senator


Once inside the suite, the senator took over. "It's good to see you again Bobby," Ingersoll gushed, "let me see you, it's been too long!!!" Whenever the senator said "let me see you", it meant that he wanted Bobby to strip and show him his young athletic body! "Sure thing senator," Bobby replied softly, and then slowly began to methodically remove every stitch of his clothing.

Senator Coolidge sat down in a big easy chair and enjoyed the show, especially when the young man got down to his bikini briefs that showed the outline of a huge cock in a semi hard state! "I saw you on TV today, sir," Bobby offered, as he slowly tugged on his tight fitting shorts, "from what you were saying you must think I'm a terrible sinner!!!" The senator chuckled and replied, "Simply a speech for the people back home my boy, you are anything but a sinner," and he involuntarily groaned out loud as Bobby's eleven inches popped free into the air!!! "My god," Ingersoll moaned, "I can never believe how big and hard it is, tell me again, how big is it!?!" Bobby looked down at his massive thickness and replied, "Why senator, you know very well how big it is, eleven inches, and eight inches around, just the right size for your asshole!!!" "My mouth first, though," Ingersoll begged, "I want to suck it first!!!" Bobby laughed and stepped closer to the chair, where upon the middle aged gray haired man took his pecker head into his mouth and sucked on it like it was a baby bottle!!! Ingersoll Coolidge was so wrapped up in giving the huge cock a blowjob, that he didn't even notice that the door to the credenza was slightly ajar and that a video camera was recording every suck and slurp he had to offer!!! Bobby was usually pretty much blase' about his tricks, but he had to admit that the senator was a helluva cocksucker, and in a matter of a few minutes he had Bobby gushing a huge load down the his throat! As soon as the last spurts of cum had jettisoned the big pecker, Ingersoll jumped to his feet and fairly tore off his clothing, and after picing up a jar of k-y jelly, he generously lubed his asshole, because in a matter of seconds his hole would be stretched even farther than he thought possible! Leaning over the arm of the chair with his ass in the air and his legs wide apart, the senator begged, "Okay, Bobby, fuck my ass with your big pecker, make me fucking scream!!!" Bobby stepped between the older man's legs and lined up the head of his manhood with the tight little sphincter in front of him. He knew from past experience that Ingersoll Coolidge liked it a little on the rough side, so with one mighty plunge, he rammed his meat balls deep into the straining ass of his "victim"!!! Ingersoll buried his mouth into his arm and let out a loud and long scream that would have wakened the dead if not for his muffling of it, while Bobby slammed in and out of the tight little asshole, actually trying to tear the older man a "new one"! Bobby took his money, but he hated the old bastard for using gay men as his personal whipping boys, but then in private being the biggest fucking queen you could ever find!!! Ingersoll's own six inches was now hard as a piece of Pittsburgh steel, and he reached down and jerked his cock in time with Bobby's pounding! When he felt Bobby's pecker stiffen one last time, unleashing a torrent of cum, his own cock spurted shot after shot of jism all over the arm of the easy chair!!! Both men then collapsed in a heap on the floor and tried to regain their lost senses!!!
The next day, while sitting at his desk and answering more correspondence, the private number rang again. Ingersoll Coolidge was surprised, because he wasn't expecting a call, and very few people had this number, but he picked up the receiver and immediately recognized the voice on the other end of the line as that of Bobby. "Hey senator, I just thought you'd like to know, turn on your television to the Tommy Dawkins Show, I think you'll find it interesting," exclaimed Bobby enthusiastically! "Why would I be interested in anything on that scummy show," asked the senator!?! "I think you'd better look, you know, before the press arrives at your door," shot back Bobby! For the first time a pang of fear ran through him, and he strode quickly across the room and turned on the set. As the picture came into focus he asked Bobby, "What channel?" "Thirty eight," came back the reply, "better hurry, they're just getting to the good part!!!" Ingersoll flipped through the channels and stopped at thirty eight, and nearly passed out from nausea when he saw what was on the screen! There in living color was Ingersoll Coolidge, the great hater of homosexuals, on his knees with his legs spread, begging to be fucked by a gigantic penis!!! The phone still at his ear, he heard a loud laugh and then the words being spat at him, "Smile, you old queen, you're on "Gay Fucking Camera"!!! Let's see how that plays back home in 'Bama!!!

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