The Rest stop


I kept pretending to pee as he went into a stall. At this point, I was way too horny to just get in my car and go home. I needed to jack off and I couldn’t wait any longer. I went into one of the stalls and pulled down my pants. Even after almost getting caught, my dick was still as hard as when I started to stroke. I sat down on the toilet and started to play with my hard boner. As I started to really beat my cock, I realized that the stall I got into was right next to the stall of the guy who had just came in. I also noticed by lack of the sound someone pissing or the smell of someone taking a shit, that either he was having trouble going to the bathroom or he was just really suspicious. The stall I had happened to go into was one that was connected to the other stall with a hole. If you know anything about men’s rest stops, these are very common and no one really takes notice of them. This time however, I was going to use it to my advantage. I was a little curious, so I looked through to see what he was doing. He was medium sized guy, maybe about 5’10, 200 lbs. He had goatee and looked like he was about 40 years old. However, he was just sitting on the toilet, doing nothing at all. His pants were even still on.

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   What I did must have been a mistake because I think sensed me looking through the hole. He suddenly stood up, started to unzip his pants and pull them down. His eye caught my eye and being startled, I sat back up, trying to make myself think nothing had just happened. That obviously wasn’t going to work with the other guy. Still standing up, he began to knock on the wall separating us. I read on some gay site that when I guy taps on something when he’s next to in a bathroom stall that means he is trying to see if you are looking to hook up and to say yes, you tap back the same thing. I instead pretended not to notice it when he did it again. I realized that must have saw me jacking off at the urinal and saw me looking at him through the hole and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. My thoughts were affirmed when to my great shock, I head the sound of a zipper and then he stuck his cock through the hole. The first thing that I thought of was to get up, run out of the rest stop, and get in my car. Instead, my cock started to think for me. I remembered that if there was anytime for me to have my first experience with a guy this would be a good time to do it without any repercussions. I got up and started to rub his cock with my hand. The guy started moaning and his huge cock began to grow. I don’t know how big, but I would guess it was about 8 inches long.

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   As I was in amazement at how I was actually playing with another man’s penis, he suddenly pulled his dick back through the hole and got out of his stall. At first I wondered if he was just leaving but when he got in front of my stall, I knew he just wanted to come into mine. I went to the door and unlocked it. The guy came in with his pants at his ankles and his cock at full attention and locked the door behind. At first he just looked at me, but then he asked me what my name was. “John”“Hey, I’m Ken. How old are you John?”At first I was afraid to tell him, because I thought he would go away if he found out I was underage. But I decided to tell him anyways. “16. ”“Mmm. I like ‘em younger. They taste better and they’re easier to make ‘em do what you want. ”As he said that, he stepped closer to me and placed one of his large hands on my stiff cock. At first I felt my knees get weak and was about to shoot my load right there. I somehow managed to keep it in.

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   I have had lots of girls touch and play with my cock before, but no words can describe how it feels to have a strong man hold your cock in his clutch. Noticing how close he brought me to orgasm by just touching me, Ken got even closer to me and strengthened his grip on me. “Have you ever done anything with a guy before?”Not wanting to appear like a little inexperienced kid, I told him I had done something once or twice before, which was a complete lie. “Well then John, you should do a good job sucking my cock. Get down on your knees. ”After he said that, I slowly got down on my knees while he pushed me down by my shoulder. When I was finally down on the rest room floor, I stared straight into the eye of the biggest dick I have ever seen in real life. I hesitated at first, a little intimidated by the first cock I was going to ever suck. My hesitation was quickly ended as he forced my head towards his beautiful, thick boner. I placed my right hand on the base of his shaft, opened up my mouth and slowly put the penis in. Ken started to moan as I slid his shaft back and forth in my mouth. As I sucked his cock, for the first time I tasted another guy’s sweet precum in my mouth. “Oh yeah John, you’re a good little cock sucker. Do you like the taste of my big cock in your little 18 year old mouth?”As I nodded yes, Ken took his cock out of my mouth and began slapping my face with his cock. In any other situation, I would not have liked that, but in this case, it sort of turned me on a whole lot more to be roughed around.

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   When he stopped slapping me, I placed my mouth around his hairy ball sack and began playing with his balls with my tongue. “You like playing with my balls, uh? How about when you start sucking my dick again, you play with my asshole a little. ”I put his cock in my mouth again and then reached my hand over to his firm ass. I slid my finger down his crack and into his tight hole. “Oh you little slut, you’re making Ken feel so fucking good. I like that finger all up in my asshole. I’m gonna give you a little reward soon. Suck my dick harder. ”I started to suck his cock harder as I stuck my finger deeper inside his little hole. “Uh yeah my little slut. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on from dumping my load in your young sweet mouth. I’m gonna give you such a big load. ”As I continued to suck his cock fast, he pulled his dick out of my mouth. “I want you to jack my cock off right in your mouth. ”I opened my mouth in front of his cock and began to stroke him off.

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  “Oh John, I’m going to shoot my load for you. Oh yeah you little 18 year old cum slut. Your gonna get so much cum from me. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. ”As he said that, a huge thick rope of his cum shot right in my mouth. I didn’t have time to be surprised because right after that first shot, Ken shot some more large, really thick loads right in the same place. After he was done shooting, I was about to spit out his huge pool of semen from my mouth when he grabbed my chin brought me up to his face and told me the only place that cum was going was down my throat. At first as was disgusted by the thought of swallowing all that thick cum that was in my mouth, but I decided to just do it. After struggling a bit, I ate all of his cum. It at first tasted a little weird, but by the end I started really liking the salty taste of his cum and it’s thick ropey texture. “Looks like you liked that load, uh you little cumslut. I love when little sluts eat huge loads of cum. I bet you liked swallowing my thick loads. You made Ken feel so good.

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   I haven’t gotten head that good in a long time. I hope you like rough blowjobs, because I’m about to suck your little 18 year old cock. ”With that, he stood me up and sat me down on the toilet. He then kneeled down in front of me started to play around with my cock with his hands. “Mmm, John. You have the cutest little cock. I can’t wait to get to your sweet teen cum. ”He took his finger, scooped up the small amount of precum leaking out of my little cock and licked off with his tongue. He then leaned in licked up and down my shaft and then began licking my balls. After that, he slowly went up to the top of my cock, opened his mouth and slid my cock all the way in. The feel of his hot mouth as he roughly blew my cock felt so good. With every stroke, he went all the way to the base of my cock to the very tip of my now purple head. Couldn’t imagine that a guy actually had his lips around me. As embarrassing as it seems, I was feeling like I had to cum after only a minute of the blowjob. I began moaning in anticipation.

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   As soon as I did, he took my dick out of his mouth. “What is it John? Is your pretty little cock going to blow already? God damn you horny little kid. You sexy cock doesn’t waste anytime getting to the point. ”He then put his mouth back on my cock and as he did felt my balls beginning to tighten up as I was about cum. There was no way I was going to be able to hold this one back. “Uh, Ken. I think I’m going to cum”Instead of him reacting at all to my statement, he just kept on sucking. And then the load came. My cum came spurting out of my cock, shot after shot. It was nowhere as much or as thick Ken’s, but it made me feel good. When I was down spewing my load, Ken backed away from my cock and slowly began licking his lips as he tried to get a good taste of my cum. When he finished, he looked up at me lustful look in his eyes. “If I was you I’d jack off and eat my own cum everyday. You have some good tasting teen jizz. ”After we had caught our breath in the bathroom and got dressed, we washed up a little and then made our way to my car.

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   We talked about ourselves a little and got to know each other a little better. I found out that he was a 42 year old salesman from a town 18 minutes away from mine. He was a father of one son and one daughter and was secretly bi-sexual. For the past few years he had been going on the Internet and to rest stops looking to hook up with underage kids and never had much luck except in find guys his own age. I also found out that had always wanted to stuff with his own young sons but because he couldn’t bring himself to do it, he was looking for someone to pretend he was his son. We talked about other fetishes we were interested in doing and after our little talk, we decided that we should get together some day to try them all out. We traded phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and then headed off on our ways with plans to hook-up soon. END OF PART 1.