The Gym


Max arrived at my house at ten in the morning on his bike. Max was about 5'6'' and very muscularly toned. He was straight and always talked about girls. Max was 18 like me. I was ready and we biked to the gym like we did every day. Now, I've always liked girls, but sometimes I feel like I'd have sex with a boy my age if the oppurtunity arrived. We got to the gym and signed in as usual and walked downstairs to the locker room.
We dropped off our bags and went into the gym area. We had arrived during the teen only hour, but in our small city, that was always just us two. Like always, no one was there and we had the gym to ourselves. We did the normal exercises, bench press, bicep curls, etc. We started doing a new exercise where a person does push-ups but with their feet up on top of a large workout ball, while another person holds the ball steady. I went first and then finished the set. It was Max's turn now. I got on my knees and held the ball for him. While he was doing his set, I realized I could see into his shorts and into his boxers!
Max had always been my friend, but I've never seen his dick before.

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   It was a nice cock. Very fat and about five inches long with out an erection. "8, 9, 10, 11," Max was saying as he did his push-ups. I don't know what came over me but I reached in his shorts and boxers and grabbed his dick.
He stopped doing push-ups and rolled onto his butt, sitting on the floor. Max said, "what are you doing, John???" I said, "I don't know Max, I saw your dick while you did the push-ups and I don't know what came over me, I just grabbed. " He said, well you could've just asked. " He stood up and pulled down his shorts and boxers. It was such a nice dick. He had short thick pubes all around it. I don't know why but he took off his shirt too and was now completely naked. I immediately took off all my clothes, revealing my 6 inch boner I had just gotten. I knelt in front of him and began to suck his cock. It was so warm inside my mouth.
I grabbed his ass as I did this.

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   I then started sucking on his balls and then sliding my mouth up his shaft to the top and then kept sucking on it. I grabbed his dick with my right hand and sucked as I jacked him off. Max started to moan a little. Then I told him to lay down, and he did. I spread his legs and inserted my dick into his ass. I started pumping slowly.
As i fucked him I grabbed his dick and jacked it off slowly. We were both moaning now and it felt so good. I started to fuck him harder and faster and I jerked him off faster too. I felt an amazing orgasm coming and I kept fucking. He started to moan loudly and so did I. Jiz started flowing out of his cock all over my hand. At the same time I exploded in his ass as an incredible orgasm happened. I pulled my dick out and layed next to him. He got up and put his clothes on, so I did also.

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   We didn't say a word as we walked and grabbed our things from the locker room and headed upstairs.
We signed out and got on our bikes. Before we began biking in opposite directions to go home he said, "well, John, I wasn't expecting that, but I enjoyed it very much. I'll see you at the same time tomorrow," and he winked as he started biking away.