The Greek Lads (part 2)


From part 1: His white shorts were now straining against the solid shaft that they could hardly contain. The material was pulled away from him revealing a darkness that was shadow and hair, the front of them was moist, his cock upright and primed. He was begging me to do to him what he had done to me. He turned his head towards the open door of the bedroom and indicated that he wanted us to go in.

I retraced my steps in my mind. I’d been on the island only a few days. I’d hungered for some young, Greek flesh and now one of the café lads had followed me home, stripped down to his white briefs and sucked me dry. And now I was following him to my bed. He wanted me to show him the pleasures of sex between two men and I could do anything I wanted with him.
As he entered the room the last remaining light of the day filtered in through the long windows and lit his back with shadowy patterns. His shoulders were as strong from behind as his chest had been from the front, and similarly his torso shaped in to his slim hips. The tightness of his underwear showed the perfect roundness of his innocent arse, enveloping it and inviting me to experience it. I would, in time. He was mine for as long as I wanted and I wanted time to recover so that I could once again empty myself deep inside him. The next time though I would have him buck and moan beneath me as I held him and took him from behind. But in time.

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   I had other pleasures for him first.
He stopped by the end of the bed and turned back to look at me. His large, brown eyes caught a ray of sunlight and glinted. He was smiling again, that cheeky, ladish grin told me he was relieved that I was there with him and that his request had been granted. He made to remove his shorts, pushing a thumb in either side, but I stopped him. I took hold of both his arms and held them away. And then I pulled him towards me so that our faces were almost touching. I looked into his deep, longing eyes and smiled. Lost for words I simply kissed him lightly on the mouth where I could taste the musky, lingering smell of my own cum mixed with his youthful scent.
I lay him down on his back and sat beside him on the edge of the bed. Twisting myself around I could lean over him and bear down to kiss his forehead. He tried to grab me and pull me onto him, but again I stopped him. I wanted him to know who was in charge and so placed his arms on the pillow above his head. Like this he was prone, open and defenceless.   And like this I could see his whole, smooth skinned body stretched out below me, mine for the taking.

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   I kissed his forehead again and could smell his shampoo. His short, dark hair was gelled and groomed. He may have been a labourer by day but after work he took trouble to preen himself. His hair was washed, his face, save for the trace of sweat from his earlier exertions, was clean, closely shaved, no stubble. I ran my fingers across his soft cheek, cupping it in one large hand and tracing the shape of his nose with my thumb. As it crossed his lips I pushed a little harder and it slid in. Immediately his hot mouth was working on it, desperate to be sucking again. I smiled. He was eager and he was willing. But he would have to wait.
With his arms resting behind his head the downy soft hair beneath them was exposed to me and my mouth travelled there to explore and lick. He squirmed slightly, not sure if he liked this mild torture, and I knew that no one had ever done this for him before. My tongue moved across his chest, my nose nuzzling the small V of hair between his firm pecs before my mouth came to linger above a small, hard nipple.   I shifted my own arms so that I was gripping his, pinning him gently down to the mattress. And then my tongue flicked across the top of the nipple.

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   Just one slight touch and I heard him gasp, felt him struggle slightly in my grip. But I was not going to let him go. If this was exciting him, just wait until I got lower down. I flicked the nipple again and again he made a sound. This time it was a murmur of pleasure and encouragement. I drew the sensitive, erect mound into my mouth and worked my tongue around it some more; pushing down with my face so that he could feel my weight on him. His hips rose and his chest tried to fight me off, pushing back at me. But I had him held. I gave him a couple of tiny, painless bites and his moaning crescendoed. And then I released my pressure and travelled back to the other side.
He received the same treatment there and returned the same sounds of enjoyment, but now he was not fighting back, he was offering up words in Greek, softly spoken and almost begging. I glanced up from where I was teasing him with my mouth and his eyes were wide in wonder. I paused, he smiled. I caught him off guard and clamped his nipple between my teeth, just hard enough to see him push his head back into the bed, close his eyes and let out a deep groan.
And then I was on the move again, trailing down the flat belly, wetting the whisper thin line of hair that led like a map to the top of his shorts.

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   As I did this I carefully climbed across his legs, coming to kneel between them so that I had him laid out before me. I looked at him again but his eyes were closed. His arms, though, were still obediently lying beyond his head in submissive compliance. I looked back at the slim body, placed my large hands on each hip bone and pushed my tongue into his belly button. He squirmed and raised his hips. I pushed them back down with my grip and started to kiss lower. I could smell the fabric of his shorts, the washing powder even, and I could taste the salt on his skin. Being careful not to touch the straining hardness that was bound within, I gave him firm kisses on his shorts. Starting out at his hips and working my way into his inner thigh. Pushing his legs a little further apart I was able to burrow my face in deeper, pushing up the leg of his shorts and revealing a slight growth of dark hair, just between his balls and the top of his legs where the pelvic bone shows through. Without warning I clamped my mouth around his flesh in there and worked it hard with my tongue. He thrashed beneath me, making short grunting sounds as his body tried to twist free. But it was not to be. Pinning him harder I flashed to his other side, giving the same treatment to the never before explored area. Again he writhed and gasped and I smiled to myself knowing that I was showing him something new, something exciting, something he could teach to the other lads he hung out with.

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I gave him a pause; worked my way down his strong, muscled legs until I came to his long, brown feet. Now I was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed and I drew his legs in together. From there I could look up the length of his body, but his face was obscured now by the straining bulge in the front of his skin tight shorts. All he wanted was for me to strip them from him and give his cock the same attention as he had given mine. But he was going to have to wait for that, I had another treat in store for him before I allowed either of us the satisfaction of working on his cock.
I took his ankles in my hands and started to turn him, he knew what I wanted and rolled onto his stomach without resistance. From my crouched position I could see along his legs, well toned and with only a soft covering of dark hairs, to the small mound of his arse. It was tempting me closer. I started to work my way back up, kissing and nibbling from the soles of his feet, always upwards, always slowly, until I reached the back of his knees. As soon as I started working my tongue in there the sounds he made amplified. His legs stiffened as he felt this new sensation shoot through him and I could see his hips lift from the bed as the pleasure/pain flashed from his legs to his groin and back again. I teased him some more, drinking in the scent of his innocence and revelling in the joy these new sensations were giving him.
And then it was time to move closer to my goal; to the silky smooth skin that I would find beneath those secret-keeping shorts. As I moved up between his legs they parted willingly, allowing me access to where he now knew I was going. My hands stroked the way ahead, flattening the downy hairs on the back of his legs, stroking his flesh and massaging my route to his arse.

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   When I reached it I was able to take one cheek in each of my wide palms and claw at his muscles as he had done at mine, pulling the material of his shorts up so that they would be even tighter at the front. And then I took both sides of the shorts in one hand and twisted so the material came together in one line; pulled upwards and it slid in between his arse cheeks, revealing the dark, smooth flesh to me on either side. And then I pulled just a little harder so that he could feel the tension against his hole.
His groans had now turned to near desperate sobs, and he had buried his face into the sheets to muffle the sounds he was unable to control. With his shorts wedged up against him like this I started to kiss his cheeks. One side then the other, wetting them with my saliva, sucking them in between my lips and taking small bites, just to let him know I had him at my command. His hips ground into the bed making circular movements, rubbing his swollen cock against the sheets below. His arse rose to meet me as I chewed it, licked it, savoured it.
And just when he thought I could show him no more ecstasy I pulled the back of his shorts down revealing to me his darkly puckered hole. It was begging to be serviced, his hips pushing it up towards me, opening him out. And I had led him on far enough. Pulling the shorts as far from my target as I could I leant down towards him and rested my stubbled chin on the top of his hairless arse crack. Then slowly, applying pressure, drew my face downwards, scratching at his sensitive, untouched flesh and making him moan louder. I felt my chin scrape over his hole and he gasped a high pitched sound of surprise. And then my tongue was on it.

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   Flicking at it, poking gently as I drew in the sweet scent of his sweat. It flicked harder, started to penetrate, to part the virgin ring little by little until it was exploring just inside. My mouth surrounded his hole, my nose buried deep into his cheeks and I pulled his arse open a little wider.
He was pushing back into me with more force now. His words were muffled but they urged me on. His hips rose with more desperation and I could feel his head twist from side to side. I pulled him up to his knees and he took the position gratefully, saying ‘yes,’ through his wild groaning.
    My hands were around his hips, so slender that my fingers almost touched in the front. I gave him more of my stubble, grating it across his slippery anus as I slurped up and down his crack. And then I let my hands slip to the front of his shorts where his young cock was still trapped and straining. As I dug my tongue deeper into him I let my fingers gently play down his solid shaft, barely tickling it through the cotton. I cupped his small balls in one hand and rolled them around, my fingertips playing on them, stroking them. He was working himself up to come. I could feel his body start to spasm, I could hear louder whimpers of desperation. I was going to bring him off without touching the flesh of his 19 year old cock.

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       I just ran my fingernails up and down his shaft, scratched at its engorged head through the shorts and pinched it with my nails as I worked on his ball sack and chewed out his arse.
    He was thrusting back into my face with more force now, circling his arse around and pushing back wanting me in deeper. But he would get that later. Later I’d be doing this with my thick cock buried in him. We had all night. He could wait. For now I just wanted to feel him struggle with delight, hear him gasp and whine like a caged puppy as I brought him close to the edge just by licking his hole and torturing his shaft.
    In desperation he tried to reach in under himself and grab for his cock, but I was stronger and pushed his hands away. He tried to fight back. I just parted his cheeks further and ground my tongue into his soft, warm insides. He tried to twist around but I kept him pinned there with one squeeze of his small, vulnerable nuts. He gave in, his head slammed down onto the bed and he let out a slow, long moan.
    This was it. With a quick movement I tugged the front of his shorts, finally releasing his swollen cock and heard it slap up against his stomach. I gripped his hips with my hands and started ramming him back into my face, fucking his arse with my tongue, not giving him a chance to do anything but succumb to orgasm.

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       I didn’t touch his cock again, I didn’t need to, I just kept pulling him back, pushing him away, pulling him back, going in deeper, listening to him moan, getting louder, getting nearer, digging my stubble into the red raw flesh of his crack, gripping him tighter, feeling him tremble in my hands, as my relentless rhythm sent him over the edge. He let out a deep, angry grunt, then another and his sphincter contracted. He jolted back into me with a sudden spasm and his body went rigid. I could hear the splat of cum hitting his chest, hitting my bed and I could hear him grunt again and again as my rimming continued until every drop was out of him and he started to slow down.
    I kept working on him there while his gasps subsided into deep breathing. Kissing his round cheeks and stroking gently at the red marks that my face had left. I worked my thumb around his hole, slipping it over and then in with the lubrication of my spit. He moaned contentedly as my thumb went in and I knew then that there would be more to come. My cock was solid again and I was ready to unload my second wad of the night into his tasty Greek arse. But he was not ready. Not yet, and besides, I’d not yet tasted, nor even seen, his youthful lad cock in the flesh.
    I let him lie flat on his stomach, knelt up and wiped my mouth. And then I lay down over him so that my cock rested hard and ready along his hairless crack. I wrapped my arms around him from behind and he searched for my hands under himself. We lay, our sweat mingling in the warmth of the evening, and he pulled me tighter down onto him.

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    ‘I want you to fuck me,’ he whispered. ‘But se ligo. ’
    ‘Se ligo?’ I replied?
    ‘In a while,’ he said and there was a dreamy, far away contentment in his voice.
    ‘We have all night. ’
    He turned his face to mine and kissed me, long, hard almost desperate. ‘And let’s take all night,’ he replied and pushed his compact little arse back into the hardness of my cock.
























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