The Fountain of Youh


This story is completely true, but the names are changed for confidentiality.
I arrived at my uncle’s house around six or seven, I’m not really sure. It was hard to track down, as it was in the middle of nowhere. The house was huge, on an estate of a few acres, and looked like a ranch, except without any cattle. I had been dragged by my father to go visit relatives, who were meeting at the “ranch”, for Thanksgiving.
When we got to the house, nobody was there, and my dad and I became worried that we’d be stranded at the front door until somebody got home. Luckily, my cousin opened the door. He was seventeen, and a senior at high school, but looked a little young for his age. His skin was very hairless, which made it appear very smooth. He was very tall, well into six feet tall, with a surprisingly nice tan. He was very lean, allowing his modest muscles to dominate his figure. His brown hair was clean-cut, and his eyes a beautiful hazel. He had grown a lot since I had seen him before, yet he still seemed like the cousin I remembered three years ago.
Just looking at his body made me lust, and remember back upon the last time we visited. Especially the one time when we were alone, in a small tent camping… and how I secretly had feelings for him. As we tried to sleep under the sleeping bag, both of us naked with the exception of our briefs.

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   I wrapped and twisted my leg around his, slowly rubbing my leg over his soft thigh, brushing against his soft length which I could feel through his thin briefs. I remember feeling his hardened shaft pressing against my back as we cuddled tightly together that night, and feeling his breath against my neck as he lightly dozed. Since then I always wondered if he was really sleeping when I aroused him.
“Hey Ethan!” he said quite ecstatically, as he gave me a hug. I thought to myself, “What kind of guy hugs another guy unless there’s a connection?”
This caused me to grin widely, as I said, “Keith…” I exploited the hug to my benefit, brushing my hands along his abdomen, to feel his muscles and shape, only lightly enough so it wasn’t noticeable
“So um, where is everybody?” I asked, faking enthusiasm, as something more pleasurable was on my mind.
“They’re at the golfing range, Uncle Morgan won’t be here ‘til 8, and grandma won’t be here ‘til tomorrow… it’s going to be awfully crowded, so dad rented a trailer out in the back that we can camp in, you can come see it if you’d like. ” He replied.
Full of curiosity, I quickly interjected with, “Sure!”
“This is it. ” He said simply, opening the door to the small trailer.
It was one of those trailers you hitch to a pickup truck, and held a large bed, and a wash-basin, and a cabinet, adorned with 2 windows and a small door. Nonetheless, it was obvious that a lot of work was put into making it nice, with the bed already made, with clean sheets and pillows. I immediately came to the conclusion that Keith personally masterminded the idea of having this trailer, as if to recreate the night in which I gently rubbed my thigh against his length… except in a more suitable climate, in a bed, but with the same privacy of the outdoors. I quickly calmed myself down though, realizing that he is a senior in high school (I was sixteen), and that he was probably already with a girl, and that he was asleep that night three years ago.
After some small-talk, meeting with relatives (who’d arrived later), Keith and I went into his room, to watch some T. V.

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   Keith popped in the movie, “American Wedding”. During the movie, Keith had a change of clothes, and while he took off his T-shirt, I took an ample look at his body, admiring his pecks, and his six-pack. They weren’t body-builder buff, but they were nicely toned, to the point where they looked a tad soft. He apparently caught a glimpse of me staring at his body, but I quickly averted my eyes to the cabinet behind him.
Having my shaft swell from seeing his body made me run to the bathroom, where I took a shower. I quickly stripped off my clothing. Upon taking off my jeans and briefs, my six inch shaft popped out from its restraints, a fleshy pink, and throbbing in excitement. I took a few minutes looking at myself in the large bathroom mirror. My unkempt blonde hair, my blue eyes, my freckles (which matched my fathers), and my lean and smooth white bare body, all were unnerved by lust.
I stepped into his shower, washing myself immaculately. The idea of using the same soap that he used to wash his entire naked body really turned me on. I put an ample amount of soap over my length, and stroked it vigorously, thinking about how good it would have felt to place my hand over his warm body, and run my fingers …
And as my fantasy developed, I came all over, my thick, white, and hot cum hitting the walls of the shower, and flow over my hand and down my shaft. I decided to leave the cum all over the shower, at least for now, proud of leaving such a mess on the shower of the guy I wanted to fuck.
After drying off, I came into his room, with a towel wrapped around my waist while I got a new change of clothing from my suitcase. I struck up a meaningless conversation as I changed, taking off my towel leaving me nude, just so he could see me naked.

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   I did it in a fashion as to appear nonchalant, but in fact I wanted to see his reaction. His eyes lit up a bit, obviously surprised, as his eyes went up and down my body, transfixed a moment on my shaft, a little tender and flaccid, recently covered with cum. I threw on my clothes when I was done, mostly to cover my shaft before it became erect from being near him.
He then abruptly said he had to go to the store, once I mentioned I was going to sleep. I found that kind of odd, but I shrugged it off, especially since I knew I had some more time alone to masturbate. I walked out to the trailer outside; it was fairly cold; maybe fifty degrees, but the trailer was maybe ten degrees higher inside.
I stripped down to my briefs, and went into the bed, which felt exceptionally cozy since it was so warm under the blanket, in contrast to the briskly cool interior of the trailer. In fact it was exceptionally warm.
A pair of hands slid from my shoulders, down the sides of my chest and abdomen, across my waist, and a hand clasped my soft shaft, while I felt a hard mass hit my back, much like three years ago. This was followed by a whisper:
“I wanted to fuck you for so long, Ethan. ”
“This time I want to make you cum, Keith. ” I replied instinctively.
“Nobody will hear us out here…” Keith added seductively
“Good, because you’re going to cry out when I’m done with you. ” I grunted back.
He began to place soft kisses on the side of my neck, as I softly moaned back in approval.

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   His shaft pumped against my back, from his stroking… after some time, he began to moan pronouncedly,
“I’m going to cum on you this time. ”
I turned over, so we were facing each other. I wanted to see the look on his face when his cum splashes on my body. His cum was very noticeable, its warm and thick texture splashed on my soft, white skin, all over my six-pack, and on my own shaft. I began to stroke my shaft with his hands assisting me, as we both closed our bodies tightly together, and our lips locked, giving each other a deep kiss, as our hands ran over my shaft. Both of us could hear, and feel our moans as our lips and tongues were interlocked, the vocal chords reverberating through our mouths.
His other hand began to rub his cum that was on my stomach, moistening my lower body. We stopped kissing, opting to feel our warm breaths hit each other, the rate of our breaths increasing as I neared orgasm. The breath was very moist and hot, and accentuated the warmth we shared under the covers. Our legs intertwined and our scrotums brushing up against each other, our shafts very close together…
“Mmm… so am I. ” I said, as my breathing became chaotic, and I began to moan out Keith’s name. Not only did both of our hands on my shaft turn me on, but the fact that his cum was all over my shaft, made me really horny. I came hard – All over his body, and on our hands… we topped it off with a series of soft kisses on our lips, as we gently touched each other, our bodies enveloped in our essence.
He began to go under the covers, his body squirming below, until I felt my shaft completely covered by his mouth.
As he took his mouth out upon first tasting my length, he commented, “I never imagined you would taste so good.

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“If you suck hard enough I might give you more to taste. ” I replied. I wanted to cum in his mouth so badly. Just knowing that my hot cousin was wrapping his tongue around the head of my cock was so unbelievably hot.
His skill was mediocre, which turned me on, since it convinced me that I was his first (or at least one of his first), but it still felt good to feel his tender lips run over my incarnadine shaft, his tongue swiveling and twirling over my head when he reached it, only to plunge down and suck tenderly at the base of my shaft, all the while tasting my length, and the cum that had been on it from before.
His pace quickened, and I could only adjust from the rush of pleasure by placing my hands on his shoulders, and telling him not to stop. I could feel my shaft reel from the rise of pressure, my cock about to burst. Then I felt my essence rush through my shaft, and I moaned as streams of my essence flowed into my cousin’s mouth.
He came back up from the covers, and we shared a deep, involving kiss. My essence, still contained within his mouth, was all over his tongue, from which I tasted not only my cum, but also the cum we both shared that was on my cock before. We both kissed for seemingly forever, as if the taste was of the elixir to the fountain of youth.
When I ran our of breath, I broke off the kiss, in which we took a little break… Before it turned into the end, I said,
“I want to feel you inside of me Keith. I want to feel every inch of your shaft inside of me… I’ve wanted this for the longest time. ”
I guess he understood, not saying anything, just doing as I asked. He probably wanted it just as badly as I did.

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   I gasped at first, feeling his shaft enter my body. What was a sharp pain quickly turned into pleasure, as his shaft slid into me successively, each thrust more pleasurable than the one before it. His shaft seemed rock solid, and thrusted very solidly into my body each time. His hands wrapped over my body, his pelvis thrusting up against me, his body tightly wrapped behind me on the bed. Every inch of his skin, from his chest and soft legs against my back, and every inch of his tender, yet solid shaft inside of me, felt so comfortable and natural, heightened by the erotic stimulation of sex.
He signaled his excitement by biting playfully on my ear lobe, then down by suckling and pecking lightly on my neck as he thrusted into me. As his pace quickened, so did his kisses, until he began to squeeze my buttock cheeks, moaning in between his kisses. I braced as I felt him tense up, and moaned with him as I felt his cum gush into my body. He relaxed immediately, his cock still inside of me. It felt so erotic to have his cock still in my body, laying there relaxing with a hot guy.
He finally withdrew his shaft, and we withdrew into sleeping. When we woke up, his body was on top of me, which was very enjoyable. His warm body was on top of my nude body… His skin was definitely as soft as it looked. I wrapped my arms around him, and slowly kissed his face tenderly, until he woke up. He smiled gleefully as he woke up to my pleasant touches.

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“Hey…” he greeted. He added after a pause,
“Was it a dr—“
“No, it was not a dream. ” I stopped to kiss him deeply like I did the night before. “It’s as real as this kiss. ”
“You know, we could do something like this, tomorrow… you know, if you’re up to it of course. ” He bluntly suggested – probably from impulse.
“Sure… that would be fine by me. ” I grinned.



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