The Feeling's Mutual: Ch.1


It was a cool night by Florida standards but the 60's are really quite comfortable for a quick swim in the pool. I had snuck out of my hotel room - my parents were snoring away - to take a quiet break from my family. I slipped out the door and tiptoed down the hallway to the door to the outside. I walked the 1/4 mile to the outdoor pool in just my t-shirt and swimming trunks. I was a skinny kid with a pale white skin color, not deathly pale but very light-skinned, and a lack of much muscle or fat. I always had a cute face but I was very shy so I wasn't too popular with girls. I was basically just an average kid, albeit a little short. It felt so good with the breeze at my back as I walked along the path, but I knew the warm water in the pool would feel even better, so I ran the last few yards, my feet slapping the concrete, tossed my shirt on a bench and jumped in.

The water rushed up my trunks and aroused me more than a little. At fifteen, I had only started mastubating a few months before and so everything was a sexual adventure for me. I was always exposing myself secretly in public. For instance, I liked to sleep naked because it made me feel vulnerable. Everywhere I went I thought of something sexual to the point where I had to pleasure myself at least three times a day. My favorite game, though, was to put my penis through the front of my swimming trunks when I was in a pool. Noone ever noticed because I was either turned away or they weren't looking under water (at 5'3", I was short enough for my shorts to be completely submerged in shallow water). Tonight, though, noone was in the pool so I pulled my shorts down.

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   After a few minutes of just standing there, I cautiously put my hands under the water and starting playing with myself. I was excited and so I just fumbled around with my penis until it got hard and then I started slowly jacking off. I closed my eyes and I was in heaven. The sensation was unbelievable as my skinny little hand moved back and forth over my slender 5" boyhood. I was just about to cum when I heard a small splash, like someone just slipped quietly into the pool. My eyes shot open and to my horror a man was standing about 18 feet away in a slightly deeper part of the pool. I was in such shock all I could do was pull up my shorts really fast and turn to the pool wall like nothing happened. For five minutes I just sat there, my face red with embarassment, as I stared unblinkingly at the plants surrounding the pool.
    Unwilling to run from the pool like a sissy, I turned around - he was still there, doing laps across the pool - and calmly started swimming towards the deeper end where I could pull myself out and walk back to my room. On my way, however, he brushed passed me and I felt his hand grab my butt. He caressed it quickly and kept swimming by like nothing had happened. I turned around in shock and looked back at him, still making his way across to the other end. As I was thinking about what had just happened, he came back and this time had a clear shot at the front of my trunks. I felt his hand groping my penis through the thin fabric of my trunks and I got . .

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      . excited and my cock started to stiffen and I started to shake nervously. As I had never had any sexual contact with anyone, I was slightly deperate and since he caught me when I was obviously very horny, I was receptive to his touches. My heart dropped, though, when he mounted the metal steps at the side of the pool and climbed out. I felt depressed as he started to walk away, but then he turned, his towel on his head, and said, "You should probably go to the showers now to clean yourself off. After all, it is a public pool. " To be continued . . . .