The Doctor's Office


I was on my way to the doctor's office last Thursday for the last of my chiropractic visits when I started thinking about a conversation I had on one of the adult sex sites.   I was chatting with this lovely lady whom I was going to meet that night.   As I drove and thought about that evenings events, I could feel my manhood growing.  
I got to the doctor's office and realized I had a fully erect cock.   I was wearing shorts and my t-shirt wasn't long enough to cover my cock bulging through.   I opened the office door and the receptionist said hi.   I quickly hurried to the desk to limit the time the receptionist might see my bulging appendage.   I signed in grabbed a magazine, realizing the thought of getting caught with my hardon was just turning me on even more.  
The doctor's assistant opened the door and motioned me to room 2.   I walked in and took off my t-shirt exposing my back so the chiropractor could do his best. I layed faced down on the table. but my cock still bulging in my shorts made it difficult lay flat.  
A few minutes later the door opened and the doctor walked in.   He grabbed my left ankle and I felt a strap wrap around it and tighted.   He did the same thing to my right ankle as he said, "let's loosen you up a bit. "  He'd never strapped my legs down, but I figured he was the doctor and he knew what he was doing.

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Moment's later the part of the table my legs were on began to move, first left and then right.   My cock was rubbing the cushion through my shorts and I lifted my ass into the air to take some of the pressure off thinking the doctor wouldn't know why.   Then, to my surprise, my the table with my legs dropped forward lowering my legs and putting more pressure on my still erect cock.   I instinctively stuck my ass up higher.   This time the doctor noticed.
The doctor, thinking some part of the table was sticking through and poking me, looked between the table and my legs spotting my erection.   "What do we have here?" he asked grabbing my cock through my shorts.   "It looks like you want more than an adjustment today. "
Before I could respond, the doctor grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles.   My cock sprang forth.   I was still excited, even more now than before.  
I heard the doctor unzip his pants and drop them to the floor.   He reached onto the table and squirted some lubrication into his hand.   With my legs still strapped down, he rubbed the lubrication between my ass cheeks.   For some reason, my cock was bouncing up and down with anticipation.

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    I'd never even thought about being fucked by another guy, much less done it.   But now that I was at the doorstep, I wanted his cock inside me.
The doctor very carefully lubed my ass and began by inserting just one finger.   "That feels good," I thought, "now I know why gay guys like it.
For the first time, I looked back and saw the doctor with his right hand in my ass and his left hand on his growing cock.   Like I said, I haven't been a fan of cocks, but the doctor's looked nice.   I was slightly curved to the right and hand a nice round head.
The doctor continued using his finger for awhile, but I wanted to feel his cock inside me.   "Please fuck me," I begged, "before I change my mind. "
"Change your mind?" the doctor asked as his finger massaged my prostate.
"My hardon wasn't meant for you, but now I want you inside me. "
Without saying another word, the doctor pulled his fingers out and walked behind me.   I could feel the tip of his cock on my anus and I begged, "please put it in. "  The doctor began pushing and I could feel the head as it passed my sphincter.   It felt so big compared to his fingers.

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As he pushed deeper inside me, I began to feel the mounting pressure in my balls.   I was going to cum.   The doctor began thrusting slowly at first, but I begged him to go faster.   Within seconds, my balls tightened and I shot my load all over the table in front of me.   I could feel my sphincter tighten around his cock with every shot.   Moments later I could feel him shooting his load into me.   It felt so good.
The doctor pulled out and cleaned my up before returning me to the flat position.   I rolled over and sat up on the table.   "I know this is my last visit for the accident, but can I keep coming back for some followups?" I asked.   The doctor just looked at me and smiled, "of course, see you next week. "