Teachers Pet


Hot in Highschool
Hello, my name is Lee, and this is about my sexual experiences in highschool. I'm 16, 5'9", slim and untanned. I have green eyes and curly lightbrown hair. I haven't been growing thick facial hair yet, but I had gotten average body hair. First I should say that I've never really had much luck at all with relationships. I'd never kissed a girl before, and I was very desperate for sex. But I could never find it, regardless of the endless searches I had done for a sexual partner. To put it short, I lacked experience. But that all changed in my 9th grade of High School.
I've always done well in school. I've had a little bit more trouble in high school, but I still did well. The teachers liked me very well, except Mr. Scott. He didn't seem to hate me, but he always acted wierd around me. He watched me a lot, as if expecting me to do something. He was real quiet around me too, and I swore he was always staring at me.


   He never did anything though. His class was the only class that I was failing in, but I can't blame it on him. I hated physical science, and never did the work. Though I kept my cool around Mr. Scott's odd glances, just because he never said or did anything to me, that is until the day of my first report card.
An F. A fucking F. The first fucking F in my life that bastard. I guess it's my fault though, I didn't do his stupid ass periodic table project. At the end of class he told me stay behind. I didn't feel like a damn lecture, but I stayed behind in hope that he'd might work with me to pull up my grade like he's done with a lot of other students. After everyone was gone he closed all of the doors and went to his closet to fetch his keyes. He started to lock up the doors. This made me very nervous. What was he up to, was he going to give me detention or something? Wasn't failing me enough as it is? But I kept cool and kept telling myself there is a time to yell, and there is a time to keep quiet and until I know what he's doing I'll keep quiet.

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   He walked over to the desk across from me. Mr. Scott was slightly taller than me, about 5'10" or 11". He had black hair and dark brown eyes, and a roughly shaven face. He had a fairly healthy and strong looking body, but you could see aging in his year of 35. He sat on the table and he was quiet for a while. Before I could ask him what all of this was about he spoke, "Mr. Peterson, you haven't been doing well in my class. I've looked at your other teachers grades and your doing quite well in them. " He paused again, and began to talk. It seemed something was on his mind. "According to your test grades you know you material, but your refusing to do your homework and projects which is pulling you down. I think you have a lot of potential and I think you can do whatever you set your mind too. " I nodded. I didn't feel like this speech, but if I'll stay quiet it will go by quickly.

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   He stood up and sat beside me. I shifted uneasily. I didn't quite like him being so close to me. "Mr. Peterson, I'm willing to work with you personally. I can still change the grade, but your going to have to convince me your serious about this. How far are you willing to go to get a passing grade in this class?" I paused and thought about it. I hated questions like this. Honestly I don't give a shit, but I thought of what my parents would say to an F, so I replied,
"I'd do anything I guess. " The teacher nodded.
"I'm a very lonely man Mr- oh can I just call you Lee" I nodded to this, I felt really nervous now. Is this guy crazy, what is he babbling about, "Anyways, I haven't been with many people lately. Teaching is a time-consuming job. . .

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  " He took my hand and strong pushed it on his leg. "Let me stop beating around the bush. You know what I want now. . . " I stood up really fast and stepped away from him.
"Y-y-you can't do this! I'll tell, I swear. You failed me just so you could fuck me!? I'm not even gay!"
"C'mon now Lee, your the one that failed and you know it. I'm giving you a second chance. " he stepped foward.
"Get the hell away from me, I'll tell the police!" I started bumping into desks trying to get away.
"And do you think they'll believe you? A well-liked teacher that has never been known to be gay wants to fuck his student? I'll just say you were trying to get back at me for failing you. "
"I know how things work, people get busted for this all the time" I was about to yell for help, and he just kept coming at me.
"Only rich kids with good lawyers, you think they're going to give a shit about you?" I stopped. For once, he was right.

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   "Thats a good boy"
"But I'm not gay" I said in desperation.  Mr. Scott smiled.
"A lot of people aren't, and they do stuff like this anyways. It's not as uncommon as you think it is, just most people don't make a big fuss about it. " I stopped. I felt so anxious and scared. Was I about to do this? This was so unreal to me. This is things you hear about on the news and you watch on TV.
"It's easier the less you think about it Lee. " I nodded. "How do you want it. " I couldn't believe I was submitting to this. Am I gay? For some reason this wasn't sickening me like I would guess it would. I feel like throwing up, but not because of me having sex with a guy, but the anxienty of losing my virginity.

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   Am I turned on, I can't tell. I remembered what he said, the less you think, he easier it is.
"Anal sex. " The teacher looked at me in surprise.
"I thought you said you weren't gay" he said looking taken aback.
"I'm not you asshole, I just don't want to do anything and get this over with as quick as possible. " The teacher still looked surprised, but he understood.
"It's just most people are afraid of getting hurt. " I nodded and kind of stood their, waiting for him to make his move. He saw that I was really reluctant, so he unzipped his fly and pulled out a large hard semi-hard cock. It was about 8 inches, and a good deal bigger than mine. I was really nervous now.
"How much does this hurt?" I said, looking down at his steadily rising cock.
"It' hurts at first, but mostly it just feels funny. But after a while it stops and it even feels good.

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  " I glared at him. This will not feel good at all. "We won't have much time before my next class comes, so just pull down your pants but leave them on. I'll make this real quick. " I shook my head and started with my belt. My hands were shaking horribly and a cold feeling was in my stomach. "Here, I'll do it" he took his hands and started to work at my pants. They dropped down to the ground with a clunk. He turned me around with stregth and leaned me on a desk. My ass was at an angle and he pulled down my undewear to see my bare smooth ass. "Hmm, nice" I ignored him and winced trying to prepare myself. He took his thumbs and pulled apart my ass. He started to stick his finger in,
"Ow, what the hell are you doing?" I said looking back a little.
"I'm getting you ready. " he said, taking his finger out and licking it and inserting it again.

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"Can't use some kind of lub" I said, feeling really irritable. I just wanted this nightmare to end.
"And give you evidence that I fucked you? No way. It will get better, I promise" He stopped fingering me and took his hand and placed it on my shoulder, and he slowly guided his manhood towards my virgin hole. First I felt the head touch, and I shifted nervously. Slowly he pushed in. I grunted as he pushed his head it. After that the rest came easier, but it still stung. I felt places in myself I never knew existed come to life. The he pulled and and pushed in again. This one hurt too, and my whole lower body felt weird. But, just as he said, with every push it got easier and easier to where it didn't hurt anymore. Then he started going faster and harder and I felt myself bouncing from his force. This was unbelievable. I was virtually being raped.

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   But oddly it wasn't as traumatizing as I thought it would be. I always thought it was the most horrible experience ever, and though I didn't like what was being done to me, I wasn't that much scared by it. Mr. Scott started to talk in his moans of pleasure, "Yeah, fuck, god your so warm. You ass is so damn tight. I love your virgin ass so much. " and then something unexpected came. My cock started to bulge. What is going on, is he hitting a nerve or something. I leaned down harder to hide and push down my erection. But it still stood at half staff, it might be even harder if I didn't push so hard agaist the desk. Finally after 18 minutes of grunting he pumped 5 hard times which brought a little big of a sting back in my ass until the final one sent his cum deep into my ass. I felt really wierd, but not painful at all to have a load in me. He pulled out and a wonderful shiver went through my body and for a split second I wanted him to stick in so he could pull it out and give me that sensation again. I got real scared of this thought and was ready to leave.

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   I quickly zipped up my pants and went for my bag. Mr Scott stopped me,
"Just remember, if you tell anyone now things will change for you. You'll get a lot of unwanted attention. Got it?" I nodded and the bell rang. I ran out of the classroom and put all of what just happened behind me until later that day.
I had kept myself busy all day to forget what had happened to me. I felt so angry at myself for what I had done, and more for not being more ashamed of what had happened. I decided that I wasn't going to tell anyone and just put this behind me; However, later that night the thoughts of him pounding me away kept crawling up in my mind and I couldn't get to sleep. So, I thought to myself, I was going to burn out all of the activities from today by concetrating on something else. I got up and went to my secret place in my room, (Under my dresser) and pulled out a over-watched porn DVD. Blowjob Creampies 8 I had always had a thing for bjs, and this should get whatever happened to day out of my head. I turned it onto my favorite scene in the movie, and began stroking away. I went on for about 5 minutes when the sudden thought of Mr. Scott came into my head. I quickly stopped and focused myself.


   I shook my head, that guy really got to me, I hope he catches HIV one day. I started again and about 2 minutes into jacking off he came up again and I sweared really loud. I noticed my cock hadn't gone down any. The thought hadn't turned me off in the slightest way. I shook my head and kept going at it trying to put my full contentration of the read headed cute sucking the hard throbbing cock on the screen. But I wasn't feeling anything today. My interest had went way, and I my wood was loosening. I turned off the porno and the anxienty that had filled me earlier that day came over me. "What's happening to me" I whispered to myself. I got an idea though. I should jack off to Mr. Scott to prove that it will turn me off and I can just leave this alone, but it didn't turn out that way. I started to resurface the memories of his long, smooth cock slamming into my ass and I felt surges of pleasure coming all over my body. It was like masturbating for the first time all over again. I didn't want to do this but it felt so good I couldn't stop.


   I finally blew the biggest load I ever remember ejaculating from myself. I sat panting. I supposed I would've been really bothered by act of homosexuallality on my own free will if I hadn't been left so tired from my cumming that humungous wad. I cleaned up and put away the porno, then went to sleep to wake up to a new adventure tommorow.
Once again I had just refused to think of it all day, but by the time I got to Mr. Scott's room I felt anxious. I felt a large beating of my heart, but not it wasn't that bad compared to the lunch period where Mr. Scott had his way with me. I sat down and didn't pay much attention to him all period. I couldn't concentrate on my work at all, but he didn't say anything and for once he wasn't staring at me. By the end of the class Mr. Scott told me to stay behind again, that he had something to tell me. The feeling of dread filled me once more, but just like as I walked into the class, it was much milder than last time. As everyone walked out Mr. Scott once again locked all of the doors and sat to the desk opposite to mine, but this time he had his grading book with him.

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   He turned the blue folder to me and pointed to a square that said 'Peterson, Lee' and I saw the grade 70 there. I yelled,
"What the fuck, we had a deal!" Mr. Scott stayed calm and said simply said,
"I said I would stop you from failing, and right now you are passing with a D. "
"That's bullshit! My parents are still going to be pissed. " He grinned and answered smoothly,
"Then let's not disappoint them shall we. " I glared away. I thought it was best to get it over with fast like last time and started fiddling with my belt, but Mr. Scott stopped me. "Oh no, I got something different in mind for today. " He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "Get on your knees. And make it good, I'm grading on performance. " I shook my head, but Mr. Scoot just stood there, not even saying a word. He knew I was going to do it, I had to.

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   So, I slowly got on my knees. My heart was pounding again. I wasn't almost as nervous as the first time cause I was going to have to actually do something. His dick was going to be in my mouth, and if I didn't pay attention he may unload in my mouth. I didn't want that happening. So what I decided was that I was going to make it good like he asked me too, not cause I felt like being nice but because I wanted this to go as fast as possible. I tried to remember everything from all the bj movies I've watched and stories I've read. First I started by licking up his cock, bottom to top. I did this a few times. Mr. Scott gave me a odd look, but said nothing. I kept doing this for a while until I noticed a spot of precum at the tip of his penis. I licked in between the slits to get it out. Mr. Scott shivered from this.

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"Y-you-" he stammered, but I interupted
"Shut up, don't think I'm doing this to be a 'good boy'. I just want you to get this over with quickly"
"But, how do yo-" he cut in again, but I stopped him short,
"I've seen a lot of blowjob movies. " and I went back to work. I felt it was time to make my first true sucking. I to the tip of the head and start to gently suck on it. Mr. Scott immediately began to moan in pleasure.
"Oh-oh!" I went down on him now, slowly so I could get his cock real wet. I sucked really strong, on the way down. I was surprised to see going all the way down wasn't that hard at all. I held down for a while and came back up, making sure a lot of my saliava was coming with it. Then I started to go down faster and made a back an forth movement, moaning as I did it. I didn't enjoy it, but I remembered that it kind of made it better when the girl made sounds while giving head. He was shaking, but he wasn't going to let himself go easily. So, to intervene and pass this faster, I began to message his balls as he did this.

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   He obviously like this cause he grabbed my head and started humping it as I did this. He moaned very loudly and his humps were getting slower and more powerful. I remembered what happened last time this happened so I pulled off and started to jack him off as I sucked his balls. He spewed on my hand and on the floor. He stood their gasping,
"My g-god. . . I couldn't hold ba. . . so good. . . " He sat on the desk panting. I stood up and went to one of the sinks we use for experiments and began washing the cum off my hands.

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   I asked him to let me out and he shook his head, after zipping up his gear and cleaning up his cream from the floor of course. After that I went immediately to the school bathroom and beat off to what had just happened, except while I was beating of I imagined myself swallowing load. After I blew another astonishing load like last night I began eating my own cum. . . I cleaned up and left the restroom quickly to escape the thought was looming over me. I had let a 35-year-old teacher take full advantage over me, and the only single bit of remorse I had was that I didn't swallow. . .
Though reluctantly, I had come to the terms that I was indeed gay and I loved having sex with my teacher. What I didn't come to terms with was what I am going to do about it. I couldn't jerk off to my normal porn anymore. I masterbated with only the memories of my encounters with my teacher to get me off. I jerked off seven loads that day, not including the steam I blew (excuse the pun) from myself in the school bathroom. There was only one problem.

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   It wasn't feeling as good like the first night I began pleasuring myself with the thought of my teacher. I wanted the real thing, no I craved the real thing, except I wanted my experiences to be conducted a slight bit differently. I wanted Mr. Scott and me to be fully nude and for him to pound me for longer, harder sessions instead of the small quickies we've been reduced too. However, there was still a part of me that wanted to deny this lifestyle, to be what I've always been. I didn't bother to think about what I should do, for my mind was set on just enjoying my meetings with him while they last, and not tell them how good it feels to be his sex toy. I would decide later on how I should try and continue my meetings with him.
The next day I couldn't feel a bit of extreme excitement and yet great apprehension on what was to come. I wanted to fuck so badly, but was he going to let me? Had I done too good of a job (A blow job particullary) yesterday that he was going to let me off the hook? Then I remembered how strong the craving for sex was, and convinced myself a man like Mr. Scott wasn't satisfied easily. I was unaturally calm in his class today, and I feared he'd since it, but as the period ended he locked the door once again and he made no mention of what my odd coolness. All he said was, "You have a B. . . So your in the clear" I don't where this courage or cleverness came from, but I said,
"I want an A" He looked slight taken aback, and I replied, "You've already had your ways with me, there's no more low for me to hit now so why not go all the way?" He didn't argue, but simply said,
"Suck me like you did yesterday and I'll make you the top student in this class" and he began to unzip his pants and pull out his hard, mouth-watering cock.

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   I was disappointed that our meetings were going to be cut short, but the rock hard thobbing penis before me was too much of a pleasurable distraction to have me worried with such problems. Without objections I dropped to my knees and began my work. This time I felt like I should start off with licking his balls, since I was detirmined to swallow this time. First I began with the back of the testicles. Then I began sucking the rest of his ball skin, getting it nice and most before I began to gently suckle on his squeeshy irresistable balls.
    I gave the other one equally fair treatment and decided it was time take them both. A threesome between my tongue with the left and right testicle. Immediately Mr. Scotts head began to roll as he moaned to me, "Ooooh, just like that bitch. Suck them gently now, your being graded" His classroom phrases made my dick grow hard in my pants. I shifted so he wouldn't notice but my cock but it was getting harder by the minute. I couldn't help but think the phrase 'I'm your good little teacher's pet sir'. I began to lick up his beautiful dick, coating every inch of it with saliva. Kissing and rolling my tongue on it. God bless all of those bj tapes.

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    By the time I got to licking his precum my pulsating cock was begging for release. I looked up at Mr. Scott to notice his head rolling back and him moaning. He'll never know I jerked off, I thought to myself as I began sucking on his head like it was a delicious lollypop, rolling my tongue around his smooth surface. Carefully I reached into my pants and began gently stroking it. It didn't take much contact to do the trick. I kept going at it slowly while I went down on his cock, using my tongue more affectively now, and being more kind with his nuts as I massaged them. Chin touched his balls and I did a long deepthroat occasionally, and during so I licked the top of his balls. I started bobbing real fast for about 5 minutes, rubbing my cock more and more. I yearned so badly to whip my dick out and just give it a strong jerking. But before this urge overtook me he started to moan like he did at the time of his climax, here it comes! I think I was about ready to blow from the idea of swallowing his delicous manhood. He put his hands on my head but not to force me down. I felt his ball sack tighten in my hand as his hot steaming cum slipped into my eager mouth. My god could this man let off a load! He got off about 6 big shots before it died down, and at first I didn't swallow. Not because I was scared to, but because it tasted so good I was reluctant to ever let it slide from my tastebuds.

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       Though, I found out the feeling of a mans cum going down your throat was so pleasing that it could make you jet off with minimal contact like I was applying to my teased cock. He gave me an odd look, but this time it wasn't as surprised as I thought it be. He merely said,
    "You swallowed" I nodded to this. I had already come up with an excuse.
    "You almost got your cream on me last time, I wanted insurance that no stains were going to have to be washed out of my favorite jacket. " He nodded, which made the sweat that had been collecting on his head roll down. He led me to the door and unlocked it, shoving me out with only the words,
    "Your work is done you got an A. " and closed to door shut. I was feeled with odd emotions. An extreme sexual satification, and an extreme disappointment that I wasn't going to be wonderfully 'taken advantage of' anymore. Or so I thought. . .
    I had beaten off 2 times after the last encounter, and another 4 at home. I had taken a liking of swallowing my own cum, imagining it was as tasty as my teachers.


       The next day in class I was silent once more. Not because I felt an uneasiness with sitting 5 feet from the man who took my virginity, but because I was sad that my sexual partner was done with me. But, this at the end of class he stopped me and whispered, "A quick word" I thought the only thing he wanted to tell me was that 'If I tell anyone I'll. . . " "Nobody will believe you. . . " "You'll be made a joke. . . " and so on, but after he locked the door he began unzipping himself and pulling out that beautiful cock of his. I tried to act uninterested, but I couldn't help but look at his wonder as he sat across from me. Trying to keep up the act I said in the bitterest tone I could fake,
    "I did what you want. .


      . What else can I have sex for? Perfect attendance?" He shook his head.
    "I'm not offering anything" He said, stroking his cock to make it hard.
    "Then why-" But he cut in,
    "You know why. . . " He said, looking at me with a piercing gaze. He knew. . . "We're going to fuck because you and I like it. Why do you think I chose you" I looked up and shrugged, honestly not knowing why he chose me. I never showed any signs of homosexuality. "Because I could tell you were a virgin, I could tell that you weren't having luck with the girls. Y'know, sex is sex Lee, most people when you dig deep into don't mind who it's with as long as the get a good fucking.

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      " There was a silence before he began again, "Don't think I didn't notice your errection as I slammed you, or you activities in the school bathroom, your you jerking off in the middle of blowing me! You think your smooth eh?" I nodded.
    "You are so full of shit" I said.
    "Am I?" he replied cooly, not convinced that I was denying sex.
    "Yes you are. We've got fifty minutes of free time. We can take off our clothes and have enough time to redress" He laughed and let off a smile,
    "I have a thing for doing it with clothes on" I smiled and answered with his own level of smoothness,
    "And I have a thing for seeing the hot body of the man I'm pleasuring. " I began taking off my clothes, and began doing so too, smilng.
    "If your gonna blow me, then why take off your clothes" I smiled,
    "Cause I'm not, your going to take the huge cock and pound me with it. Except this time I plan to enjoy every moment of it. " Mr. Scott look taken aback and terribly impressed at the same time. He made no arguement and we both continued with declothing. I finished taking off my the last bit of my clothing first and I layed down on the big table in the room with my legs spread, awaiting for his cock to pleasure my still young ass.
    "Do you want some lube Lee" Mr. Scot asked.

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    "No", I answered, "I like it rough Mr. Scott"
    "You can call me James if you want" Mr. Scott said, as he positioned himself in front of my legs, taking one in his hand. I shook my head once more,
    "No, I like calling you Mr. Scott. It's a turn on. " He just gave a small smile. Humor was fading as he was about to have sexual pleasure with a 18-year-old boy. He started off faster this time, taking my leg in one hand and my hip in the other. He pulled me a little so he could fuck my ass easier. I licked my hand and began jerking my young cock that still had very short hair. I loved his strong hands holding me as he fucked my ass away. I moaned, "Harder Mr. Scott, I need to learn my lesson. Pound my ass!" He groaned at this.

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       He definantly like the teacher/student scenario like me. He went along with it,
    "If your a good boy then I may just jerk you off myself as an award. " I shook my head,
    "No, I want your sweet cum. Shoot it down my throat. " He groaned something that sounded like 'Yes!" I came about 4 times while he was fucking me. God, how could he hold in for so long. It was obvious that he was pacing himself, making use of the full fifty minutes we had. Finally he groaned, "Oh, you know who's boss don't you!"
    "Yes sir!" I said, panting with sweat slidding all over my body.
    "Your a good boy, you'll swallow Mr. Scott's cum won't you?" I shook my head
    "Yes, please let my drink it sir! Please let me taste your delicous come" He pulled out and the wonderful sensation made my body tingle. I almost came but I slowed down. I wanna wait until he spews in my mouth for that. He walked over quickly and began jacking off towards my face. I said, "No, I want to suck it out"
    "But it's been in your ass"
    "I know" I said, grabbing his cock and shoving it in my mouth. He instantly spewed a huge load in my mouth, even bigger than the last.

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       I waited until all of it was in and pulled off. I opened my mouth for him to see. He was standing their panting, a look of complete shock and interest on his face. I closed my mouth and swallowed his manlyhood as I looked him dead in the eye. "Am I a good teacher's pet sir?" I asked, still staring up at his pleased face.
    "Yes" he said rubbing my head, "Your so good Lee, so sexy" After that we cleaned up and put our clothes back on. Just before I walked out I said to him,
    "By the way sir, I was wondering. I don't get this science stuff. I want to have tutoring sessions with you every day now. " Mr. Scott nodded, and slapped my ass as I left,
    "Certainly. You know I help my teacher's pet"



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