Months had past since my last conquest, we had been fucking like crazy but lately i noticed that he had been looking at and hooking up with other guys. It was time for me to let this one go.
I had taken a liking to a new boy in my class. His name was Jeremy and he was alot younger then the rest of the boys in the class. He had skipped a couple of grades and his work in class proved further is intellectual ability. But at the ripe age of 18 he made my dick ache with those intense green eyes. He hand a lanky hairless body, he was the perfect lil twink.
Although he wore his jeans baggy i could still make out a cute lil butt. I longed to pinch that cute bottom and spank and caress it. He had some dirty blonde hair and pouty lips that begged to be wrapped around my cock. He kept his hair neatly cut and out of his face, and what a beautiful face that was. It was almost pretty, like a girls but still with some masculine features. I wanted him bad but with this one i played it a bit more coy. I didnt flirt with him at all, in fact whenever we interacted it was strictly as a teacher and student should be expected to act.
    Our relationship grew, he started coming to see me everyday after school. One day Jeremy came after school looking troubled.

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   I asked him what was wrong but he said nothing. His head fell forward and his eyes dropped down to the floor. I stepped closer asking again when i saw the bruises and cuts on his face. He saw that i noticed and immediately spun around. My heart jumped and i couldnt control myself, i asked more demandingly
"What happened!?" it was silent for a few seconds untill i finally heard him to begin to mumble
" they beat me up in gym. . . ,
i was looking around too much they said, they called me a Fag and beat me up.
I was furious however strangley my cock began to stir. I approached his back cautiously, the temptation of taking him in my arms was unbearable. Finally i wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear
"im sorry that had to happen to you jeremy, sometimes there are just back people out there that will use any reason to beat you up.
Just because u were looking around doesnt mean your gay, your young and were probably just curious as to what other guys looked like. "
a couple more minutes of silence filled the room. I stood there with my arms wrapped tightly around him, his back pressed firmly against my chest. My cock was growing just from being so close to him, i wanted so badly to bend him over the table and fuck his young ass.

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he whispered "thats not all" breaking the silence,
" I was looking and i umm. . . . i sorta got hard, you know looking at the other guys, thats why they beat me up they saw me. "
At that moment i smiled my dick was so hard it hurt. I was so close to him, my lips right at his ear. I whispered to him
" so you liked what you saw when you saw those naked boys".
He nodded slightly not able to speak such a thing. I cracked an even wider smile, the wolf coming out of me, he was definitely mine now. I slowly began to unbuckle his pants and whispered "
i want to hear you say it jeremy, say that you get hard when you see naked boys"
My cock was pulsating in my slacks. I took in his sent which was a mixture of sweat and men's speedstick. He took in a sharp breath as i slid the zipper down and moaned. He shook his head no refusing to say it, i slid my hand in his pants caressing his hardening cock.
"you know you want to say it jeremy, why dont you just admit it, admit that you like boys"
he remained silent and shook his head no again.

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   I got rougher with my caresses. His jeans fell to the floor with a clunk as i slid my hand inside his boxers. I began to stroke is lengthening cock, it wa a good size for a boy his age. i was not nearly as big at his age. i cupped his balls pinching them as i began to slide my other hand up his shirt.
I rubbed and pinched his erect nipples and he let out a grown. I slid my other hand from his balls to back to strocking his hard dick. He was moaning and gasping and i could feel his cock at to cum. I growled in his ear "tell me that you like looking at boys in the shower, tell me it makes you so hard u wanna jerk off and cum, tell me!" i see him about to peak so i slow my strokes, i was going to make him suffer until he confessed to me. His body was shuddering as he leaned against me panting. he mumbled
" Please dont stop it feels so good when u stroke my cock, pls make me cum. I smiled ready to drop a load of my own my my pants. I told him i would make him cum only if he said what i wanted him to. I began stroking more diligently and i could tell he was close again "tell me!" i yelled until finally he yelled out " i love looking at boys in the s. hower it makes me so hard that i wanna jerk off and cum thinking about them" at the moment i pinched his nipple and stroked him faster his cum came bursting out of him.

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   Stream after stream of cum spilled out on the desktop in front of him. His groans filled the room as he reached the peak of his orgasm. I continued to pound his cock till i emptied him out. I caught one last drop and licked it off my finger. he fell forward panting and i was finally ready to free my cock from my pants.
    I slide my pants off and pulled down my boxer breefs. My cock spran forward, precum drippign from the tip. jeremy was still panting over the table when i slid his undwear down to the floor. I gazed and the cute little dimpled butt in front of me and went crazy. i pushed him further onto the desktop and spread his cheeks. I slide my tounge in between the crease and rolled it around the entrance to his pink bud. His virgin ass was so cute and tight. I began sliding my tounge in and out of hit making it wet.
I began tounge fucking him as he groaned and arched his back giving me better access. I licked and sucked and poked his buthole till it was nice and tender.

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   I bent over him and whispered in his ear "dont more i will be right back. I walked over to my desk and retrieved my baby oil. I returned to my obedient student, still bent over on the desk with his cute hairless butt still poked up in the air. I poured the baby oil on my hand gently massaging my cock anxious to slide it inside of jeremy. I pour some more on my hands and began to work them inside his hole, sliding the slick oil in is asshole.
After i felt i had enough lubrication i lined my cock up with his ass and in one strong push i was all the way inside him. He let out a yelp having lost his virginity to my girth. I kept still inside of him waiting for him to get accustomed to me being inside him. After a few minutes i began to pull out and slowly thrust back in. I stared down at his young teenaged body. He was even scrawnier naked. I towered over him as i began to fuck his tight ass. He moaned into the desktop as i picked up speed, pounding my cock into him a little harder. His moans turned into full blown growns, gasps, and yelps. I was pounding his ass with all i had in me and his hand was diligently stroking his cock.

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I was ready to spray his insides with my cum as i felt myself getting closser and closer. He was so wet and warm inside. my cock slipped in and out so easily as i gripped his shoulders and fucked his ass. i felt my balls begin to swell as i groaned his body tensed and his ass clenched my cock causing me to lose controle and fill his 18 year old ass with my cum. I experienced pure bliss as i sprayed his insides. It began to spill out and my own cum began sliding down my cock and balls. Meanwhile he was underneath me having a second orgasm of his own, spraying the bottom of the desk with his cum.
His body twitched as i slowly pulled my cock out of him. I turned him around to face me. I looked into those green eyes and saw them filled with lust and satisfaction. I kissed him, gently at first then more aggressively sliding my tongue in his mouth and my hand underneath his bottom. i picked him up and sat him on the desk where we made out for a little longer. I chuckled as i pulled my lips away from his and asked him "how was that" he smiled shyly and looked away " amazing sir, its the best thing i have ever felt in my life. I wanted it this whole time and didnt know it. We fucked two more times after that then cleaned up the classroom.

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   i drove jeremy home and told em id see him tomrrow. I drove home happy and statisfied. 2 down i whispered to no one.



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