Taught by the Professor


How can one question change your entire life?  Well not so long ago I found out the answer.   I had entered technical training after high school and was doing really well at it.   I still lived at home back then and my days were filled with traveling 40 miles to school then 20 back to work and 20 more to home.   I had little time for messing around, so I thought then.   I had just turned 18 and at 5’11” 170 pounds, Brown hair, gray eyes and a faded tan, I was nothing at all to write home about.   That’s just how most girls treated me as well.   If they weren’t busy they talked to me but only if I gave them gifts or took them to special events would they date me.
Late that Autumn I had worked my fair share and my boss gave me two days off, Thursday my last day of school and Friday.   I was looking forward to some time to relax and maybe meet a girl that didn’t want a diamond ring, expensive clothes and her car washed before she would go out.  
All during the electronics class I was day dreaming and our instructor, Ward, new it.   He was middle age, 45 and tall 6’2”, he was an ex-football player and still held the shape well at 200 pounds with dark black hair and matching eyes.   His manner was sort of odd for his history and sometimes he would wink at me and a couple of other guys in class.   We didn’t think anything of it at the time.  
Well just as class ended and I was finally free, Ward called out my name and said, “Douglas, would you wait after class.   I want to talk to you about something. ”
Almost everyone filing out gave me "the you’re in trouble look" and I also felt like I was.

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    I knew I was dreaming about stupid things instead of listening and so I resolved myself to the chastisement coming.
“Douglas I wanted to ask you if you were free this afternoon.   I have some time off and I like to get to know my students when I can.   I think you have a lot potential and wanted to discuss it over lunch?” Ward said in a very dull tone.
“Oh well I am off work,” I said not shocked but stunned that he wasn’t about to jump me for day dreaming.
“Great let me lock up and we will grab a bite to eat and talk about life,” Ward said as he dispatched himself to turn off everything and hurriedly escorted me from the room.
I was trying to think up an excuse to get out of this, as I had other things on my mind, when he opened the front door of the building and pointed to his new Jag.   “Wow is that your set of wheels Ward?”
“Yes, got it last night brand new.   Would you like to take my car and I can drive you back to get yours later?” he asked already knowing the answer.   Then after hearing me exclaim yes we headed off down the highway in his car.
We sped to a four way exit and then took a turn into a subdivision and up to a nice big ranch house.   He turned off the car and said, “Let’s go get some good food shall we?”
I got out still amazed at how well the car road and felt and after a dozen questions about it I realized we were not at a restaurant but his home.   He was a bachelor and lived alone for a longtime.   However, you couldn’t tell it by the inside, it was spotless.   I was in awe of his trophy’s and awards and some of his pictures from his playing days as we passed by his gallery room as he called it.

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    Then we went into the kitchen and made us a nice lunch.   Nothing special just some soup and a club sandwich and some spiked tea.   It tasted strange but I drank two glasses anyway.
Then after we ate Ward asked me, “How do you relax?  What’s your scene man?”
“Sleep mainly. ” I said back stupidity.
“No man, what gets you mellow?”  He asked smiling at me.
“Oh I get your drift now man,” I said as the light came on in my head and then I answered, “Well to tell the truth I haven’t really got a vice.   I’ve never really tried any of it. ”
“Well to know what’s going on you should try this,” Ward said as he handed me a funny looking cigarette.
“Is that weed?” I asked bluntly.
“Sure is, the best and it helps you relax fast.   You can enjoy life better after four or five hits of this,” he said lighting it and taking a big puff.
Well I knew if I refused I would look really dumb, so I took it from him and inhaled a deep breathe and at his instances I held it until I coughed like a crazy man for a minute.   Then huffing I said, “Woe this strong. ”
“Take another hit and slower this time,” he said as I followed his instructions and then a few seconds later he said, “Try another one.

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About the time I had made a fifth draw on the pot the effects had begun to hit me.   I felt mellow and laid back and was no longer anxious to leave.   I was sort of feeling no pain, but unsure of what I was feeling as I said, “This stuff does make you feel better. ”
“Yes and it can help your sex life too,” he said as he led me into the den.   As we strolled over to the sofa I flopped on the right arm and stretched out and sort of yawned as he sat down just a few inches from and kicked off his shoes and propped his feed on the big flat wooden coffee table, then he said, “Knock your shoes off and relax a while. ”
“I feel good right now,” I said as my shoes went in the floor.
“So how is your sex life Douglas?” he asked.
“What sex life?” I laughingly replied.
“You mean you don’t have a flock of admirers?” he responded in a way that sounded like he was shocked.
“No not me.   I haven’t made it to third base with any girl ever,” I honestly blurted out and then added, “and it’s driving me crazy.   I just want to know if something’s wrong with me. ’
“Are you a virgin in all ways. ” He asked as he sort of turned and handed me another hit on the joint.
“Yeah, basically all I ever did was kiss a girl a few times and steal a feel once,” I said sadly.

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“What about sex with men?  Have you ever wanted to suck some guys cock?” he asked with a candid open air to his voice.
The second one was the “Question” that changed my life.   I sat back on the sofa and looked in his eyes and said, “Honestly, I have had the urge but never the nerve or the right person to ask. ”
“Well what if someone were to allow you to try it, would you?” he asked just as honest.
Now the pot had relaxed me and I started to get horny from it and as I played with the notion in my head, I simply said, “No doubt. ”
Ward smiled at me as we were still looking in each other’s eyes as I saw his hand slid to unbutton his slacks.   Then with a fast hand he unzipped them as well and shoved them down and unbuttoned and opened his shirt and then stood up and let it fall.   His eyes were almost peering through me as he told me, “I was hoping you would say that. ”  Then with a shocking movement he dropped his black boxers to the floor as well.
Now standing in front of me Ward presented his eight inch muscle for my review.   I was getting so high from the pot that when he moved it to my face I took a draw from the joint and then asked him, “What if I like it?  Does it mean I am gay?”
“Yes, and you will and you are,” he said as I gasped at his candor.   Then with his right hand he guided my head forward and to it.
I slowly let its soft skin touch my lips and as I did the feeling was more pleasing than I ever dreamed of.   I brushed it over my lips a few times before I kissed it and without warning I started kissing all of it and fondling his balls with my fingers.   I stroked them and licked the shaft as he instructed me, Open your mouth and find your destiny.

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I sucked his tip first, the cut part and the pink area.   I acted like it was a lollipop and lapped it all over and then without realizing I knew how I began to suck his cock perfectly.   He was amazed at me and I was enjoying the feeling of it in my mouth.   It was a tickling sexual sensation that had made my cock so hard it was poking into my zipper.
Ward saw it but let me keep up my pace until his cum began a seeping process.   I tasted it and the salty tangy flavor it gave off, but instead of being repulsed as I once thought I liked it.
      That however was just the preliminary at that moment though I didn’t know it.   Then as I pumped it with a hand and sucked and licked the tip completely a larger massive explosion began to erupt on in and all over me.   His cum shot up on my eyes and nose and in my mouth and then my chin.   To my surprise I wiped it in my mouth and enjoyed the taste completely.
    He waited until I had drained him, knowing that I had no ideal he was really finished.   I was allowing him to use my mouth to clean it and to tell the truth I liked it.   I really liked sucking his cock.   I liked it so much I kept on sucking it even when it deflated on me.   Ward appreciated that and after a god ten minutes of additional suction and kisses I felt it grow again right in my mouth.

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        I looked up to his face and smiled as I sucked him and he smiled back with an almost happy expression of something he was about to do.
    ”Douglas you need to know now what part you will play in your life.   Let me see if I can help you figure it out,” he said as he pulled my mouth from his cock and lifted me to my feet.   Our lips met and we kissed and before I knew it my clothes were on the floor by his and I was being pushed onto the sofa facing him.   My legs opened to reveal my weakness, a four inch hard thumb for a cock.   It even bent up at the tip like a thumb.   It was not shrouded at all but bare and he remarked, “Well you are more feminine than I first thought.   You shave yourself already and your asshole too. ”
    With that my legs were pulled up and back and bent to go around him as his hardened cock began its journey to find my hole.   I was looking into his eyes and sort of thinking that I wanted to know if I was gay, just as his cock entered me and or the first minute or so I wasn’t sure I wanted it there but after that time, I knew I did.   I knew I was.   His hard cock rolled up and down in me.   I was high yes, but I knew in my heart I always wanted it this way.   I loved it as he took time to kiss me and when he pumped me hard I panted in his ear as I said, “If you want me I am yours. ”
    His smile said it all and when he replied, “I think I would be most happy to have you for my lover.

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    Well all I can say is I felt as if we were married on the spot.   I was so hot and horny from all that we had done, I just chanted, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”
    When he came in my ass it was without protecting his cock.   I felt its hot flood flow inside me and I panted for him.   He just smiled as he withdrew it and said, “Now let me please you my lover. ”
    With that he relaxed his hold and sank to his knees between my legs.   I watched as his mouth began to lick the seepage from my cock.   All the excitement had all but made cum on my own.   When I felt his mouth cover my small cock and his tongue fly around the head over and over I wanted to scream.   He sensed just when I was about to cum and yanked his mouth off and pushed it back to splatter my lower belly.   Then as it was ebbing he returned to lick off the tip for me.   I dabbed my fingers in it and licked them over and over until it was all gone.   That made him smile even more.   When I finished I asked him, “Do you think I will make you a good lover?’
    “Oh yes you are and yes, Douglas, you will get better at it,” he said taking a seat by me on the sofa.  
    We kissed and held each other for the rest of the afternoon.

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        Then we noticed it was getting late, almost six.   I looked in his eyes and asked, “Could I spend the night here with you?”
    To my shock and surprise he replied, “Yes as long as you move in with me before the end of the semester. ”
    That night we showered together than we went and had dinner on the patio, after that we went into the den again and watched the sports.   While the game was on the tube, I was between his legs enjoying his meaty cock.   He allowed me to suck his cock as much as I wanted to that night and he was still able to fuck me twice more before bedtime.
    I moved in with him the next day and we were together until just last fall when he decided he wanted a younger man than me.   I miss him but I will never forget what he did and what he taught me.   That I am gay and I can and will enjoy it.



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