Taken at the party!


It was a warm summer night in Portland and after a day of hard work I was ready for some play. I had been invited to a small party and had decided to go. It was a party I had heard of over the chat lines in my local area and I knew that there would be some action so I made sure I was very clean inside and out. I was dressed in a light blue designer t-shirt with khaki shorts on with nothing underneath. As I was driving to the party I was getting that out of control horny feeling again and I knew if things went the way I hoped it would I would be seeing plenty of action. When I arrived at the party I noticed that the lights were dim and the music hot. I headed straight to the small bar in the basement and got a drink. The guys were playing pool and I sat down to watch. For me this was great because you can get some great ass shots from watching boys play pool. I could honestly say I myself was playing a little pool (pocket pool). There was this blonde haired guy who was such a hot looking stud, his tan was golden and his ass perfect shape, and oh that bulge in his shorts was a thing to behold. I know he had caught me staring at him but I could not help it. As the night went on and the more I drank the hotter I got. Some of the guys left the party and it left four of us left and I liked that. As we sat around the table talking the blonde haired guy (Jess) asked me if I wanted to see his porn collection, well how could I say no? I fallowed him into the spare bedroom and I was shocked at what I seen, it was what I would describe to be a pommel horse but this one had straps and restraints on it. I kind of laughed and asked him what was that? He said it was something fun to do and asked if I wanted to try it out.

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   Oh my! What is a guy to do? I stood there kind of shaking and could not swallow. I was so excited I could not move or speak, all I could think of was him fucking me while I was bent over that sex prop. Jess had put the porn movie in but I paid little attention to it, I only wanted one thing. He came over to me and grabbed my bulge and I melted right there, I was in his control. I really do not remember how I got into the pommel horse other then I know my wrists were cuffed to the legs of the horse and my waist was strapped to the horse so I could not move around. I felt my shorts being pulled down and my ass being spanked with a riding crop. It hurt but it got real warm real fast and my moans of pain turned to lust. I wanted his cock so badly in my mouth so I could suck and taste the cock that was going to control my ass. I was rewarded with his nice 9 inch thick cock with shaved balls. Oh it tasted so sweet and the wild must smell drove me even wilder. As I was sucking him I felt a hand on my cock but I new it could not be his but I could not see behind me what was going on, all I could see was Jess’s cock in my face and the porn flick on with a all guy orgy going on. Wow was this hot or what? I really started to get into this when I felt a tongue in my ass and I was trying to moan but with a mouth full of hot cock how can you? I just could only lay bent over this horse and take what was coming my way. Jess asked his friend who was now sucking on my cock if he wanted to be sucked by his sex slave and he jumped off me and right into my mouth. Here I am with a cock in my mouth and a tongue in my ass and my cock dripping with pre cum. I felt a cock start to touch my hole and I knew it was time for my fucking but I did not know if it was Jess or the guy who licked my ass? The cock felt big so I figured it was Jess’s hot cock but as the guy started to fuck me I heard Jess on my left side ready for some more head.

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   I was getting pounded in my ass and sucking on two cocks one after the other. I was in heaven and I wanted more. I tried to push back on this fine cock in my ass but I could not, I just had to take it the way he wanted to give it. This lasted for about 18 min I guess and the guy in my ass started to pulse and shake and I new what he was doing. He stopped and pushed in as deep as he could until he was very deep in me and pumped his cum in me. Oh this sent me off and I was sucking some mean cock if you know what I mean? When he pulled out the guy on my right pulled out of my mouth and he replace the guy who fucked me and he went right in no problem for he was about 6 inches but kind of plump. He was working my ass while I sucked on Jess’s cock, he was going all the way in now and I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was going to pass out but I just kept going at it. The guy fucking me now was really starting to get into me and he was picking up the rhythm. I knew he was going to cum very soon and I was right he pumped buckets in me; I could feel it starting to leak out while he was still in me. When he finally pulled out I felt a gusher of hot cum dripping out and running down my balls and dripping off me. Then it was Jess’s turn to fuck me. He was so big and I knew it was going to hurt some but I didn’t care. He pushed his fat head into me and it must have been all the cum in me and all the fucking before Jess that made me so ready for this. It did not hurt at all and he slid in like he had been there many times before.

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   When he went all the way in it hit my spot and I groaned loudly. I was in fucking heaven and I wanted this hot stud to fuck the hell out of me. He was going at me very good when I felt a warm mouth on my own cock, again I could not see who it was but whoever it was I liked it. Being fucked and sucked at the same time is the hottest thing I could ever experience. I was blown away and I was out of control. Thank Gawd for the horse or I would have collapsed on the floor. Jess was fucking me like no man has ever and I had to take it and I wanted to take it. I was getting close to cumming and I could not control it. I started to squirt into this hot mouth and he was sucking it out of me before I could squirt it out. I do not know if that was what was going on but it felt that way. As I was cumming my man pussy was clamping down on this hot 9inch cock and Jess let out a cry and he cummed so hard I could feel it hit the inner walls of my ass. Oh what a feeling that was! Jess pulled out and the guy sucking my spent cock was licking the cum off my balls and freshly fucked ass, then they untied me and I could hardly walk. I looked around and it was the three guys left at the party including Jess smiling at me with the camcorder going. Jess said it was his private collection and I smiled and said I hope you enjoy it later. I never seen them again for Jess moved and no more parties but I will never forget that warm summer night!

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