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But the more I listened to Don, the more I realized that the same things that would attract me to a woman, were also true with a man. Things like personality, sense of humor, ambition, and even though I hated to admit it, it wasn't just these things that attracted me to Don. He was 5'10", and at 175 lbs of solid work-earned muscle, he made a formidable impression on anyone. His auburn hair, beard, and mustach, and hairy body, only served to enhance his ruggedly handsome appearance. Early one morning, as the sun arose, I was drawn to take a walk along the path. I put on apair of cutoffs and my sneakers, and headed out. The path started at the edge of the carny's tent. As I walked by, I noticed Don on a ladder, doing a tent repair, as his buddy held the ladder. He looked over and nodded and I gace him a wink, which did not go unnoticed by his buddy. "P-s-s-st!" I turned around. Don's buddy Rod motioned me over. "What?" "Do me a favor and put that box over there, under this ladder and stand on it, " said Rod. "Sure. " I put the wooden box in place and climbed into place, putting my face at Don's crotch. "Pat, what are you doing here?," Don asked with confusion. I shrugged and was about to ask the same thing, when Rod climbed the ladder and pinning Don's legs against the ladder with his body, he reached around and tore open Don's button fly jeans yanking them down, in the process.

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   "What the fuck are you doing Rod?!", yelled Don. "You've been moping around like a love sick puppy ever since you laid eyes on Pat, here, and I for one am sick of the moaning and groaning of how lonely you are," said Rod. "Pat, if you're mooning over this bitch in heat, as well, then wrap your lips around his dong and do your stuff!" Rod wrapped his arms around Don's legs and the ladder, to hold him in place, with Don fighting to break loose. I leaned forward and slowly drew in the head of his cock with my lips swirling my tongue around the sensitive underside of the dead. "Oh! Fuck! O-h-h-h! Fuck man. . . . . Fuck!," groaned Don as his hardening tool was sucked deeper into my throat. "Yeah, man! Enjoy it bud, get into it man!", yelled Rod spurring him on while growing a tent of his own, the cheek of his face leaning on his buddie's butt. I sucked harder, as I reached up and began stroking his nuts , running the other hand up across his hairy chest, then aroun to rub his lower back and buttocks. He began thrusting forward , driving his dick into my throat. "Suck me, Fuck!. .

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  Oh! Fuck!. . . Ye-e-a-a-h-h! I'm-m-m. . . Cum-m-mming! A-a-a-ahhhh!" I gulped as fast as I could, trying to keep up with the large copious globs that were endlessly shooting from the tip of his swollen dickhead, but some still managed to dribble down my chin. "Swallow it man, drink my buddie's juice! Oh, fuck man , my cock's gonna shoot in my jeans, O-o-o-oHHH! . . . . Fuck!," moaned Rod, as he struggled to free his tool before it messed his jeans. Seeing his dilemma, I pushed his hands away and ripped open his jeans, launching out his roaring hard-on. "Hold on guy. .

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  . No-o-oow!,"yelled Rod, as he grabbed my head, pulling me onto his cock to the pubes, as he bucked and piston-fucked ten spurts of steaming sperm into my gullet. "Rod,I thought he was mine man!," moaned Don, at the sight of his buddy getting off too. "Sorry, guy," sighed Rod , as he released his hold, letting his cock slide out of my mouth, "It was either that or shampoo his hair with my wad. Pat, he's all yours. " A sweaty Rod climbed down the ladder with shaky legs and went into the tent to sleep off the afterglow. Don climbed down and turned the other way as he buttoned his fly, suddenly embarrassed by what had just happened. "Don?" I put my hand on his hairy forearm, and he spun around, taking me into a bear-hug. " I'm sorry that happened,. . . but I'm not sorry!," he passionately whispered, his hot breath on my ear, making me shiver. Our sweat mingled as we were stuck together in this manly embrace. And I did feel like a man, more than I ever had. "What happens when you leave,"I almost cried.

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   "I have to know.
    " "God! Do you really think I could leave, feeling this way. I've only been with women, this isn't something I take lightly. Rod was right. I was making myself sick over you. I couldn't eat or sleep, just waiting for your next visit. I swear I have never felt this strongly about anyone in my life. I suppose that makes me gay, doesn't it. " " I don't care if you're gay or straight, I'm just a man in love like you, but I can't ask you to leave all this. " Don sighed. "What I'm coming to , is a lot stronger than what I'd be leaving! I can get a job and settle down here, with you. I like this town. " " I want you to stay bud, more than this shows," I said, as I grinded my bulging crotch against his, " but I want you to sleep on it, alone, and give me your dicision in the morning. " I kissed him, the first man to man kiss of my life, and it felt good. I turned to leave.

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       "I won't change my mind you know. " With that last look, I knew he really wanted to believe that he would be able to do it, but his eyes told me I didn't stand a chance, that my magic couldn't compete with that of the carnival. I returned in the morning , after a sleepless night, and found a note in a jar where the carny tent had been. I stood and read it as the candy wrappers and paper streamers of a magic summer swirled about me in the gentle summer breeze. " Dear Pat, After what happened yesterday, I thought I would never be writing this letter but, having done so , I think you know my decision. I didn't have the heart to tell you that yesterday was our last day here, or to face you and say hoodbye. My heart was aching, and I just couldn't bear hurting any more. You are the most magic thing that has happened to me in my carnival travels, and that is why I must leave. I couldn't give up this carnival that graced my life with you . If only you were a carny, you would understand, and forgive. I will look at the stars over each town I sleep in and think of you, and know you're out there and that will ease my heart. Don't give up on magic. Don. I put the letter, in the duffle bag I had packed the night before, looked at the town around me, took a deep breath and smiled. The magic was still with me, and by tonight I would be holding the man I loved, under those same stars.

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       THE END.



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