Stevie's Seduction part 2


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It’s hard to describe my feelings as I entered my bedroom. In some strange way even though I realized what we had done was wrong I nevertheless felt strangely exhilarated and excited by what Carl had made me do whilst, at the same time, terrified that my grandparents or friends would find out. I could still feel my heart pounding at the back of my throat and a kind of pressure in my ears. My limbs felt heavy and it was difficult to stand as my legs felt like jelly.  Taking off my clothes with trembling fingers I slid into my big soft bed and lay there thinking back over what had just taken place. My mind was awhirl with it all and I realized that, without thinking, I had taken my cock in my hand in the same way as I had done to Carl. It began to stiffen immediately as I went back over in my mind the things that had taken place. Part of me wondered and indeed hoped if he would come up to my room as he had said and part of me dreaded it actually happening.
My heart started pounding faster with anticipation and it was difficult to breathe. I heard him approaching across the landing until he was outside my door. "Are you in bed yet, sweetie" he whispered in a low voice and I croaked back a timid "yes". "Good" he said and slowly pushed the door open. As I looked up I gave out an involuntary little gasp of shock and panic - he was totally naked in the doorway, his penis standing erect, hard and somehow menacing. With wide eyes I stared at him. His skin was very dark, almost Negroid, and his body was highly muscled with a weightlifter's 6 pack and well-developed arms and legs.

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   He was obviously a very fit man who worked out a lot. He was very hairy on the chest, arms and legs, appearing almost gorilla-like in the subdued light from my bedside lamp. In his hand he held what looked like a tube of toothpaste.
"What are you doing" I stuttered but he just smiled as he walked towards the bed. "No, please, you mustn’t" I stammered but he just went "shhh" again, still with that strange smile on his face. "Time to turn you into my girlfriend, honey" he said. Puzzled, I replied "But I'm a boy. " "Hey what the heck" he laughed, "You're a hell of a lot prettier than some of the girls I've balled, sweetcakes. Move over so I can climb in with you for a cuddle. " With that he pulled back the sheets and slid into the bed alongside me. I hadn't moved across so his body brushed against mine and the feel of it made me shudder involuntarily, not from repulsion but from pent-up anticipation of what was happening as I felt the heat from his body and his hard cock press against my thigh.
"Please, you mustn't" I begged again as he put his arm across my chest and started to caress my nipples slowly and gently with his fingers while his other hand slid down my body to close gently over my cock and balls. As I gasped and struggled slightly he hissed "shhh" again and held me tightly against him until I stopped struggling. I remember I was mumbling over and over "No, please, you mustn't" whilst at the same time doing very little to stop him. It was as though I was totally under his power, unable or unwilling to struggle free and, deep down, the new, scary, strangely exciting sexual stirrings I was experiencing made me want him to continue.

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When he sensed I had relaxed and was no longer trying to stop him, he gave a little chuckle, leaned over towards me and brushed my lips with his tongue several times backwards and forwards before kissing me fully. I was in no fit state by this time to resist his advances even when he parted my lips with his and slipped his tongue into my mouth. It was as though I was mesmerized and it was all a dream.  
Despite the trauma of what was taking place, I began to feel strangely aroused and found myself responding to his kisses, my eyes closed. My cock was hard in his hand and when he whispered in my ear to play with his, I found myself doing it without knowing when I had started to. After kissing, stroking and licking me for what seemed like ages, I had calmed down sufficiently to realize I was really enjoying the strange feelings he had aroused in me, so that, when he started to slide his lips down my neck to circle my nipples with his tongue, I just squirmed with pleasure, closing my eyes to the strangely erotic sensations pulsing through my body.
His lips and tongue had reached my navel before I realized what he had in mind and it was too late to even think of stopping him as he took my cock slowly into his mouth sliding his wet lips down the length of it. I remember gasping "NO" and half-heartedly trying to push his head away but the feelings were so weirdly erotic that, in reality, I did not want him to stop. The heat and wetness inside his mouth on my virgin cock were just so incredible, sensations I can recall to this day. My bottom was lifting from the bed and my hips were writhing in response to the strokes of his tongue on my cock.
I think he realized I was on the point of exploding from the pleasure he was giving me as he stopped and slid back up the bed, wrapping his arms round me as he whispered, "Did you like that?" I could only nod shyly because I was too carried away to speak. "I like it done to me too, sweetie," he said, "Why don’t you do it for me. You will just love the feel of my cock in your mouth. " My head was shaking but I knew I was going to do it, so I did not resist as he pushed on my shoulders until I found myself inches from his hard cock. It looked huge to me, purple and angry and gave off a strangely pungent exciting smell.

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   Tentatively I touched it with my slightly parted lips as he had done to me and it felt so hot and silky. I heard him give a small groan and his hand closed round the back of my head as he encouraged me to take him deeper into my mouth. As my lips parted he pulled my head down and I felt him slide deeply into my mouth, so much so that I almost gagged as he reached the back of my throat. He groaned again and his hips twisted. “Jesus, that’s just so fucking good” he murmured, “Use your tongue on me, baby. ”
I ran my tongue round the bloated tip of his cock whilst sliding my mouth up and down its length as he had done to me. I could hear him breathing raggedly until, finally, he pulled me roughly off, groaning, “Stop, stop it’s just too fucking great but I want to come inside you. ”  He pulled me back up the bed and started kissing me wetly again and I could feel his cock pulsing against my body. Reaching across to the bedside table he took the tube of what I had thought was toothpaste and squeezed some of the contents onto his fingers. Reaching behind me he began to massage the substance between the cheeks of my bottom concentrating on the tight opening of my anus. As he did so, I felt first one then two of his fingers slip into me causing strange sensations within me so that I gasped and asked timidly, “Wh-wh-what are you doing that for?” “’Cos you’re about to get your first fuck honey” he replied. This got me really scared as I realized what he meant and intended. I squirmed against him, almost in tears. “No, no, you can’t,” I cried out in panic, “You’ll hurt me. ”
“No I wont” He replied, “I’ll be very gentle and I promise you’ll love it.

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   Trust me, once you’ve been fucked, you’ll want it every day and, baby, you’ll only have to want it and I’ll be there to give it to you”. With that he turned my reluctant body over and held me tightly from behind, one hand stroking my nipples, the other holding my cock.
    I could feel the hardness of him pressing into the cheeks of my bottom and I was literally shivering with the dread of what it would be like. Because he had lubricated my bottom so well, his cock slipped easily between my cheeks and I felt it pressing at the mouth of my opening. “Draw your knees up,” he hissed quietly and, as I did, I felt his cock press against my entrance and stretch me open as it began to enter. I wish I could say it really hurt but, in reality, it didn’t. I had a strange sensation of fullness down there and, yes, a sort of pain as my young elastic muscles relaxed to accommodate him but, once he had slid the head in, it just felt really nice and I squirmed from the strange pleasures I was experiencing. This only caused his cock to sink deeper into me until I could feel his stomach pressing against my bottom and hear his breath escape as he groaned “Ohhh yehhh”.
    He held me to him for several seconds, motionless, and I could feel him throbbing inside me. “Holy shit but you’re so tight” he hissed, “Does it hurt, baby?” I was quite incapable of speech by this time and could only shake my head slightly, impaled for my first time on a man’s hard cock. “OK, so does it feel nice then” he asked and this time, as I nodded he said “Told you” and slid his cock out and then back into me making me gasp. “Shit, it’s so damn hot and tight in there, sweetie, I aint gonna last long” he groaned, “tell me when you’re coming” He began stroking my cock, which had gone soft as he invaded me, but quickly hardened to his touch. I felt the tingling starting and cried out “I’m getting the feeling, oh God, I’m getting the feeling”
    Immediately he began pistoning his cock in and out of me, the friction against my inner walls like nothing I had ever before experienced. Suddenly, without warning, I was wracked by my first real incredible orgasm, making me writhe and cry out as though I were in agony. Carl matched me with a long drawn-out growl and, as I spurted for the first time, spilling my liquid into his hand, he went rigid and, with an almost animal howl began to come into me.

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       I could feel each of his convulsions and it seemed he was never going to stop as he poured himself into me with great spurts until I was awash and it was bubbling out of me past his deeply embedded cock.
    We were both panting from our exertions, my body still impaled on his softening cock. “Well, little Stevie, that was just great for me so how about you. Did you like it?” he asked softly. I could only nod. “So do you want to be my girl from now on and let me fuck you some more?” and again I nodded. “So let me hear you say it then, baby. Say ‘please let me be your girl, Carl and fuck me all the time’” and I repeated it to him shyly, blushing with the embarrassment of asking him to fuck me again. “OK then, sweetie, you know where I sleep. Come to me later when your folks have gone to bed and I’ll fuck you senseless” he said, staring into my eyes. “And remember, Stevie, this has to be our secret. No one must ever know. We’d both get into one hell of a lot of trouble. ” I assured him I would never tell anyone and he slipped out of my bed, ruffled my hair, kissed me on the lips and walked out.
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