Sex With Strangers 3 (A two part story)


Emily had been living with me for about 2 weeks when I learned that she not only was a heavy drinker. . she could out drink any 3 guys, I swear! But she also had a passion for coke, not the carbinated kind either. We both share such passions and frankly, we had a hell-of-a-time when we lived together. (I put a picture of her at the bottom, or where ever they show the pictures at). This particular story happend just two weeks after she moved in. I had a long weekend, and we've talked about getting wasted for a weekend and just watching movies and stuff, well Emily told me she knew a guy and being that it was later at night, said she could hook us up for the weekend. I was broke, and knew Emily had some cash, so I agree'd and we made the trip to visit her friend. Now the town we live in is not that big and I know my way around, but the neighbor hood we drove to was not the best to be in after midnight. We pulled into this crappy apartment complex and she had me park on the street. I wasn't too comfortable sitting in a car at that hour because it attracts attention. So I'm sitting and listening to music. . . song after song. .

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  . "What the fuck is taking so long?" I'm thinking to myself. . It must of been 25 to 30 minutes before I recognized her walking back around the building. She drops her body back into her seat, staring straight ahead and says. "He wants to talk to you. ". I say "what for?" and all Emily says is that "He wants to know who he's doing business with, he won't give you any till he meets you. " Now I'm a very susicious person, and this just didn't sound right. But it was one of Emily's friends and I figure it must be ok. She tells me which apartment is his, so what the hell. I walk throught the place and it's pretty run down, lot's of windows are covered up and it smells like animal shit all over. So I knock on this guys door, and a BIG ass Mexican guy opens the door! I was a bit taken back at first, but he motioned me in and I walk into this run down, dirty, crappy apartment. At the table in the back is this white guy, in shorts and not wearing a shirt. He's all sweaty and he's kinda twitching and jumpy, and from the looks of it, he's cutting up shit for me.

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   He tells me "take a seat, give me a second". I look for the cleanest place to sit down, and take my first real look around. I'm also weighing my options, because you never know what's going to happen. The Mexican dude sit's down in a chair right by the door. He's about 5 foot 18 and 250 pounds. A big man in his late 20's. I'm kinda looking for something I might need to use as a weapon. . like I said. . you never know. After about 2 minutes the white guy get's up and comes over standing in front of me. He's about a half a foot in front of me and says, "What the fuck is this all about?!" "uhm. . " I say, "you wanted to talk to me?".

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  . . . "Yeah I fuckin' want to talk to you. . do you think I'm some kinda fucking charity?!!!" At this point I realize he's playing some kinda game, I don't have a clue and know this is going bad. "You see. . ur bitch came in and wanted me to front her shit, I don't front for nothing. " I didn't have any cash and told him so. And he said, "well ur bitch settled up with me, now it's your turn". I told him I had no cash, and to forget about it. And I then as an afterthought I said "well how do I know that you're not selling me good shit?". As if offended, he stepped back and for a second I though he was going to hit or jump me or something. He walked to the table he was sitting at and turned over a plate.

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  . . "Take a line bitch!"Free Coke?! Hell yeah! So I got up and went to the table, picked up this straw and in one quick breath snuffed down a big dog leg of coke. I sniffed it all up a few times and let it melt down my nose and throat. I love that feeling, when you slip into a new reality. It was good, VEVRY GOOD!!!. In about 40 seconds I was in heavan!I guess 'shirtless guy' knew it. He walked past me and told me to follow him. It took me a second to realize he had left the room and I stumbled past the table to the back of the room. To the right of the kitchen there was a doorway and the light was on. He was sitting on the toilet. My mind was spinning and nothing made sense right now, so to me, a guy sitting on the toilet was about as normal as it get's. "Shut the door bitch" he said. I did what he said. I looked in the mirror and hardly recognized my face in the mirror.

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   It seemed distant and far away. My heart was racing, and I could feem my skin tingling all over. Everything seemed fast AND slow at the same time. I snapped back into the moment as shirtless guy spoke "we need to negotiate your price, and since you don't have money, you're going to have to work it off. " I had no clue what he ment. But I looked down and realized he was sitting on the toilet with his shorts around his ankles and a huge hard cock sticking out between his legs. I still didn't know what he was talking about because I was riding a great high. He made it plain and clear. "Suck my cock bitch!". AS I know it, there are two kinds of reactions from coke, one type of person get's reclusive and doesn't want to be touched. The other type  want to be touched. I'm the second type. At first, I tried to leave the bathroom, but the door was a foot length away from him and he got up and kept me from leaving. He grabbed my hand and rubbed his cock with it. I tried to resist him, but he said "if you want a good weight on your way out.


  . you better listen!". He sat back down, and I felt my heart pick up speed. Was this real? Could I do this and have everything be ok? This was messed up!I dropped on my knees in front of him. After all, I've sucked a few cocks in my time. I grabbed his dick, it was a little bigger than the frist 2 cocks I ever sucked. Being around 7 inches and 2 inch's round. I notices his pubic hairs were all wet and matted down, they smelled sweet and wet, even though his cock was dry. I knew it wasn't cum in his pubic hairs, so I knew he didn't jack off. I just didn't add 2 + @ at the time (stay tuned for the second part of the story). What the fuck, I took his cock head into my mouth and sucked on it a few slurps, I felt it grow and get thicker with my lips clamped down on it. I jacked his shaft with my right hand, pumping it up and down milking it nice and hard. He started mumbling words which I didn't hear them all, but things like "good bitch", "suck it hard" and "your a good whore" over and over. My ears were ringing from the drugs and the adrenaline pumping through my body. After a what seemed like I was sucking his cock dry, I let go with my hand and he grabbed the back of my head. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   I really love that feeling, and at that particular time, i realized that I love the feeling of a cock being forced down my throat! I love being used like that. I was so into it, I was almost in tears wanting to please that guy. I needed him to cum down my throat. I took my face off his cock and said. . "i don't care what you think, I want to eat ur cum so bad!" and he laughed and said "Yeah, that's what I she said. " At the time, I didn't know what he ment, but didn't care. I dove back done on his cock with a new passion. I let his fat hard head cram it's way down the back of my windpipe, half choking and feeling saliva force it's way out my nose in bubbles. He slammed my face down on his crotch over and over really hard. My nose was getting sore from punching holes in his pubic hairs. The smell of the wettness of it and my gagging was amazing! At times I couldn't breath, but other times I was able to catch my breath enough to let him continue pounding my face with his cock. After what seemed like an eternity, he stood up with my face planted on his dick. . pushed me back against the wall with my head planted on the wall.

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   He face fucked me there. I tried to use my hands but he told me to keep my fucking hands down or he'd kill me. I didn't care!!! He slammed his whole body weight against my face with his cock going so far down my throat that I thought at times I would puke. But I held it all together. Minutes flew by and I began to doubt he'd ever cum, then, and just then, he slammed my head back against the wall so hard I saw stars. . He pressed his body hard and deep into my mouth. I don't even remember feeling him cum, but he did. He was so far down my throat that I didn't even feel him dump his cum in me. He stayed so long down deep in my throat that I blacked out. I woke up on the floor, dizzy and high as a fucking kite. He had pulled up his shorts and left the bathroom. I walked out into the main area and he handed me this little bundle and told me to get the fuck out. I managed to stumble my way out the door and down to my car. Emily barly made eye contact with me, and that's when I knew she set me up.

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  . . she fucking made her deal with him, and left me to take care of my own. FUCK! Even though I really enjoyed it, and actually wish I could re-create it sometimes. . . I was pissed off at her for setting me up like that. We drove back to our apartment without a word. If you want to know who the rest of the weekend went. . Stay tuned for Part 2. ritcheydrew@yahoo. com.