Ricky and His Brother's Best Friend


    Ricky and David were brothers, David being the older.   They got along well enough like most brothers do, but they did have their own friends.   During his junior year of high school David's best friend, Tom, moved to another city.   They didn't see each other for the rest of the school year.   That summer their parents made arrangements for Tom to stay at David's house for a two week visit.   David was thrilled to see his friend again and Ricky didn't mind.   He always thought Tom was a cool guy.   Tom stayed in the guest room and the only real disruption was sharing the bathroom.   David and Tom spent their days hanging at the mall, going to movies and visiting kids that they knew from school.   At night they watched t. v. and played video games.
    One night  Ricky went to use the bathroom before going to bed.   When he opened the bathroom door, there stood Tom with his pants down at his ankles and his dick in his hand.   His eyes were closed and he was too absorbed with his penis to notice Ricky standing there.   Now Ricky had played with his own cock many times, so he knew what was happening.

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    What surprised him was the size of Tom's cock.   It was about eight inches long and thick.   Ricky's eyes were drawn to it, but he couldn't move.   He just stared at it for several seconds.   Tom opened his eyes and saw Ricky watching him. but instead of being embarrassed he just smiled.   He asked Ricky if he liked  what he saw.   Ricky answered that he liked watching Tom jerk off, but had never seen such a big cock.   Tom put a hand on Ricky's shoulder and told him that he was actually thinking about Ricky while he jerked off.   Ricky asked what it was exactly that Tom had been thinking about.
    Tom said that he would show him and gently pulled Ricky close.   His big cock was still pretty hard and he placed Ricky's hand on it.   That kind of shocked Ricky, but he loved the way it felt.   The skin was soft and warm and he could feel a throbbing sensation.   Tom walked to the door and locked it.

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    He said Ricky should take his pants off too.   Ricky felt a little shy because his dick was so much smaller than Tom's.   But Tom helped loosen his belt and his pants fell to the floor.   Tom pulled Ricky close and kissed him on the mouth while one of his hands gently carressed Ricky's hardening penis.   Never had Ricky played like this with another boy, but he liked what Tom was doing.   He reached out and began to massage Tom's soft but still big cock.   He was a fast learner.
    Tom knelt down in front of Ricky and with both hands on Ricky's ass cheeks, pulled him closer.   He licked the head of Ricky's very hard cock with the tip of his tongue.   Ricky had read about blow jobs, but this was better than he had imagined.   Tom opened his mouth wider and sucked Ricky's entire cock inside of it.   Ricky's knees felt weak as he looked down at Tom's head while Tom licked and sucked his pecker.
 Tom stopped sucking and started jerking Ricky by hand.   Ricky's cock spurted cum and Tom quickly put Ricky's dick back in his mouth.   Ricky filled it with his hot white cum.

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    Tom then stood up and gave Ricky a kiss wet with his own cum.  
    Tom put his pants on and went to the guest room.   Ricky wondered if his brother David knew about Tom, but either way Tom was also his best friend now.   And Tom was staying for another week.