Queer Eye For Justice


Queer Eye For Justice
A Bad Boy Gets More Than He Bargained For When He Vandalizes A Soda Machine.
By John Austin
Trey Adkins was an Italian Adonis.  A charismatic and sexy street-savvy bad boy. 6'1, a solid 165 lbs. His hair was midnight black hair -- he wore feathered back. His chestnut brown eyes were soulful and seductive. He had full lips and a killer smile. . . He  relished in the thought of one day modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch. . . .
Onery as a blue jay, Trey had run ins with the law -- from burglary to arson Despite his checkered past, a judge decided to give Trey one last chance in light of his age and all too aware of the stark and frightful reality that could serve injurious to him. Given a reprieve he was sent to Baldwin Academy for Men /BAM for eighteen months for vandalizing a soda machine that took . 50 from him.

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   And Contempt for smart mouthing the judge at his arraignment. When asked if there was anything that had not been explained to him or did not understand, Trey replied menacingly "What town was this where they shot the Sheriff, but not the deputy ?". . .
"Welcome to Baldwin Academy, I'm  Stephen Garrett your teacher"  Mr.  Garrett cordially greeted Trey. Trey softly says "thanks". "Baldwin?. . . best guess -- what's our name mean?" Mr.  Garrett asks Trey. Trey shrugs his shoulders and gives Mr. Garrett a dumbfounded look "dunno" he's says. "Bold Friend" Mr.

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  Garrett says. Again, Trey answers softly "Cool". Mr. Garrett clears his throat "eh 'hem -- it means, here we don't play Ring Around The Rosies. We turns boys into men, we call it tough love" Mr.  Garrett says. Trey raises an eye brow and with a smirk says "wonderful".
"Okay guys listen up, this is Trey. Trey is new let's help him out. . . Chris, why don't you go over the ground rules" Mr.  Garrett asks:
" a) Don't be late for class -- automatic detention. . it's hell dude"" b) No cussing -- you'll loose your smoking privileges for a day"" c) Do what the staff tell you -- or no outings or passes.

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Chris explains.
"Fuck this bullshit, this is Gay!" Trey cockily states.
"That will cost you son. Let's have the Marlboro's" Mr. Garrett demands  "Go fuck yourself you prick" Trey sneers back insulting him. . As Mr.  Garrett reaches to grab him by the arm Trey stops him catching his wrist twisting and spraining it. Mr. Garrett yelps in pain. . . "You lay a fucking hand on me and I'll give your ass to Jesus faggot!" Trey warns.
One of the guys quickly dashes out of the classroom and across the hall to the gym. He sees the coach in his office.

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   "COACH!" he yells.   Coach Bill Hastings a staunch and handsome man with the morals of an alley cat opens his office door "what's going on?!" Coach asks with concern.  "Come quick man some shit's going down, Garrett's hurt!" the young man says. Coach runs to Mr.  Garrett's classroom and swiftly takes charge. . . . "You got a problem?!" Coach asks angrily body slamming Trey against the blackboard. his arm is thrust pinning his neck back.  Coach whisks Trey out of the class by his shirt. "Think you're a tough guy huh?. . . you're a punk!.

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  . . punks get special treatment" coach yells pushing Trey out of the classroom. Trey falls on the floor in the hall. Just then, Trey could of rested his chin on his boots like a fearful puppy squinting his eyes tightly and waiting for the worst ---OHHHH DADDY! "Get up you little son of bitch!" Coach scowls. Coach forces Trey to his office. "Take a seat Son!" coach orders as he locks the door and draws the shade. "What's your name?" Coach asks "Trey Adkins" Trey replies looking like something the cat dragged in.  Coach brings up Trey's record and begins to heckle him about it.
"Stand up and drop your pants"
"WHAT?!. . are you fucking sick?!" Trey snaps back. "One more word out of you Mister and you'll be kissing the floor" coach says slamming his fist on his desk and gritting his teeth. "DO IT!". .

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Trey fumbles nervously for his fly and drops his Levis as quickly as he can". "Whip it out Son, let's see what you're working with!". Trey catches himself holding back from cussing the coach out. He complies and pulls down his boxer shorts and takes out his dick holding it in his hand. "look straight head staring at the wall and jack off!" Coach orders. Trey looses it "No way you queer fuck, fuck you, you can't make me do this, you're sick man!". Trey snaps. Coach makes a mean fist and punches Trey in the gut with a powerful blow. Trey doubles over and falls to his knees on the floor. "I don't mince words boy, you WILL do as you are told!" Coach non-chalantly sits back down at his desk giving Trey time to puke and resume his punishment. After roughly ten minutes, Trey stands back up at the side of coach's desk and stares dead-on at the wall and begins to jack off. Coach swivels around in his chair, folds him arms and eyes Treys cock. Coach turns around and picks up the waste basket behind him, turns back around and places it under Trey's long fierce cock. "Cum in the bucket, punk".

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   "Sir, yes sir" Trey moans panting stroking vigorously. . . . "oh my god -- oh my freaking God, Coach I'm gonna cum FUCK, auhhhhhhhhh!" Trey blows his load slinging strand after strand into the waste bucket.
"Another stunt like today Son and you'll be entertaining your peers alright -- just like this. . . do we understand each other?!" Coach warns. Trey just looks wide-eye at the coach and humbly mutters "yes sir, sorry Coach". 'Get out of my office!" Coach scowls. Trey leaves feeling degraded like a cheap whore. He feels sick to his stomach and heads to the lavatory where he vomits, holding back the tears from the shock of his harrowing.
It was now 2:45 PM. The bell rang and Gym was next.

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   Coach acted as if nothing had happened. He was equally cordial to him as the other guys. It was Wednesday -- Dodge Ball! Coach picks two of the guys as teen captains and they begin selecting teammates. Trey was picked almost immediately for his stellar body and apparent strength. Coach blows the whistle and the game begins. . Trey begins taking out his opponents one-by-one  plucking them like chickens. . . "Child's play man" Trey snickers to one of his teammates. One of the boys on the opposing team shouts a flame and maliciously delivers a blow to Trey's face face with the ball. Trey's head jerks to right and his nose begins to bleed. . . "That's for Mr.

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   Garrett you fuck!" the boy shouts. Trey ignores his bleeding nose and tackles the awnry twink on the bare wooden floor pulverizing him "Don't FUCK with ME Asshole!". . Trey asserts angrily. Coach grits his teeth and grabs Trey by the back of his shirt and stands him up and pushes him backwards with his hand. Trey throws both his hands up 'It's cool Coach!" trying to defuse the coach, but to no avail.
"Drop em now!" Coach orders Trey. "Trey's face turns tomato red, his dimples were throbbing. His seductive brown eyes turned black with fiery as he dropped his pants to the gym floor baring his cock and firm bubble butt for all to see while standing at attention before the coach. . .
Coach toys with Trey's cock holding it as he runs his thumb back and forth over the head of it and then scraping it with his nail.  Trey's cock sprang out and began throbbing. . .

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  . "You think you're the cock of the walk?" he asks sinisterly with an evil grin.
Trey is in utter disbelief as not a one protests this. Their eyes all seemed to have the same look, cold and unfeeling. "My God!" Trey thinks to himself at the startling realization they have done this before. . .
"Whip the birdie!" Coach sternly prods. The guys whistle and there is jeering. Trey nods slightly with a sour look, takes in a deep breath and closes his eyes unable to look at his peers as he begins to jacks off. "I think you owe these guys an apology Son!" Coach implies with an evil grin. Trey continues stroking his cock vigorously. His head is cocked back with is eyes closed. He brings his head up and looks straight on at his peers to see them gawking at him. "I- I'm sorry guys" Trey says short of breath.


   He closes his eyes unable to look at the guys watching him like a spectacle. . . . "Auhhhhhhhhhh au God nooooo ohhhhhh fuck!" Trey lets out with clamor blowing his load and shivering.  "Sweet!" one guys says emphatically. "Oh hell yeah!" another says getting boned.
In a torrent of emotions Trey makes a mad dash for the bathroom. He doubles over trying to catch his breath and get his wits back. "Son of a BITCH!" he says gasping. He pukes violently into the toilet sweating and trembling. He leans his back against the wall and cocks his head back inhaling deep, lowers his head and exhales in a gush "PHEW!" He begins to feel weak and faint, slides his back down the wall until he is sitting on the floor. He puts his head between his legs. Suddenly he hears the door to the bathroom open. .

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"Trey ?. . . Trey, man you alright?" Chris asks. "No man, I can't take this freak en shit!" Trey replies bemoaning and nearly crying. "It gets easier if you don't think about it" Chris says speaking to Trey through the door. Trey brings his head up suddenly and reaches up with one arm unlatching the door to the stall and pushed it open. He leans his head back and cocks it's slightly looking at Chris "What's up with that man -- if you don't think about it?!" Trey asks in a faint voice nervously. "Been there man -- all the guys"  "Yeah. . well. . no offense but I'm not queer" Trey asserts. "Do I look Queer to you?.

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  . . I used to make like I was strutting it for the ladies -- it's all in the mind man" Chris says. Trey grins "never thought of it quite like that before" Trey says. Chris and Trey leave together and Chris invites him to his room to hang out, grab a pizza and listen to some cd's.  
The next day Trey is late to gym class from smoking and shooting the shit. "You're late Trey!" Coach sneers at him. "YEAH?! -- make like a clock and get past it!" Trey sinisterly says with a smirk.  "WHAT did you just say to me boy?! "Fuck your sorry ass --compendia--can you hear me now?!" Coach is livid "In my office now!". Trey grins. Trey starts to unzip and acts coy and shy "you know you want it -- you like young guys don't cha Coach" Trey says in a patronizing tone winking at the Coach. "You think your smart don't you Son?!. . . zip up.

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  . I wouldn't be showing that to too many people" Coach insults. Trey is slightly taken off guard. "What cha gonna do now, huh Coach?!" Trey says feeling. . . well. . p-r-e-t-t-y damn smart and proud of himself. "You got gym, now Son!" Coach orders sternly pointing. Trey perceives that to be a concession by the Coach. . . .
"Chris, front and center!" Coach orders as he grabs Trey by the back of the neck and holds him.

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   "What's up Coach?!" Chris asks with a look of uncertainty and fear. "You - strip !" Coach orders Trey. "Chris, show Trey here how titillating punishment can be". Chris is taken back "Uh. . . " Chris starts to say, but his mental mojo kicks in. "You got it Coach" Chris says. Trey is shocked and feels betrayed by Chris. Hoping Trey can read lips "Chris says "pretend to be my girl" Trey looks cock eyed at Chris missing the punt. . .
Coach forces Trey to do ten nude jumping jacks. Like a traffic accident you couldn't help but stop and look. Trey's erect nipples from the cool air and his bobbing cock has the guys enchanted.

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   "Would you look at that -- that's just nasty" coach sinisterly jokes. The guys laugh. Trey squints and blinks panting as he finishes the humiliating task. . .
"You think you're a Hot Shot ay?" Coach asks. He orders Trey to stand at attention with his hands behind his head. He hands Trey a basketball, and leads him up to the Marker. "You get one shot -- you miss and I rape you right here -- right now!" The guys are jeering. . . Trey's hands are trembling. He takes in a deep breath and shoots the ball -- he misses! "FUCK!" Trey sputters frustrated and nervous.  Coach winks.
"Coach NO.

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  . . DON'T do THIS. . . This is freak en INSANE man!" Trey pleads hopping around franticly facing the inevitable. . .
Coach snatches him, grabs him by the back of the neck and bends him over "I want some of that sweet ass" Coach menacingly spurts. . . . . .  "AHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK OHHHH GODDDDD DAMN IT AWE AUH NOOOO!!" Trey shrieks in sheer pain as Coach's freight train like cock bore into his tight virgin ass!" "WHEW HEW!" one guy shouts.

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   There's a round of high-fives. Chris traces the curves of Trey's pecs than plucks his pert left nipple "Damn that's a sweet nip" 'Fucker-err!!" Trey mutters gasping look dead up into Chris' eyes. Trey grits his teeth and begins to pant and hiss as coach rides his savaged hole with a vengeance. Like a piston he grinds Trey's ass tirelessly for a long stint. Trey's neck is sticking out like a goose, the veins in his neck protruding out with his thrashing about and gasping. Chris holds Trey's face gingerly wiping away a fallen tear on Trey's left cheek with his thumb giving him a piteous look as  coach Hasting's rapes him.  "Damn, that's sad" Chris says softly and winks at Trey. Trey just rolls his eyes looking dizzy and gray. "Awe mmm ohhhhhh y-e-a-h uhhhh whew!" Coach hasting's moans feverishly as he thrusts his cock deep into him filling his quivering ass and burning hole with bursts of cum.
Coach smacks Trey on the ass "Hit the shower" he orders. Trey staggers in the buff across the gym past on-lookers and gagging, vomiting just as he makes it through the door to the locker room. Exasperated, he falls to floor and crawls to the drain in the buff cold and shaking, and pukes repeatedly. He feels the Coach's semen oozing out his ass and feels utter disgust and filthy. The long hot shower is unforgiving leaving Trey to feel defiled and scarred.
The brutal assaults and savage taking of his virginity by the sadist disciplinarian broke Trey of his arrogance and defiance instilling respect for authority.

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   Coach had made a team player out of him -- as he did with every bastardly young man. Trey wizened up and played like "The Good Son" until his release from Baldwin the following year. He returned home with his G. E. D. and landed his first full-time job as a nigh stocker with a national grocery chain where he worked his way up to management. . .
Trey frequently hires a dominatrix to punish him when he fucks up -- from being late to work to voting for George Bush -- he has to buy her gas for a year -- premium!
Coach Hastings was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sodomy, rape and abuse by an authority figure after brutally assaulting a rich kid and putting him in the hospital in a catatonic state. A "bold friend" Trey testified at his trial. Coach Hastings was subsequently sentenced to two consecutive life terms without parole. Baldwin Academy was closed by the state following the indictment and conviction of Coach Hastings.

Trey Adkins



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