One Last Night With Randy


"So what are we gonna do now, Randy?" the blonde boy asked, his right leg cocked and dangling over the arm of the big, over-stuffed easy chair, kicking spastically in boredom.
"I don't know. . . . what do you wanna do?" Randy replied, his voice droning. The big-for-his-age fourteen year old was laying on the couch, covered by a colorful knit shawl, watching the snowy picture fade in and out on the TV set.
"There's not much too do. " Kenny said with a huff. "I guess we could play some more cards. . . "
In the last three and a half hours, the two boys had explored the trailer and it's surroundings, had a cops and robbers style shoot out that left Kenny's back scratched up and slightly bleeding, and played poker for match sticks. Now, after giving up on television, boredom had set in.
It was going to be their last night together and both of them knew it. The two boys had lived right next door to each other for the last six months, and they had become best friends, but now Randy was moving away.

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   His mother had lost her job at the plant so they were going to stay in an old trailer out on his grandfather's farm until they got on their feet.
Upon learning about the whole situation, Kenny and Randy promised each other to ride their bikes out for a visit, but it was just too far away for that. It was just never going to happen.
"Naaa. We already did that. " Randy said. "I wanna do something different. "
"Like what?" Kenny asked.
"Like jack off. " Randy stated matter-of-factly.
"Sure you do. " Kenny replied sarcastically. The whole topic of sex had been pretty much a taboo subject for them ever since Kenny had shown Randy the collection of pornographic paperbacks that his step father kept hidden in the bottom drawer of his dresser. Kenny remembered how disappointed he was when Randy could only made fun of them.
"You don't believe me?" the big shaggy haired teenager asked from his prone position on the couch.

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"No. Not at all. " Kenny said.
"Well what if I told you that I'm already doing it?"
"I'd say you're full of shit. " the blonde boy stated flatly. Randy looked at him and smiled slyly, exaggerating the gentle back and forth motion his hand was making over his crotch and under the blanket. Kenny laughed. His friend was
was trying to pull a fast one on him. But he was smarter than that. "If you're really jackin' off under there. . . then show me. " he challenged.
"Because I don't believe you for a minute.

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"You don't have to believe me. But I am doing it. " Randy said.
"Then show me. " Kenny pushed, wanting the whole thing to be over with so he could declared the victor.
"But I don't understand why do you need to see me doing it? I do it just like you do. " Randy countered. "Don't you know how to jack off?"
This caught Kenny completely off guard. The truth of the matter was that, at the age of fourteen, he had no idea how to satisfy himself, but he was eager to learn. Very eager. But there was no way he was ever going to admit that to Randy. It would make him look to much like a homo. And normally, Randy would never even bring up the subject, let alone confess to the act. Maybe it was his way of opening the door. An opportunity.

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   Kenny felt a warm rush of excitement pass through his body as he considered the possibilities. But then his common sense finally over rode his emotions and he realized that Randy was most likely trying to play a joke on him.
"Tell you what. If you are jerking off under there, you'll prove it. And if you don't show me it's 'cause you full of shit. " the blonde boy said, pleased with his answer. He figured for sure that his young mischievous friend would cop out.
"Alrighty. You want proof. . . "" Randy said, raising the blanket just enough to offer Kenny a glimpse of him masturbating.
"Holy shit, Randy. . .

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  " the blonde boy uttered breathlessly, his eyes wide with surprise and his mouth hanging agape. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. There, laying before him, was his best friend busily stroking a boner that was easily three times the size of his own. "You got a fuckin' big dick!" he finally managed to get out.
Randy just looked over and smiled as he covered himself up.
"No! Wait! I wanna see!" Kenny said in a hushed tone, feeling his own penis swelling in his pants. "Let me see, Randy. "
"Only if you join me. " the big shaggy haired boy replied with a sheepish grin.
"Okay!" the blonde boy answered excitedly, unfastening his jeans and pulling them down, grabbing a hold of his now fully erect little penis. Kenny watched his friend closely, studying how he rubbed his big dick up and down, sliding his fist over the shaft, and he began to emulate the boy. And it felt good.
"I thought you'd have a much bigger cock. " Randy said, breaking the silence.
Kenny tore his eyes away from his friend's hard on and looked into his eyes.

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   "What do you mean?" he asked, confused by the boy's statement. Suddenly, he felt very insecure about himself.
"Nothing much. " Randy replied, sensing his friend's concern. "You just seem like the kind of guy who'd have a really big cock. That's all. "
"Oh. " Kenny said, eyeing his erection and comparing it to his friend's. "You don't it's too small then?"
"Nope. . . It looks pretty good to me. "
Kenny's ear perked right up and he felt a rush of excitement. A smile slowly crept over his lips. This was his opening.

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   His opportunity. "You mean. . . you like my dick?" he asked, already knowing how Randy was going to respond.
"Yeah. . . . it looks pretty good to me. " the boy answered, gradually increasing the tempo of his strokes. "I'm gonna cum soon. "
"I wanna watch you. " Kenny said, coming over and sitting on the arm of the couch above his friend's head, without missing a single stroke on his cock.
"What are you doing?" Randy asked, looking up at the blonde boy.

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"Nothing. I just want a better view. " Kenny replied, his eyes glued to Randy's cock. Then he decided to push the envelope. "I'll bet it would feel a lot better if we did it for each other. "
"Mmm-hmmm. " Randy hummed, his fist now a blur. "I'm gonna cum now. "
Kenny watched as every muscle in Randy's body tightened and trembled, his eyes glued to the boy's pulsating cock. Randy let out a groan and a stream of milky white fluid oozed from his pee slit and drooled down onto his tee shirt.
That's it," Kenny thought to himself, disappointed. That's what it's all about? And then Randy's cock exploded with a gusher of semen, spewing a stream of the thick white liquid up his chest and across his tee shirt. There was a brief pause and then another stream of cum. And then another. And another.


"Holy shit, Randy!" he said as the last few drops of semen dripped from his hand and onto his stomach.
"I came too much. " Randy muttered, fumbling for a tissue. "A lot more than I wanted to. Usually I control how much comes out. "
"Can you do it again?" Kenny asked, wide eyed.
"Yeah. In a few minutes. " Randy answered, sponging up the semen from his belly with the tissue.
Kenny saw an opening and, mustering up his nerve, he took it. "You wanna maybe try doing it for each other?" he asked.
Randy looked up at his blonde friend from the couch and their eyes met. "I guess we could try it. . .

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  if you really want too. " he said, giving in as if his arm had been twisted. "Just to see what it feels like. "
"Just to see what it feels like. " Kenny repeated, feeling just a little defensive. He didn't want Randy to think that he was a homo or anything, but this was a golden opportunity. "We can take our clothes off and. . . maybe. . . we could try sucking each other's dicks too. " he coyly suggested.
Having finished cleaning himself and tucking his big, semi-erect dick back in his pants, Randy jumped off the couch and grabbed a deck of playing cards from the table.


   "Let's let the cards tell. " he said shuffling them. "You be 'yes' and I'll be 'no'. "
"Okay!" Kenny answered, thrilled at how willing his friend was to play along.
Sure, he had been the one that suggested that they cut the cards, but that was because he didn't want to seem too eager. The answer could have been a flat out 'no'.
Randy slammed the deck down on the coffee table. "Cut. " he said with a sly smile.
Kenny separated the deck about two thirds of the way down and drew a ten. He mentally crossed his fingers. Randy followed suit, separating the deck at the half-way point, turning over a seven.
"So I guess we're gonna try sucking each other's dicks. " Kenny said, staring into Randy's big, blue eyes, trying his best to contain his excitement.
"It looks that way.

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  " Randy replied in a deadpan manor.
Kenny could hardly contain himself. And he was going to push the envelope.
"You know. . . if you really wanted to. . . we could always try some butt-fucking too. . . just to see what it feels like. "
The words hung heavy in the air. The two boys stared into each other's eyes for a moment, and then a sly smile slowly crept over Randy's lips.

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   "Only the cards will tell. " he said, shuffling the deck once again. "You'll be 'yes' and I'll be 'no'. "
Kenny knew that it was all now just a formality. A cover thy ass situation. He knew that he and Randy were going to get 'nasty', as he liked to call it. It was something that he had wanted to do for quite a while. Pretty much ever since he first met the boy. And now it was finally going to happen. He was sure of it. But he still had to play the game for appearance sake.
"Now why do i gotta be 'yes' all the time? Why can't you be 'yes' this time?"
Kenny pretended to whine.
"Whatever. . .

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  I'll be 'yes' then. " Randy said maturely. He slapped the cards down on the coffee table in front of his blonde friend. "Cut 'em!"
"Alright. This time I'm gonna be 'no'. . . " Kenny repeated in his own words as he separated the deck into two piles and flipped over a jack. Immediately, he wanted a 'do over'. But there was still a chance that Randy would beat him.
"You're turn. " he said, pushing the cards across the table to his friend.
Randy hummed and waved his open palm back and forth over the deck, his eyes rolling back in his head as if he was in a trance.
"Just cut 'em, asshole. " Kenny said, losing his patience.

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   Even though Randy was bigger than him, standing several inches taller and out weighting him by a good thirty pounds, he had been the dominant personality since day one. He knew that if Randy ever got mad at him he'd be in trouble. But the boy never got mad. He was too laid back. And he was easy to push around too. Kenny took total advantage of this.
"Ooooh okaaay. " Randy said in a tone of mock disappointment. He split the deck and turned over a duce. He held it up and showed it to Kenny.
"Do it again, Randy. " Kenny commanded with a big, beaming smile. "I saw you cheatin'. " Both boys giggled and Randy cut the deck again. This time he drew a seven.

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   They both laughed even harder. "One more time. " Kenny said. Randy cut the cards and turned over a king, displaying it proudly for Kenny to see.
"Whelp. . . . I guess we're gonna try some dick-suckin' and butt-fuckin'. " Kenny stated matter-of-flatly. It was one final chance for Randy to pull the rug out from under them. But he didn't.
"Sure looks like it. " Randy smiled, his big blue eyes gleaming mischievously.

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  . . . you wanna get started? Kenny asked, standing, still stroking his stiff little cock. Then, as an after though he added "We should go into your room. That way if your mom comes back she won't catch us. "
"That's good idea. " Randy said, sitting up and pivoting on the couch, turning towards his friend. "You ready?"
"I'm ready, Freddie. " Kenny answered enthusiastically, standing and heading towards Randy's bedroom friend's bedroom.
"Hold on for a second. " Randy said, going in the opposite direction, walking down the hall and into the bathroom. Kenny heard him rummaging around in a box. The sound was distinct. Then, a moment later, Randy returned to the living room holding a small jar of Vaseline.

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   "We're gonna need this. " he said, holding it up for Kenny to see.
And with that the two boys adjourned to Randy's bedroom.




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