Oiled Up And Ready for His Dick


I got up from my knees and walked into the kitchen. I could feel his eyes fixated on my luscious plump ass. As I open the refrigerator door knowing full well I is not the least bit interested in anything I could have in there. This was just my way of teasing him. I bend over to reach the bottom shelf. Bending at the waist and keeping my legs straight I made sure he got a full view of what he was after.   I grab the bottle of tea from the door I had my eye on. Besides I never keep drinks on the bottom shelf but he doesn't know that. I turn and slowly walk out of the kitchen. Again his eyes are crawling over every inch on my skin. He is still standing at full attention after the tongue lashing I gave him.
  I stop at the counter and lean over to rest my beverage. He is still stands where he was when the fun began. I take my sweet time sipping from the bottle. I am now bent over the waist high counter resting on it with my elbows. Pretending not to notice I let my hips sway slowly side to side.

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   His gaze is making its way slowly up my legs. I let out a little cough causing my ass to jiggle. As he sees my thick firm curves shake he cock twitches. I knew the lust building in him. I continue thinking my tea while coyly drawing attention to my backside. The smooth motions of my hips were too much for him to resist. He walks up and grabs me from behind putting his arms around. With his body pressing up against mine I can feel the buildup I’ve been causing him. He is not shy about letting his manhood prod be while he holds me.
 Being poked and nudged with fully aroused and anticipating cock tends to spread the feeling of excitement. As he stands behind me I start to move my hips back and forth. Brushing up against his member on every pass. His breath is getting hot on my neck as his hands wander up and down my chest. I bend over a little more and push back against him. My ass cheeks opened just enough for me to softly clench the head of his dick.

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   He thrust forward at an attempt to get closer to what he wants but I pull away. I continue to dance for him dipping down to the floor and opening up my ass and making it jiggle. I spread my cheeks again and grab onto his dick. The heat I felt from it being between my ass cheeks was enough to make me quiver. His dick noticed was wedged against me enough that my quiver was passed right along to him. He lets out a moan before I can pull away again.  
I am doing my best to tease him and make me want me.   The truth is I want him to take it from me. I play the role of the knowing seducer. Deep down I hope he grows tired of this act and takes from me what I won’t give him. As much as I am turned on watching him want me more and more with each passing moment is the thought of being overpowered held down and ravished.   I have put myself in precarious positions and hoped quietly that there was an unstable and uncontrollable sex maniac waiting for his chance to take advantage of me. I may fight back and scream but I’ll also have the most intense orgasm in a lifetime.
While I drift off to fantasize about being raped by my date he managed to slide his dick up between my thighs. I can feel his hot full dick pressed between my upper thighs.

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   His hands are caressing my chest and flicking across my nipples. I almost lose myself in that moment. Almost giving into him on the spot. I reach down between my legs and brush the head of his dick with my fingertips. It jumps and pushes further between my legs looking for more. I reach down again and wrap my hands around him giving it a nice firm tug. Sliding my hand over its head once again leaves a streak of warm sticky precum across my palm. I bring my hand to my face making sure he is watching me lick his essence from my hand.
As I sensually lick up his little mess I tighten my ass and squeeze my legs together holding him in my things firmly. Before I let go of my grasp I tug his dick forward with my body before stepping away from him. I slowly walk back to the bedroom with him in close pursuit. I stop mid step and bend over at the waist going all the way down to touch the floor. He makes me aware of his anticipation as his cock involuntarily jumps. I slowly stand back up letting him enjoy the view while it lasts. I walk through the master bedroom to the bathroom.

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   Before he could say a word I took out a bottle of baby oil and poured it down my back and over my ass. Glistening in the dimmed light I drop down to my knees facing the bathtub and rested my elbow on the rim. He stands behind me quietly. My knees are spread apart on the floor opening up for him to see my tight hole. He must still be shy because I was fully expecting him to pounce and be in ass before I could blink. I grab the bottle of oil once again and pour it generously over my hands. I turn and cover his already dripping cock with oil. I turn back around and bend over again without saying a word.
He glides his open palm across my ass before giving me a nice firm smack. I wasn’t expecting that after how coy he had been with me so far. He bends over right behind me. His oiled up dick is sliding down between the cheeks of my ass. His right hand is back to rubbing up and down my chest. I push backwards into him brushing his invasive member against my slick hole. He lets of a deep guttural grunt.

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   Already extremely aroused by the thought of him plunging into me his animal desire has brought out mine.
I reach between my legs grabbing hold of his makeshift handle. He leaned down closer to me. His hot breath down my neck raises every hair on my body. I slowly guide his tool up sliding it between my cheeks. The head of his wanting dick is sliding closer and closer to my hole. I continue to guide him agonizingly slow. Savoring every last drop of this torture while it lasts. The spongy but firm head is pressing right up against me now. The pressure of his hot lubed dick against my tight hole is too much to bear.
I reach around and smack him on the ass. Before I could put my hand back down in front of me to brace myself he was deep inside me. We moan loudly together as his dick pushed into my ass.  The sexual tension of the buildup and now the relieve of penetration is sending my body into mini shivers of pleasure and excitement. He continues to thrust his dick deeper into my ass.

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   I can feel my ass stretching to accommodate his tool. His dick feels incredible boring into me. My body hangs on his every stroke. Tightening up as he thrusts deeper into me and quivering when he pulls back. His strokes are getting longer and harder. Now over the irregular thrust and movements that come soon after penetration he is hitting my every spot.
Oh fuck me! I moan. I clench tight around his dick slowing down his stroke. Fill me up with your cock I command. His strokes are getting slower and longer. The ridge of his cock head is tugging at my insides. I reach for the oil and pour it down my back. I can feel the stream of fluid running down my back and down between my ass cracks. The extra lubrication was just what he need. Mmm I let out a moan as my body starts to quiver.

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   I can feel his dick throbbing inside of my tight ass. He fills me up to the point I can feel every ridge contour and detail of his shaft Unbenounced to me that extra lubrication encouraged him to step it up and give me more than I thought he had.
My ass is wrapped so tightly around his cock. I reach back and dig my fingers into his legs while he surprises be with a few more inches of dick. Oh fuck yea! Fuck that ass! I scream while holding on tightly. His thick throbbing sausage is gliding freely deeper in than back out of my now trembling asshole.   Our bodies are sliding against one another generating more friction. He reached around and grabs my chest tightly trying to gain leverage. “Deeper!” I scream. “Fuck me harder!” He thrusts harder and faster with every stroke. He holds me tightly around the chest drilling me deeper and harder. Blood is rushing to my head and a wave of heat comes over my body. I began to tremble and my tight fully filled ass past the sensation right onto his dick.
His next few thrusts are getting wildly out of control. We are both moaning deeply with each and every erratic jolt.

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   I feel him tense up as his dick pulsed strongly in my ass. “Oh yea baby fill me up with cum” “Let my ass milk every sweet drop out of you!” He gets of a few more sharp jabs before losing control and slipping from the grasp of my hole. The sudden emptiness leaves me craving more. Lucky for the little slip up postponed his orgasm. I get up from the bathroom and walk shakily into the bedroom.
My legs were feeling weak after the pounding I had just received. I get about halfway across the room when I decide to lay face down on the carpet. As stretch out my arms across the floor I see his shadow coming in from the bathroom. I perk up my ass and hold it in the air hoping to coax in back in. He slowly slid up onto of me from behind rubbing our bodies together again. This time he has no trouble pushing his cock head into my oiled up ass. My arms are stretched out in front of me trying to hold on to the floor.
He positioned himself directly onto of me. My legs are spread giving him full unfettered access to my dripping wet hole. Like clockwork he regained his stroke.

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   His throbbing dick pounds me over and over. Another wave of heat rushes through my body and I start to tremble once again. “Aaahhhhh” escapes from my mouth. “Beat me”  “up with that” “dick daddy” I sputter out between his animalistic thrusts. Mmm his dick feels so good filling my ass. Another rush of please pours over my entire body. He is fucking me so hard I lose control of my legs. I lay on the floor completely limp taking that dick deeper and deeper. He slides his hands slide down underneath me and grabs my nipples. “OMG Ahhhh” I shout followed by more incoherent moans. I can feel his dick getting harder inside of me.
Once again his pace starts to quicken. His strokes begin to get deeper and longer. Pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in. Oh fuck yes! I want to feel every inch of your shaft in my ass! He takes longer and faster strokes until his dick pops out of my ass.

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   Without hesitation he rams his dick back through my asshole burying it inside me. I screamed out “Yes just like that” Feeling him pullout only to be overstuffed less than a second later was more than overwhelming.
He continued to pull all the way out so my asshole would tighten around the head of his cock before it stretched me right back out. It feels so fucking good my legs are going limp. I try to tell him to do it harder but silence was all that came out of me. I am now in total euphoria lying limp on the floor having the life fucked out of me. His moans of pleasure were begining to match my own. His now harder and more solid than ever is pumping in and out of my ass like a machine. I could feel his determination. I began to push my ass back against him when he would thrust forward.
I can feel his balls smacking against me on every stroke. “Oh yea baby give it to me” I moaned. “I want your thick sticky cum in my ass” I said. “Fill me up with cum” He took that as his queue. Pumping his dick into me harder and faster.


   My body began to tremble again. “Fuck me harder! Give me that Dick” I shouted. I tighten up my ass and squeeze his dick inside me. It feels so fucking good. I can feel him throbbing again. Omg I’m going to lose it! I think to myself. Moaning launder and launder he grunts when his dick hits bottom on every stroke.
The combination of him fucking me so deeply and the added sensation of his throbbing sends me over the edge. Yes Yes Yes” I scream holding on to the carpet for dear life. My all of my senses begining to heighten. I can feel every vein in his Shaft brushing trough me. I can feel his heavy breath on my neck. His hand squeezing my chest and nipples tightly. Fuck!” I scream as I’m taken over by a flood of pleasure. I moan and squirm uncontrollably.

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   He is still focused but I can tell he is getting close. My body tenses up and I start to shake all over. Oh fuck me harder! Make my ass cum! I clench up again and again on every stroke. Yes Yes” I scream as he drills deeper and deeper. Cum in my ass! Fill me up with cum! I scream.
A few earth moving strokes later I feel his dick throb harder than it has. He yells out and grabs me tight pushing as far in as he can go. I feel a hot rush as his dick jumps and pulses deep inside me. I tighten up my ass and hold him there. Oh it feels so fucking good. Gush after gush of hot sticky cum shoots from his dick. He is still throbbing wildly inside me as I begin to tremble again. I squeeze his dick tight in my ass as I cum again. He now lies onto of my limp body. His dick is still inside me holding in what was no doubt a surge of cum.

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   I gather my composure and say “I want the next one in my mouth!”