Topic: Chapter 1When I met Andrew at the party I was immediately attracted to him. After we had had a few conversations throughout the evening I became a little flirty – I knew he was gay, though he didn’t act it – and couldn’t help my body language with him – he actually made me a little nervous, self conscious and I found myself constantly trying to have his attention.  
I didn’t have to wonder too long about wether he’d noticed – we both had to move our cars late in the evening and as we walked back towards the house together, he asked me if I’d be interested in having another drink with him, at his place.
Totally surprised and a little shocked at where I was about to go was how I felt. I’d only slept with a handful of guys – one my cousin, then I had an amazing (and deliberate) one night stand I had with a Swedish man in the cross and a couple of prostitutes.   This was a fantasy usually, one I lusted for secretly.

  I think somehow he’d worked a bit of that out by the time we were back at his place.  
He was older than me by a lot – 51, (I am 25) very intelligent and learned, and had a kind of prescence that made people notice him in a room – not through being loud or flashy, he commanded respect by the way he walked, talked and looked – andrew was 6’5” tall, broad shouldered and quite fit. He had graying dark brown hair and wore understated, smart tailored outfits that made him look debonair.   I was a mess when he got me in the spa with a tall Martini.   There wasn’t much small talk that night – he was over the need for that and I was happy to let him make his advances and take the lead.
His speedos were floating in the spa only ten minutes after he first touched me; I certainly never needed any prompting to act on my desires when the opportunity came up. I let my hair down quickly, as soon as my hand started massaging his crotch.   Then it was two hands, rubbing and squeezing him through his swimwear.   He sat up out of the water with his feet dangling in and I automatically moved between his legs. Staring at the swelling lump between his thighs, I stroked his inner thighs and then started lapping at them with my tongue.

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Andrew was looking down at me, looking surprised by my eagerness and readiness with a smile. Whoever this man was, I needed to give him the best blowjob of his life and show him how helpless I was going to be in his hands tonight.   I pulled his speedos over his hips and down his thighs, then off and dropped them in the water.
    Kneeling lower I wrapped my hands around his semi hard, smooth pink shaft of his penis and let my lips touch the tip of the head. Holding him there I took a deep breath and opened my lips a little. I ran my tongue between my lips to wet them and felt it brush across his head. He was very hard now in my hands, hard and long – so long both my hands wrapped around his cock with the head poking 2 inches over the top. A few more touches of my tongue to his most sensitive skin and I let it curl underneath the knob as it slid between my lips, flattening it against the eye and into it, flicking back and forth and up the sides. As my head raised and turned to allow my mouth to open up my tongue ticklishly caressed the knob around and around. Andrew was holding his breath now – propping himself up against the edge of the pool he was tense and sensitive knowing that his cock was about to be devoured by me any second.
    I squeezed his cock and gently sucked at the tip. Andrew twitched and tensed, squeezing a warm gush of clear pre-cum out onto my tongue. I sucked it all off and swallowed it, tasting him. I love the taste of a mans cock when it’s hard and dripping but he was even better – he tasted like sex, masculine and manly but almost like a horse in breeding season – a magnificent beast about to mate with me.   My mouth relaxed to let him in, my head sunk and andrew sighed as his cock slid over my tongue, between my tonsils and down my throat.

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       I went as far as I could without gagging and repeated the process again and again, dead slow, holding him firmly at the base. My head rose and fell, his throbbing manhood slid in and out and my tongue worked all over, wrapping around the head, slippery and wet, licking up and down the vein running through the front of his whole penis.
    Watch this space. . . . .