My young bum


This is a true story based on my young sexual encounters with myself.
I was thirteen years old and I had alot of free time on my hands. I was often using it to masturbate in my bedroom or while talking to people on my computer and glancing at pornography. I loved to look at porn, my favorite was anal. One night I was chatting to someone who half way through cyber sex admitted to being a man. It didn't bother me, actually I was a little turned on.
He told me that I might like things in my bum as well and instructed me to get a hot dog out of the fridge. I went into the kitchen, wearing only a shirt and took a hot dog out. I let it sit until it was at room temperature. I put the hot dog into my mouth and got it really wet and then bent over to place it into my tight bum.   It burned as it slid through the opening and once it was in i started pulling it in and out while occasionally telling the man how it felt.

   He instructed that I should push it all the way inside of my body until my finger was in my asshole touching the top of the hot dog.   I pushed it in and felt my penis convulse while it went inside of me.
I wasn't sure how to get the hot dog out of my body so I asked him and he told me I'd have to shit it out of myself.   I squatted on the floor and felt a small burn from my tight bum while the hot dog fell out.   I was completely embarrassed and couldn't believe what I had done but it felt so good.

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   I didn't want to throw the hot dog away because I was nervous that somebody would find it so I did the only thing that I could see reasonable to destroy this type of evidence and I ate the entire thing. It tasted a bit like my bum and was definately above room temperature.
Later that week my mom was leaving for the weekend. I looked through the fridge and there was so much I could play with. Pepporoni, cucumbers, carrots.   I started with a carrot. I pushed the small end inside myself and worked at it for a while trying different positions. I was on my back with my legs spread when I decided I was going to put the large end into myself. It ripped a little but I made myself keep going, fucking my own ass with a large carrot.
It was so exciting. I needed to try something else so I grabbed the cucumber and I pushed it in between my young ass cheeks. I felt it rip. Shortly after I could feel my penis convulsing and shaking and I was going to cum. I took the cucumber out of my ass and I came all over it. I liked it off, down the sides and then pretended it was a large penis.

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I loved every minute of it and over time my ass took more random things,
but these stories are about to get A LOT more kinky.