My Lover - Part 2


"Whatever man", I said, definetly sounding pissed off. "Do what you gotta do. "I pulled away from him and turned to walk back upstairs. Part of me really just wanted to go over to that motherfucker who was touching my man and break his face. But I didn't. Kevin grabbed me again and started pleading with me to forgive him. The guy then had to put his two cents into it. "What's the problem man?"All I could do was moan. The rough way he was handling me was really sexy, but a little unnerving too. I knew that he could really hurt me if he wanted to. Thankfully that's not what he seemed to want. He continued squeezing my nutsack hard, and was using his other hand to spread my ass apart and get me ready for him. When I felt one of his big fingers enter me, my cock started to quiver. Man, I wanted to be able to wait until his dick was in me at least! He probed deeply in my ass, moving his finger all around, pulling on my balls all the while. I stepped out of one of my pants legs to give him better access. I was bent over the table and spread wide now, ready to get fucked by this stranger.

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   At this point there was no doubt nobody was forcing anyone. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on my hole. Then I felt his huge cockhead penetrate me. I gasped. It was huge. He wasted no time and rammed it up in me all the way. There was no tenderness about it. He stared slamming his cock deep into me over and over, and I couldn't help crying out. He wasn't kidding, he was fucking me harder than Kevin ever had. He continued to pound my ass and I knew I couldn't hang on any longer. I grabbed my cock as it started to pulsate and spew cum on the floor. I squeezed and jerked my dick hard, and as I did I put my head down on the table and cought a glimpse of a shocking sight from underneath my arm. There was Kevin, standing in the doorway of my cubicle, jacking his dick as he watched me getting fucked by this other guy. He immediatly saw me looking at him, and smiled real big at me. Joe was still pumping away into my ass, apparently oblivious to Kevin's presence.

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   I was in disbelief that this was all happening. How'd he get in? Why the hell was he smiling and not stopping this? I knew he could definetly put a stop to it, no problem. But he just kept watching and beating off. I was surprised that Joe hadn't come yet. My ass was hurting and he was still fucking me as hard as when he started, maybe harder, and grunting loudly like an animal, saying things like,"You like that dick, bitch? You like the way I'm tearing you up?" The pressure inside me was getting too much for me. Even though I'd already come hard, I knew that if this went on much longer I would be pissing on myself. Kevin knew too. He walked up quietly behind Joe, putting a hand on his shoulder as he kept fucking me. Joe turned his head calmly and said, "Hey man, you were right. Little bro's got an great ass. " And with that he slammed it into me so hard I cried out again. I really couldn't believe this shit. This was all set up. By my brother. I didn't understand his thinking at all.

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   Wasn't he supposed to be the only one to fuck my ass? Kevin dropped to his knees beside me and kissed my thigh. "Your'e about to lose it, aren't ya bro?" He knew me well. He took my half hard dick into his mouth and saved me from urinating on the floor. I started pissing as soon as I felt his mouth on me, and he drank from me deeply as Joe continued to fuck me. "Whoa man. . . fuck yeah!" Joe saw what was going on and it made him start to explode inside me. . There was no holding back for him. I felt his cock throb and spray inside me. This was overwhelming. Feeling Kevin's mouth on me as I pissed and Joe's dick shooting over and over deep in my ass. I felt like a rag doll, about to pass out. Joe shot the last of his load into me, and then pulled out and sat in my chair, breathing heavily.

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   Kevin stood up and got right in my face, grabbing me hard and kissing me deeply. He held me so tight, squeezing my shoulders and ass as he kissed me. His tongue was salty and wet from my piss, and he drove it deeply into my throat. Then he broke the kiss to come up for air. He looked into my eyes and said, "I love you man. I love you so fuckin' much. I know how bad I hurt you before, I never will hurt you again. I really thought that you needed this though, to help you get over it. You just can't go on being mad about it babe. It's in the past, it's over, and I want us to move on. Do you hear me bro?"I did. I still didn't understand his thinking as far as staging this event. But I knew he really wanted to help me to end my resentfulness, and this, to me, was an extreme gesture of how bad he wanted it to end. He held me tightly again, and I felt his still hard cock against mine. We kissed again, and he reached down and started fondling me.


   I felt the load that Joe had squirted in me start to drip down my legs. Kevin made no move to go behind me and clean it up though. I guess other people's cum was off limits to him. I was glad. I started to get hard again in his hand. Joe was still sitting in my chair, watching us eagerly. He saw as I glanced his way, and said, "Let me watch you guys, please. You both look so fuckin' hot. "I nodded, I was turned on more at the thought of him watching my brother and me get it on. I was all the way hard now, and Kevin started pulling down his pants, taking them all the way off. He lay on the table on his back with his hard cock pointing straight at the ceiling, and raised his legs up for me, letting me know he wanted me inside him. Even though I'd fucked him several times, it was still uncommon for me to be top. But I think he knew that my ass couldn't take much more tonight, after Joe's punishing fuck. And he also knew that I wanted to put it to him hard. I climbed up on the table between his spread legs, lubed up my cock with spit and started pushing into him.

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   His legs immidiatly went up over my shoulders giving me full access to him. I drove my dick into him deeply, and listened to him gasp with pleasure as I went farther. I started riding him faster, making him moan with every stroke. My belly rubbed lightly against his hardness, and I bent down over him to kiss him as I fucked in and out of his tight ass. He grabbed me around my back and kissed me hard, grinding his ass against my groin. That was all it took, I was surprised I had lasted that long. I felt the rumbling feeling in my balls as I got ready to come. I drove my cock deeply into him and started to ejaculate so intensly. I came and came. It felt like a tremendously long orgasm. After the last of my cum was shot, I pulled out and slid off the end of the table, and put my face down between his legs to suck my cum from him. He started jerking his cock violenty as I cleaned his ass off. I quickly moved up a little and started sucking on him. He held my head down hard on his dick and in no time he was filling my mouth with his hot semen. Joe sat and watched in awe, and was stroking himself once again at the sight of us.

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   Kevin's cum shot into the back of my throat and I swallowed it all. He always tasted so good. I took my mouth from my brother's meat and kissed him on the belly, moving up kissing his chest, his nipples, his arms and neck. We embraced again kissing each other deeply on the mouth, and I heard Joe grunt behind us as he came once again. As the cum shot out of his dick and all over his big hand, he moaned loudly. When he had shot the last of his load he raised his hand to his mouth and licked all the cum from his soaked fingers. We were all so spent at this point. I was ready to crash, that's for sure! Joe stood and pulled his jeans back up, thanking us both profusly for the great time. "I didn't hurt you, did I man? I didn't freak you out too bad, did I""No, man it's all good. You know you'll need to make a new appointment so I can finish that dragon, right?"Joe chuckled and said yeah. I put my own pants back on and we went to the front of the studio and I penciled him into the schedule book. I unlocked the door for him and he started out, but then turned and thanked Kevin again. He walked away and I then turned back to my brother to help him into his pants. "How'd you get in here man?""I was in here before you locked the door. Man you looked sexy sucking his dick.

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   And man, he fucked you so hard! You were tough, bro. Very impressive. You loved it, didn't you?""It did feel good. He was really great-looking, but I was feeling so guilty about even thinking that. But no, I didn't love it. It was fun, but I just want you. I just love it when you fuck me, no other mother fucker will ever do for me what you do man. ""I hear ya bro. I love you too babe. Just me an' you, from here on, ok?"He put his big warm arm around my back and we headed to the door together. I felt home again. We got home that night and talked a little more about the events of that night. We both knew that part of me had wanted to get back at Kevin, to feel like we were even or something. But it was so out of character for me to act on an urge like that. "So," he began, as we sat together on the couch, "What did you really think about all that?"I had to think for a minute.

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   I wasn't completely sure myself. "Well, I am still really blown away that you'd set that all up. . . why did you? It's not because you want to feel like it's ok to be with other people, is it?"I was still a little unsure of his motives. "No, man. I want you to start trusting me again now. I have gotten so sick of the shit between us since that night in the bar, and I swore to you that it would never happen again. I made a mistake, and I'm really sorry for it. I thought that this night would help you to let go of it better, and to help you get out some of your frustration. ""I dunno, I think Joe took his frustrations out on me. I'm still pretty sore. ""Yeah, but I saw how much you loved being forced like that. You looked so hot getting off while he slammed you! Tell me the truth, you loved it right?""It felt so weird being with someone else. In a strange way it was exciting, and you know I did love him punishing me like that, but that's stuff we do.

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   I don't want to include anyone else in our private lives. "My brother started rubbing my shoulder as he sat next to me, and then leaned over and started kissing my neck. I turned to him and held his face as I kissed him back deeply. He then grabbed onto me tightly around my back and kissed me harder, pushing me back gently on the couch. He was on top of me now, kissing my face and neck. I felt myself getting hard again. He rubbed his denim-covered cock against mine as we continued kissing and stroking each other. "I know you're ass is still tender man, I won't hurt you, I promise. "As he spoke he started peeling my t-shirt up over my chest, and then paused before taking it over my head to suck on my nipples. This made me start to squirm. He licked and sucked them softly, and then started to nibble them a bit. I felt my cock growing more inside my jeans. He started moving down to my belly, licking and biting, getting closer to my groin. He undid my jeans and I raised my ass enough for him to slip them off me. I laced my fingers together behind my head and watched as he started sucking my dick.


   He looked so sexy with my cock in his mouth! And he sucked it so good, he really was gifted as far as giving head. I kept watching as he went up and down on my shaft with his wet lips. Then he took his mouth off me and told me to spread my legs. I put one foot up onto the back of the couch, and the other down on the floor. He started licking me right beneath my balls, and then stopped, saying, "Wow, dude. He did really tear you up. You've got bloodstains on your ass, man. " He took my leg that was resting on the floor and put it up on his shoulder, and started licking my ass tenderly. His tongue felt like velvet. I reached down to my cock and started stroking slowly as he licked my ass clean of the dried blood. I was sure that there was still 'essence of Joe' down there, but that didn't stop him. When his tongue went to my hole and started to gently probe it, I couldn't help flinching. Yeah, it was still pretty sore alright. But my brother continued to lovingly lick away the pain, and I soon forgot my discomfort. He raised up from his spot between my legs and started undoing his pants, and slid them off.

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   I watched as he pushed them down his hips and his hard cock sprang out at me. He stepped out of his pants and got back on the couch between my legs, moving up closely to me, to rub his cockhead against my ass. I could feel the wetness of his precum on the tip of it. He just held it there for a few minutes, stroking it and pushing it lightly on my opening. He was all the way hard. I was ready for him. "Do you think it'll be ok? You think you can take it?""Oh yeah man, I want you in me Kevin. All the way, as deep as you can go. "With that my brother started guiding his big dick into me, going slowly, to make sure it was ok. He slid right in me, just like he was meant to be there. He was, after all. Slowly he continued pushing until my balls were against the base of his dick. He layed down on top of me, but didn't start going in and out at all, he just left his cock all the way up in me and started grinding his hips a little, moving it around in me. I felt his cockhead massaging my prostate, that's what got me every time. .

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  . I was positive it would again. He started kissing me again as he moved around inside me, ever so gently. My cock was mashed between our bellies, and I was about to come. Then his mouth went over to my neck, and he started whispering to me, "I love you so much. This is the way I want it bro. Just trust me again, and I'll show you. "After he spoke he started biting my neck and moving in and out of me. My cock started spasming between our bellies and cum started to shoot from it all over both of us. He felt me coming on him, and started thrusting me a bit more forcefully, but only for a minute. He had been right on the verge too. For just a few strokes he went in and out of me hard, and then I felt the undenyable expanding that preceded his orgasms. He grunted in my ear as he continued biting my neck, and I felt the flood of his hot cum fill me. He groaned as the last of his cum shot into me, and then lay still on top of me, our sweaty bodies sticking together. I felt his heart pounding against mine, and he whispered once me to me, "I love you bro.

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  " We fell asleep there on the couch, me with my legs wrapped around his back, him, with his cock still inside me. Yeah, this was the way I wanted it. Just like this. .



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