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A good gay time. Saturday night and I was alone. It had been a fair while since I had any type of sexual encounter, let alone one with a woman. I decided that since my drought was not naturally coming to an end, I would do something about it. I picked up the local paper and ran through the personals section. I decided that I would try something completely different and sleep with another man. After all I am a man and a man can give another man a good time, without any type of hang-ups. I rang the mobile phone number and talked to a young man by the name of Scott. He asked my address and whether this would be my first time with another man. I gave him my address and told him that this would be my first gay encounter,Around nine o’clock there was a knock on my door and I looked through the peep hole and a vision of extreme spunk stood before me. I opened the door and the man on the other side introduced himself as Scott. I welcomed him in and he asked if he could use my phone to call his employerWe spoke about what we would do and other things for about 5 mins. He took his shirt off and I swear to god that his body was to die for. I lightly ran my fingers over his taught tight body. I lightly fingered his erect nipples. and over his trim stomach .

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  I could feel his breathing change to one of excitement. I worked my hands lower over his crotch. ”Fuck me”, I thought. His thing has to be at least eight inches long. It was not stiff yet. I stepped back and let Scott take his pants off. He stood there in just his undies, his thing now straining to break free from its home. His undies started to fill right out. He slowly rolled his undies down and revealed his penis to me. I was right it was at least eight inches long and his balls looked like they could deliver enough semen to populate the earth. . His pubic hair was neatly trimmed above his shaft. His penis was circumcised unlike me. I ran my hands over this large appendage and felt the head of his lovely big penis. I ran my hands over his shaft and balls.

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   I didn’t want to let go of this big joy giver. I could not wait to feel it in my mouth. I had watched enough porn and wanked myself in front of a former mate’s ex girlfriend [different story for a different time. ] to know what to do next. I mean after all I could not back out now. I got on my knees and put a pillow under my knees. I had a little pain in my knees and this solved that problem. I inhaled Scott’s musky smell and proceeded to start sucking him off. I slowly worked that penis into my mouth. It was like a revelation going off in my head. I loved sucking on that monster and did not want to take it out of my mouth. I realised that at sometime in the near future this monstrous penis would be in my backside. I lick that monster for all it was worth. I paid attention to his lovely balls. Scott motioned for me take my clothes off.

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   I had to take a break from sucking that lovely cock anyway. I peeled my clothes off and stood before Scott. He started to fondle my penis and rolled my foreskin back and massaged the head of my still limp cock. I did not know why my cock was still limp, but Scott soon changed that and my cock was hard and pointing north. Scott now got on his knees and started sucking my penis. The feeling was one of immense pleasure. Words cannot do justice to what I was feeling. It was like nothing else on Earth. His tongue was working my pee hole and head at the same time. I thought I was going to come there and thenI motioned for us to go into the kitchen and I would take him over the breakfast bar.
    I let him put the condom on my rock hard cock. He leant over the bar and told me to fuck him silly. He needed my cock in him. My penis found his anal passage quite easily, the head resisted a but with a little lubrication my cock slipped in quite easily. i found my rhythm quite quickly and was pumping with everything I had.

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      I I could feel the come spurting into the rubber in his arse. I withdrew and now it was my turn. Scott told me to relax and it would not hurt all that much. He position the head of his lovely cock in my anal passage and gently pushed the meat into my arse. . He didn’t rush and fucked me with lovingly slow strokes. I could feel his lovely cock going in and out and could tell he was going to come any minute. I motioned for his to stop and spray his load over my face. He pulled the rubber of just in time and sprayed his big load of man juice all over my face. I ran my fingers through it and licked my fingers. i Lloved the taste of his come and wanted to suck his cock again. He asked me if he could stay the night and it would not cost me any more than what I already paid. The next morning Scott woke up with my mouth on his already stiff cock. It didn’t take long for a load of salty semen to tickle my tonsils. I continued seeing Scott and screwing and sucking that cock for about a year until he moved interstate,where he found even more better work.

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      I am happy for him and wish him all the best,but I really miss that fucking cock of his. I suppose there are other cocks to suck out there and will continue to suck cock for as long as I live. i can do without the fucking though. Although I did enjoy having Scott’s cock in my bum I walked a bit funny for a couple of day afterwards. I lied to my employer and said I hurt my hip and it should right itself shortly. they brought it. .



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