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Topic: My first male sex - a begining of a long association. I had a favourite place in the nearby woodland park where I regularly went and stripped off and masturbated myself. I was going 4 or 5 times a week and every time I was getting more and more adventuresome and beginning to move around the are while pulling on my cock. I guess I had cum in about 20 different places while exploring my nature reserve. One afternoon while I was having my routine wander and wank I came across this guy who was laying down wanking himself off hard and fast and he didn’t really se me at first as he was engrossed in his personal pleasure pulling his cock. His cock was much bigger than mine. I don’t know who got the biggest shock him or me as I stumbled across him laying there, I wasn’t expecting to find anybody anywhere near here as nobody had been anywhere near this place in all the time I had been using it. We both stopped wanking and looked at each other. He smiled and said well well I have a little friend who like to play games too. I had stopped and my cock had gone soft with the shock of seeing him and him seeing me. He then said don’t be worried come and join me and we can both enjoy doing what we both obviously enjoy. I was a bit reluctant but he kept stroking himself slowly so I did. I sat opposite him and my cock got hard again and I started to wank myself as he was doing. I was fascinated with his cock as it was much longer than mine and he was holding I differently to me. He started to talk to me and ask me questions about how old I was (16) and how long and how often I had been wanking and lots of other sexy questions like had I done it with other boys and had I had sex with a girl etc. He was telling me what he had done as he was asking me the questions and pretty soon he said hold on I am going to cum.


   I watched as he started to really strop himself and in a moment or two he started to cum and he was spurting his cum about two or three feet each spurt until it just dribbled out the end. Then I was getting close and I said I wont be long myself and he said would you like me to finish it off for you and virtually put his hand over and took my cock in his hand and began to wank me and I spread my legs wider to let him get a good grip on my cock and then I came too and spurted. It was almost was as strong and went as far as his but it was all over my legs and his hand. Once he had squeezed the last drops out of my cock he began to lick his hand which was covered in mostly my cum as his had spurted further. I watched as he obviously enjoyed licking and sucking the cum off his hand. He saw me looking and said its nice – have you ever tried it and I said no. Maybe you would like to he said and he squeezed a drop out of the end of his cock onto his finger and put it toward me to suck. I was not keen to do it but he said try it you will like it I eat mine all the time and I suck another couple of guys off and swallow theirs, its great. I said you actually suck another mans cock. He said all the time, we do it together a lot. There are three of us who all get together and do it often, maybe one day you would like to join in with us. I said I have never sucked a cock before and he laughed and said its never to late and he said come on lets try it and I said I didn’t think I could. He said its easy let me show you and he got down and came toward me and before I knew it he was sucking on my cock and it felt amazing. It wasn’t long and I came again – in his mouth and he really enjoyed it. After that he said now lets see if you can do it too.

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   I was too frightened to say no and he stood up and he said come over here and I will each you how. Like a puppy I went to him on hands and knees and knelt in front of him and his cock was hard again and I just put my mouth over it and began to suck on the top of it. Now he said lets teach you how to properly and he explained how to suck him so we both enjoyed it. He said don’t suck too hard it will make your cheeks tired just slip your lips up and down the shaft and suck it gently every now and again and you will soon get it right. I suppose after a few minutes he was telling me I was very good and he didn’t have to correct me very much at all. After about 7 or 8 minutes he said now you have done it so good that I am about to cum, I can take it out or you can keep it in and I can cum in your mouth. Its up to you but I would like you to swallow it and be a man straight up from the beginning. I just nodded and waited until he was ready and he said its cumming now and he held my head and I couldn’t have got off him if I had wanted to. I felt the first spurt of his warm cum in my mouth and I just kept swallowing it until he was soft and I had sucked  all the cum out of his cock. By now I was getting the taste in my mouth which to be honest wasn’t what I was expecting. It had a strange taste but I imagined it might taste like piss a bit but it didn’t. It was a bit salty or a bit like vinegar I couldn’t quite work it out.  He pulled his cock back and it sort of flopped down as it was all soft now. He said how was that for your first time. I said it was great but I don’t quite know what the taste is like.

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   He said did I like it and I said sort of, its not like lemonade, and he laughed and said no its better. We sat around for a while and we played with ourselves but didn’t actually wank ourselves it was quite good there sitting with him naked and talking about how we masturbated and how often and what else we had done. His 2 friends and him had done lots of things including putting their cocks in each others bums. I said what happens when you cum and he said we do it inside of each other. He said one day you might want to try it. I said not with his cock it would split me in two and he laughed and said we will worry about that when the time comes. Then he said let me have a look at your ass and I bent over and he spread my cheeks apart and touched my ass hole with his finger, he said you have a beautiful ass all ready and virginal ready to fuck. Now he said don’t worry this wont hurt I will just put my finger in to show you how it feels.
    He wet his finger in his mouth and then slipped it into me a little bit but I kept tightening my hole up and making it hard for him. After quiet a few tries he finally got his finger into me. He had not tried to force it in he just said he would wait for me to loosen up after I got used to him trying to get it in and then I relaxed and in it went and my cock went rock hard, as it felt so good. Then he wiggled it about and hit something inside me and some sort of cum streamed out of my cock that I had no control of. It felt good but I wasn’t sure it was ok, he said don’t worry that is normal, I have touched your prostate which makes the cum and what I did was squeeze a bit out. Then he pulled his finger out of my bum and said that’s enough for your first time. After a couple of goes and I can get two fingers in we will try my cock, and then you will love it.

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       I said is there any shit on your finger and he said no, its clean and when I looked it was. Then he wiped it on his towel. After that we walked for a little bit and we agreed to meet there in a couple of days time and we could do it all again together. Then before he left he said just one more thing and as I stood there he got down and he sucked my cock again and played with my balls and I took only a few minutes and I came again and he drank all my cum and swallowed it and said that’s for being a good boy. I hope we can meet again and then he started to get dressed and I went off to where my clothes were and dressed and walked home. I could not get what we had done out of my mind and as soon as I got home I wanked myself again remembering what it felt like when he wanked me and when he sucked my cock. I loved it and was not going to miss our next meting and hoped he would be here. To cut a long story short he was and with a friend and the three of us began a regular meeting of sucking and wanking and eventually they fucked my ass as I fucked theirs. The first time my friend came in my bum was another experience and one I wont forget. They put lubricant on it before they went into me and I got done by both of them and his friend also cum in me after my friend had and I was really messy with cum coming out my ass for ages. It did however make it better when they did it to me again because all the cum made it really slippery and it didn’t hurt at all after the first time.  The first day I was bum fucked four times – twice by each of them – Not because they wanted to – I did.  I fucked their bum once each and I came in them too and that felt great when I actually came by fucking them and not being sucked or wanked. The first time I did it to my friend and I was the first to cum in him and when I fucked his friend he had already been cum in by my friend before I did it, and it was completely different feeling fucking his bum with cum in it. I was hooked on male sex.

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      More stories about our homosexual exploits later. .



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