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Topic: Yesterday I had my first fuck. I was at my friends place and I found him masturbating – he didn’t hear me come in and got a shock when he saw me. Once he realised it was me it was ok as he thought it might have been one of his parents. Once I saw him I was happy to do it with him as we had often masturbated together and had even done it for each other. I dropped my pants and started to stroke myself and it felt great as usual. As I wanked myself I was watching him and I became fascinated with the way he was doing it which was different to me – he was holding it in a different way. I changed my hold on my cock to the same way as his and we started to talk about the different ways we did it. He showed me how his cousin did it as it was different again. The two of us were having great fun together. I had moved over to where he was doing it and I was watching his cock being stropped and his hand sort of mesmerised me and I got this weird feeling I would like to suck it for him. I had never done it to anybody and he told a few days earlier his cousin had sucked his for him and he had sucked his cousin. I don’t know why I did it but I got down on my knees in front of him and he stopped wanking and I put my mouth over his cock and sucked it.

I could not believe how wonderful I felt doing it.  The sensation of having his cock in my mouth and the feeling of my lips on the skin of it was wonderful and I started to suck and really enjoy it. I must have been doing it right because he was murmuring and began to fuck my mouth moving his hips in unison with my mouth. He was holding onto my head which also felt nice and I suppose I sucked him for about 4 or 5 minutes and then he shivered and moaned and held my head firmly and then I felt his cum spurting into my mouth.

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   I wasn’t expecting him to cum like that, in fact I was enjoying sucking on his cock I didnt think of him cumming at all.   He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I didn’t know whether to swallow his cum or spit it out but I swallowed it. It tasted funny as I had never tasted anything like it before. It was warm and slimy in my mouth but somehow I didn’t mind. I quite enjoyed it. Then I said why didn’t you tell me you were going to cum. He said it happened so fast and he was spurting before he had time to tell me and he really didn’t want to stop then. I wasn’t upset but I would have like to know he was going to do that. Any how he said if I waited a minute or two he would suck mine for me – he was a bit winded from cumming and I said fine and began to stroke myself again – not that it needed to be kept stiff it had stayed stiff all the time I was sucking him. After a couple of minutes he got down on me and I enjoyed my first experience of getting my cock sucked and it felt fantastic. I took about 5 minutes to be ready to cum and I said I want to cum and he just nodded and held my balls with his hand and I spurted heaps of cum into his mouth and he swallowed it like I did.
    I could not believe how great it felt and the two of us played with each other cocks for a while and then he said lets do it together. He explained what I now know to be 69 and the two of us sucked each other until I he was nearly ready to cum. When I told him, he told me to suck him faster and we both came almost at the same time. The feeling of my cum spurting out of my cock into his mouth and his cum filling my mouth up at the same time felt totally awesome.

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       The both of us loved it. We did that nearly every day for about a week after school and I couldn’t wait to get home and undress and wait for him. I actually wanked myself waiting for him and came a couple of times before he arrived and that made me last longer when he started to suck me.   He always came pretty quick the first time I sucked it each day. One day we had a day off school and we sucked and wanked ourselves all day and I came 18 times and he came 18 Our cocks were both a bit sore from all the wanking we did that day. Most of it was from sucking though. We worked out we must have drunk about half a cup of cum each. Not long after that he asked if he could poofter me – that is put his cock up my bum. I let him and it felt good but we had to use baby oil to stop it hurting.   Having cum in your bum is a bit weird as it runs out afterwards. We both have to shit it out after we cum in each others bums. The two of us love to suck and fuck each other now and we do it about or 5 times a week, whenever we can. .